Asgard Deluxe at Jackpot Capital Has Many Fantastic Features

Jackpot Capital Renews its Interest in Norse Mythology

There are many ethnic and national oral traditions that have survived the centuries to be considered honored mythologies.  Who knows which myths are the best-known or the most popular?  It could be Greek or Roman mythology.  Or, as we find in the Asgard series of slots from Real Time Gaming, Old Norse Mythology!

For gamers, having another great Asgard slot from RTG and Jackpot Capital Casino, appropriately named Asgard Deluxe, is like hitting a progressive jackpot of gaming!

In Asgard Deluxe, we find the same four gods who permeated Asgard, now the first in the series.  These are Odin, Thor, Freya, and Loki.  They are four of the all-time great Norse gods of which there are many more!  Norse mythology brings out images of Viking raiders calling upon their gods to help them in battle and in the success of the many settlements they made in Europe, and later on in North America, in the early days of global warming!

Asgard Deluxe Puts the Deluxe in Slots

At Jackpot Capital online casino, there are over 200 great slots.  The slots keep on coming with a new one every month!  RTG develops slots in many genres so every month slots fans wait for the new one to come out.  Sometimes, RTG and Jackpot Capital feel that it is time to reprise an older classic slot.

That is how Asgard became Asgard Deluxe!  But any sequel to a great original slot has to have something extra.  In the case of Asgard Deluxe, the slot has many “extras”!  The first extra is a random progressive jackpot. You can win the progressive jackpot on any spin in the regualr game.

Let’s Continue with Graphics and Animation

Asgard Deluxe uses the most imaginative graphics to give gamers the sense that they are really in the presence of Norse gods in the faraway past!  These gods once served the warrior class in Norse societies.  Today, they serve to desires of online casino gamers to have as many different ways to win money while having a fun time spinning those reels.

The slot opens with a video depiction of a fortress from where the gods ruled the world.  This alone is worth the price of admission, as the cliché goes, and, by the way, you can also play Asgard Deluxe in our unlimited free play mode!

We Lost Count of All the Winning Paylines

There are 243 ways to win in Asgard Deluxe!  This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, a common sight in the North Atlantic where Odin, Freya, Loki, and Thor ruled!

Who Were These Norse Gods?

One of the most important things to understand is that every Norse god had multiple characteristics, power, and influence.  We suggest that you do a little research about our four heroic Norse gods and imagine each one in a different persona each time you play the slot!

  1. Odin is associated with wisdom and knowledge; medicine and mortality; war and military tactics; the divine and magical.
  2. Freya is a true female of her time.  She is associated with beauty, tapestry, gold as well as fertility and sex.  She has a war-like dark side as well!
  3. Thor is the god of stormy weather which is pervasive in the Norse region.  He symbolizes the power of thunder even as we know today that thunder by itself has no power at all!
  4. Loki was the class cutup of his royal time!  He was always into some form of mischief but it wasn’t always funny or humorous either!  Loki was known to disrespect his other companion gods!

With a wild and crazy imagination, you can mix and match these characteristics of the gods of Asgard Deluxe and have a fantastic and entertaining time spinning the reels with them!

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How Many Ways Can One Slot Provide Free Spins and other Goodies?

Here we are at the crème de la crème of Asgard Deluxe: the many features RTG has put into a slot that already had 243 ways to win!

  1. The top payout is 2000x your bet!
  2. In addition to the four hero gods, the game features the afore-mentioned fortress, Thor’s hammer, and the famed Yggdrasil tree which serves as the scatter symbol.
  3. There are four options when you get just two Yggdrasil tree scatters.  These options are for a given number of free spins, a given multiplier, or an additional game winning feature.
  4. Asgard Deluxe adds a random jackpot to the many ways you can win!

What are the Free Spins and Multiplier Options?

  1. You can choose 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.
  2. If you choose 20 free spins, you also get Exploding Wilds.
  3. For 25 free spins, you receive Multiplying Wilds.
  4. For 30 free spins, you get Cascading and Multiplying Wilds.

This Sounds Amazing but What Does it All Mean?

We assume that the multiplier is self-explanatory.  Exploding Wilds is a modern form of making the wild symbol even wilder.  It literally explodes on the screen producing a group of smaller wild symbols.  We mentioned awesome animation!  Here is a clear example!

Multiplying Wilds is more than just a multiplier.  The Multiplying Wilds can get up as high as 6x!  finally, any time symbols cascade after a win, they are replaced by other symbols and that can create more wins.

And with a basic 243 ways to win, cascading symbols can be the ticket for many multiple winning spins!

Jackpot Capital and You

We urge you to join Jackpot Capital NOW if you are not yet a member of our family.  We have promotions almost every day of the week!  We have state of the art graphics in every game we offer.

Our mobile gaming platform has undergone several improvements since we introduced it.  By now, gamers have found the mobile platform to be so graphically clear and accessible that, by far, most gaming here at Jackpot Capital is done on mobile.

As such, you can play Asgard Deluxe on your mobile device!

Now is the time to get familiar with the myriad ways Jackpot Capital delivers superior online casino gaming!

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