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Low Variance Slots are Great Fun to Play

In a real sense we at Jackpot Capital online casino have observed two main types of slots players.  Of course, there is a lot of overlap with other categories of slots gamers.  Still, we find that some slots players like the added risk involved in playing high volatility jackpot slots while other slots gamers like the more relaxing atmosphere of low volatility slots.

What is Volatility or Variance?

We very much prefer the term “variance”.  The term “volatility” implies too much….volatility while the term variance simply implies a difference in some important aspect of the game.  It is much more benign.

A slot with high variance will often have a return to player rate that is equal to, almost equal to, or possibly even greater than the return to player rate in low variance slots.  However, in high variance slots a relatively small group of gamers will share in the vast bulk of winnings while in a low variance slot a very large number of gamers will share in the winnings.

That means that in high variance slots, there are fewer wins but they tend to be for larger sums.  This is what excites a lot of slots players.  In low variance slots, there are a much larger number of winning spins and the wins tend to be relatively small.

Most slots with a progressive jackpot are high variance slots.  Many slots with a very high maximum win are also high variance slots.  Low variance slots will have a maximum win that is still relatively small. 

What, then, is the main attraction of low variance slots?

Fun, Fun, Fun

Gamers who love to play slots and want their gaming sessions to last a long time will often gravitate to the low variance slots.  This could be the case even if they don’t know the term variance!  Simply by trying out a large number of slots at Jackpot Capital casino, these gamers will find the low variance slots.  Low variance slots have the ability to extend a gaming session because they give gamers so many wins. 

In this sense, low variance sots are a big boon to players who want to have the most fun while also conserving their bankroll.  We always urge our gamers to set a gaming budget and to stick to that budget.  If a player wants to play for a long time, a low variance slots is perfect for that purpose.

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Why are Low Variance Slots Fun to Play?

This is a kind of trick question!  All of the slots we offer here at Jackpot Capital are fun to play!  The variance has nothing to do with the fun side of playing the slot.  The variance has a lot to do with the added excitement of possibly scoring a big win but the actual game play of a slot has nothing to do with the variance.

Let’s take a look at two of the most recent low variance slots that Real Time Gaming developed.  You’ll see that these slots, as with all of our slots, are extraordinarily fun to play irrespective of the variance!

Dr. Winmore

This slot is one of Real Time Gaming’s most recent releases and it is already a classic!  It has a mad scientist theme that has been prominent in popular culture since at least the 1950’s and probably before!  The mad scientist theme, of course, started with the publication of Frankenstein in the 19th century but the theme lends itself much better to visual expression rather than to literary expression.

The symbol in Dr. Winmore all relate to the mad scientist’s laboratory.  We have beakers and vials and bright lights.  The beakers and vials have liquids of different colors in them but we really can’t tell what those liquids are!  Is this scary?  It might be scary if it were real but the imagination of a mad scientist with mysterious liquids makes for a fun slot!

The five reels don’t act like reels normally act!  In this slot, you win when you form a cluster of at least four similar symbols.  These clusters can be in a straight line or in a bunch.  With the right combination of symbols, you could get a lot of wins on just one spin!

When you spin a cluster, the symbols explode and new symbols come cascading down.  If you get another cluster from this process, you win twice the standard payout for that cluster.  You can win again as this new cluster cascades down.  If you get another win you add another 1x to the multiplier.

You can win as many times as the clusters keep coming and the maximum multiplier can get up as high as 6x!

The crazy doctor also has helpers.  These are the robots who point us to the future of robotics in everything we do.   In Dr. Winmore, the robots explode entire reels or groups of symbols.  One robot explodes the vertical reel, another explodes the horizontal reel, another explodes both the vertical and the horizontal reel, and the fourth explodes the cluster of symbols that touch that specific robot.

In Dr. Winmore, there is a whole lot of explodin’ goin’ on!  Dr. Winmore provides a lot of great gaming fun and with so many winning possibilities the variance is very low!

Magic Mushroom

Just as Dr. Winmore uses the time tested theme of the mad scientist and marries it to a new idea in creating wins, namely the cluster system and the cascading symbols system pus the exploding robots, the new slot called Magic Mushroom marries the idea of the enchanted forest with bright and brilliant colors and the other-worldly concept of the nymph or fairy.

Magic Mushroom is a 27 payline slot but with only three reels, the wins come fast.  When the wild symbol appears on the middle reel it expands and covers the entire reel. 

This slot has a respin feature that happens when the wild symbol has expanded to fill the middle reel.  Then it stays in place, fully occupying the middle reel and setting up many wins as the outer reels spin.  You win based in how many of the “selected” symbol appears during the respin.

The wins are recorded based on the established value of the symbol you are trying to get.  Wins can be mini, midi, or maxi but even the maxi win is not so big that the slot expands into medium variance range. 

When Real Time Gaming released Magic Mushroom they made a point of its being a low variance slot!

Gamers also love the nymphs.  They are bedecked in super colorful outfits and mushroom hats.  The purple nymph has purple eyes!  There is a green, an orange, a red, a blue, and a purple nymph and they all have matching eyes.

And their eyes are so big, too!

The Grand Attraction of Slots and Low Variance

Sure, a lot of gamers like to spin for the big pot of gold, so to speak.  As long as you have the bankroll to play higher variance slots, that is certainly fine!  But if you want to conserve bankroll and still have a great time gaming, the low variance slots we have on offer give gamers fantastic hours of gaming fun!

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