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How to Discover the Joys of Online Gaming in Five Simple Questions

No one has ever made a scientific study of the most commonly asked questions about online casino gaming.  So, we will go out on a limb, so to speak, and conjure up what we think might very well be the top five questions people ask or at least think about with regard to online casino gami9ng.

Can Gamers Really Win at Slot Machines?

This question and its cousin “How to win on slot machines” is googled very often!  Our answer is that, yes, a lot of players do win on slot machines.  The most obvious way to win is to get really lucky and win a progressive jackpot.  However, it is also possible to win on regular slot machines.

Jackpot Capital online casino offers about 200 very varied slots for gaming fun and the chance to win either a big jackpot or a modest win.

What Other Ways are There to Win on Slot Machines?

By the way, this is a follow up question.

The key here is to understand the twin concepts of variance and return to player rate.  Many slots have a return to player rate of about 97%.  That means that players win about 97% of all the money that is wagered on that slot.  Some players win much more than they wager and some win less.

Variance is the way we describe the likelihood that a gamer will win playing a slot.  A slot with high variance gives gamers a few big wins.  Most progressive slots have high variance.  A slot with low variance gives gamers more small wins.  Even though the return to player rate might be the same for both slots, the slot with high variance will divide the 97% that is returned to players among a smaller group of winners than the money returned to players in a low variance slot.

So, one way to win at slots is to play low variance slots.

Since slots are a game of pure chance the best way to win at slots is to get lucky.  Thousands of slots players around the world win at slots every day by getting lucky!

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What is the Best Game to Play at an Online Casino?

The answer to this frequent question points us to one of the big advantages of online casino gaming over land based casino gambling.  The answer is: All of them!  You see, when you play at Jackpot Capital casino, you never have to give up your seat at one game in order to play another game.  As a result, you can easily move from game to game in the same gaming session.  Many players love to sample a few diverse games in one session.

As much as players like to sample a wide assortment of games when they play online, the same players will likely spend very long stretches at one terminal when they play at a land based casino.

It all boils down to convenience and flexibility.  In the last six months, many gamers have discovered that gaming at Jackpot Capital is a lot more convenient and a lot more flexible than gambling at any land based casino.

Why Do Online Casinos Talk about Gaming and Not Gambling?

You set the tune when you play online.  You alone decide how much to set as your bankroll for that session.  You alone decide how long to play for.  Most of gamers at Jackpot Capital come to the casino just to play a few casino games.  They set aside a modest amount of money for the gaming session and they budget a fair and reasonable amount of time for gaming so that the gaming doesn’t get in the way of all of the other things they want to do or have to do.

When players go to a land based casino, their time budget for gambling is: as long as I can keep my eyes open.  The amount of money they set aside for the long weekend at the land based casino may be small to start but if they need an injection of money on day 1 of three, they will take the money and continue playing.

For these reasons, we say that online gaming is gaming even though people do play for real money and playing at a land based casino is much more like gambling.

Finally, online casino gamers can play in free play mode while land based casinos need every nickel so they frown upon free play!

Isn’t it More Fun to Gamble at a Land Based Casino?

If louds bells and whistles, bright lights, free alcohol, and very loud shouting emanating from the roulette and craps table are your idea of a good time, then, yes, gambling at a land based casino can be fun!  Let’s take a closer look at the kind of fun these aspects of land based casinos really is.

Why Do Land Based Casinos Have Bells and Whistles?

The bells and whistles at the banks of slot machines are there to distract you from the idea that you can’t so easily move from game to game.  When one player wins a sizable sum and the bells go off and the whistles start whistling, it is the casino informing you that this guy just won a couple of thousand dollars; keep playing because you might be next!

At Jackpot Capital, we know that many gamers come to our casino for a few spins or a few hands of blackjack or video poker.  We don’t have to get the absolute most gambling from the players in the casino at any moment because we know that gamers will return another day soon.

Land based casinos have no such confidence so thy try to get gamblers to continue gambling long after they should be going on to another activity.

What is All the Shouting at the Roulette and Craps Tables About?

People who play craps and roulette in casinos are encouraged to whoop it up!  We cannot deny that these games at land based casinos are a lot of fun.  In fact, they are probably the online games that gamers play the least! 

One thing that does happen at the craps and roulette tables in land based casinos is that players often get caught up in the noise and don’t really know the games well.  Especially in roulette, there are so many different kinds of bets that many gamblers make contradictory bets.

Jackpot Capital has great graphics for roulette and craps.  Still, we readily acknowledge that plucky, rotund, diminutive Banana Jones has a bigger fan base than the roulette wheel has! 

Isn’t Free Alcohol a Good Thing?

Well, no, at a casino, free alcohol is never really free.  Let’s say that the drink you get for free costs the casino a couple of dollars.  In return you make a few wild bets because the alcohol has lowered your inhibitions.  Clearly, the casino made money by offering and bringing you a free alcoholic drink.

We say as often as we can: do not drink alcohol while you’re gaming!  At Jackpot Capital your average gaming session won’t be so long that you can’t wait until it’s over to have a beer or a drink!

The bottom line is that the fun you have at an online casino is the fun of knowing that you are having a good time and that you are totally in control of your gaming.

How Does an Online Casino Work?

There are two aspects to this question.  One has to do with the games themselves and the other has to do with safety and security.

Your money is as safe at Jackpot Capital casino as it is at your bank since we use the same level of encryption that any online bank or investment house uses.  We need to use encryption software to guard your money because, unfortunately, there are people out there looking for ways to get at other people’s money!

The same is true of every company that sells goods or services online! 

As far as the games are concerned, we are an entirely virtual casino.  We use very sophisticated software called a random number generator to determine the result of every hand or spin.  The random number generator also determines how many steps Banana Jones will take next.

The RNG is totally random.  It is in constant “motion” and can stop only at your direction.  It is impossible to trick the RNG.  Gamers realize that the RNG controls the luck part of gaming and strategy controls the skill side of the games of skill such as video poker and blackjack.

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