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5 Wishes has Two Random Progressive Jackpots and a 5000x Payout

It’s quite remarkable that Real Time Gaming has brought out a new progressive jackpots slots game that gives us all 5 Wishes!  This is a great slot as you shall see soon both on the serious side and on the fun, gaming side here at Jackpot Capital online casino..  In this time of coronavirus microbe-driven stress, we can easily list our five serious wishes:

  • Quick and full recovery for everyone who has caught the virus.
  • Continued good health for everyone in our family, our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances.
  • A quick return to normal so all of the people stuck in lockdown mode can once again enjoy the great outdoors!
  • A quick return to normal so we can once again talk about the really important things like sports and politics.
  • And that during and after the crisis, the Italians continue to teach us how to sing from our balconies!

A Look on the Fun Side

Let’s take a look at the newest slot at Jackpot Capital casino—5 Wishes.  It is now well into its initial release and based on the enthusiasm we have seen in the first weeks, it will become a classic!

The Progressive Jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots that are triggered randomly for lucky gamers at the end of any spin.  These jackpots will be especially welcome to gamers who win them even after an otherwise uneventful spin!

The Genie Wild Feature Makes 5 Wishes Wild and Wonderful

Aladdin and the genie are back in this slot set in the exotic and magical Middle East.  In addition to the two progressive jackpots, 5 Wishes has a 5000x non-progressive jackpot as well.  The genie is the wild symbol.  It appears on the first reel and can transform Aladdin, the Monkey, and Jasmine into extra wild symbols to occupy the other reels.  The genie wild symbol also has a 2x multiplier for wins it helps generate.

Aladdin’s Lamp is the scatter.  It sets off the free spins bonus round from any position on the screens.  Three lamps give you 10 free spins; four lamps get you 20 free spins; and five lamps give you 100 free spins!  You can also retrigger the free spins bonus so, if you get lucky in the bonus round, you will stay there for a very long time!

Being able to retrigger the free spins is not the only great feature of the bonus rounds!   The Genie Wild Feature remains in the bonus round as well.  Imagine the magic that can ensue in the bonus rounds as you retrigger the free spins, get extra wild symbols, win a random progressive jackpot, and have all wins with the wild symbol multiplied!

Joining the Genie, Aladdin and his Lamp spinning gallantly around the reels are the Royal symbols plus Princess Jasmine, the Palace, and the Monkey.

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The Aladdin Myth

It might surprise you to learn that the Aladdin story originated in China!  It was appropriated to the Middle East first in the collection of stories called the 101 Tales of the Arabian Nights and then further changed to fit individual authors’ moods, the temper of the times, or the creative license of a famous animated movie studio!

In Arabic, the name Aladdin can be understood as Al-A-Din.  “Din“ means law and an “adin” was a law giver, enforcer, ruler or Lord.  So Aladdin is actually, in its Arabic version, a story of rags to riches, fame, and great honor as Aladdin rises from wastrel to King!

Of course, none of this historical uncertainty is present in the excellent game play of 5 Wishes.  You’ll enjoy the wins with two characters instead of the usual three.  The extra wilds generated by the Genie Wild Feature create many five of a kind wins. 

The genie does seem a bit stiff and stony!  He does clap for you when he helps you get a win!  So, the genie has both a stony, granite-like side and a softer side as well!  The monkey is the most fun loving character.  He makes a cute sound—almost like a baby cooing—whenever he helps you get a win! 

Are You a High Roller?

If you are, you have a few more days to get in on one or two extra bonuses for the inauguration of 5 Wishes.  For a $45 deposit twice a day until March 22, you qualify for a 105% bonus up to $1555 and 55 free spins.  The bonus code for this high roller offer is 5wishes105.  If you deposit $95 twice a day until March 22, you qualify for a 155% bonus up to $1555.  The code for this bonus offer is 5wishes155.

High roller or not, 5 Wishes is a game set in the distant past that has endured generation to generation to become truly a game for the ages! 

This will go down as the Age of the Coronavirus so, in keeping with our good wishes for the best of health to one and all, may we suggest that after every big win in 5 Wishes, you go out on your balcony and serenade your neighbors!?

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