the words Who Am I? encouraging gamers at Jackpot Capital to define themselves as gamers

How to Define Ourselves as Gamers

Our task as online casino bloggers is to cover areas that gamers are very curious about such as the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus and areas that gamers probably don’t think about all that much.  So, in this article, we will talk a bit about the Welcome Package at Jackpot Capital online casino and then we will switch to a short talk about how important it is to define ourselves as gamers.

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Some online casinos have a big Welcome Package and then seemingly “forget” to offer deposit bonuses to their gamers.  We at Jackpot Capital casino have a modest first welcome bonus of a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 plus 100 free spins on the super-popular Achilles slot and then we follow up with fantastic promotions that include deposit bonus offers almost every day!

The Welcome Package continues with more deposit bonuses, a no deposit bonus, free spins, and special surprises.

So, as new gamers, you can enjoy our offer a massive smorgasbord of bonuses and free spins—a way of saying welcome that attracts many new gamers every day—and after that forever more you can benefit every day as we shower gamers with an endless series of deposit bonus offers, special bonus offers, new game offers, game of the month promotions, cashback, comp points, and so much more!

The Importance of Defining Yourself

We have mentioned Robert Townsend and his great book on business management, “Up the Organization” in which he spoke about the importance of a company defining itself.  For instance, he took over the Avis Car Rental Company in the mid-1960’s when it was number 2 but far behind number 1 Hertz.

He set out to define the business Avis was in and they came up with the definition of a company that rents cars without drivers.  By adding the two words “without drivers” to the definition, they saw that they had to sell off a limousine service!  They were then able to put 100% of their business acumen and energy into making Avis a much more successful car rental company.

Who are We as Gamers?

What goes into a true and valuable definition of oneself as a gamer?  First, we can divide this task into parts.  Here are a few categories that we can delineate to make a good self-definition possible.

  1. Financial considerations
  2. Time available to play
  3. The kind of games we like to play
  4. Where we prefer to play
  5. Work and home responsibilities
  6. Health considerations

Let’s look at these and see how we can combine them into a working definition of ourselves as casino gamers.

What do We Prioritize?

As you can surely see, we simply made a list of six categories that will go into every gamer’s self-definition.  We did not put them in their correct order of priority since that is much too subjective for us to do in a more general discussion.  For example, a person of such wealth that financial considerations may be the last category on the list may, instead, list health considerations as their number one!

The possibilities of rearranging the list into prioritized categories are endless.  So, we will take each category as we listed them one by one but keep in mind that we are by no means saying that one is more important than the other.

Financial Considerations

We encourage all gamers to set a gaming budget.  This might be a daily budget or a weekly, monthly, or yearly one.  But it is very important to set such a budget.

First of all, online casino gaming (and gaming at land based casinos as well) is rightfully part of your overall entertainment budget.  For every dollar you budget for gaming, you might have to subtract a dollar for concerts, ball games, books, streaming services, or any of a thousand other entertaining things people do.

Secondly, different games have different goals and sometimes those goals impact our financial considerations.  When a gamer plays a progressive jackpot slot, he or she has to bet the maximum on the winning payline to be able to win the seven-figure jackpot.

This might make playing progressive jackpot slots a bit expensive for some gamers.  We suggest devoting a small percentage of your gaming budget to progressive slots so that there is plenty left over to play all of our 300 or so games!

Video poker falls into this category as well.  Gamers have to bet the maximum in order to be able to win the extra bonus for a Royal Flush.  This might mean that multi-hand video poker is too expensive for some gaming budgets.  It is far better to play single hand video poker for the maximum bet rather than play multi-hand video poker for less than the maximum bet.

Time Available to Play

This is a function of your family and work responsibilities.  We do not encourage people to take time away from their families to play online casino games!  We also do not urge gamers to play instead of working on work projects.

Family and work are, by definition, of a higher priority than casino gaming.  That is one of the big reasons we always use the term “gaming”.

It is important to set aside a fair and reasonable amount of time for gaming.   It might be an hour a day but it is more likely to be a half an hour a couple of times a week.

Mobile gaming allows many players to play for just a few minutes when they take a break in the middle of the day or when they are waiting somewhere. 

The Kinds of Games We Like to Play

We began to talk about this when we spoke about progressive jackpots.  A gamer may prefer to play progressive slots but financial considerations make it necessary to diversify their gaming “portfolio”.

If a gamer prefers games of chance, we suggest trying out each of our 200 or more slots plus craps, roulette, keno, Banana Jones, and many others.

If a gamer prefers games of skill, we recommend blackjack, Caribbean poker, and video poker.

A gamer should set aside more time and money to play the types of games they prefer to play.

Where We Prefer to Play

We might prefer to play during our commute to or from work.  We might prefer to play in bed, at the desktop, or curled up on the sofa.  Some people prefer to play at land based casinos!

In the latter case, we suggest paying close attention to the many advantages of playing at Jackpot Capital online casino!  Among the advantages are convenience, no travel cost, more games, higher return to player rates, many bonuses, and a lot more!

Work and Family Considerations

We spoke about this above as well.  One of the areas of gaming that we take most seriously is responsible gaming.  This includes staying within a monetary and time budget that is reasonable.

It also means placing your work and family ahead of gaming.  We want all of our gamers to see gaming as a form of entertainment rather than as a life goal.  Having a family and raising good kids is a far higher priori y than spinning a slot “just once more”.

Doing well at work is also of more importance than gaming.

Health Considerations

Gamers at land-based casinos sit in place for hours.  They are even reluctant to go to the bathroom.  Online gamers should stand and stretch regularly since they can simply go back to the game they were playing or switch games if they prefer.

In general, we encourage gamers to place a much higher priority on being healthy, getting healthy, and staying healthy than on the outcome of a slot game or a hand at blackjack.

Good health includes eating properly, sleeping soundly and enough, exercising regularly, and generally doing what you need to do to stay healthy.  We wish everyone a long and healthy life.  That is a lot more important to us than getting gamers to play on for an extra few minutes!

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