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What are the Most Important Elements of Smooth Banking at Jackpot Capital Casino?

Smooth banking is one of the most important aspects of gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino.  There are a few distinct elements to the smooth banking we offer at Jackpot Capital Casino

One Account for Two Casinos

The first is that you have one account for both the desktop casino and for the mobile jackpot casino.  By having a single account, you can move easily from the mobile platform to the desktop platform without any extra steps.
With one account, you get the benefits of every promotion we offer even if you divide your gaming between the desktop casino and the mobile casino.  For example, our comp points promotion turns every bet into points.  These points add up and then we help you convert them back into casino credits.
So, the great part of having a single account at both Jackpot Capital casinos is that your comp points also get counted in one account even though you probably are playing at both of our casinos!
Here is another example of the benefits of having one account.  We offer many different types of deposit bonuses.  To us, it doesn’t matter if you took the bonus while playing on the mobile platform or on the desktop platform; you have one account so the deposit and bonus go there and you can use the money to play on either gaming platform.
Every cash bonus comes with a play through requirement which is about 30x the deposit and bonus.  We keep track of every bet you make so that you can work off the play through requirement quickly.  We consider bets made on either gaming platform equally as you play to complete the play through requirement.

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Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

Jackpot Capital casino offers many different deposit and withdrawal methods.  The most popular is still the old reliable credit card.  All of our deposit methods are simple but credit and debit cards are the methods used by the most gamers.
There is a difference between credit cards and debit cards.  A credit card has a fixed line of credit while the debit card has a variable line of credit.  The line of credit in your credit card is the amount you arranged with the authorizing bank.  This line of credit is general a lot higher than the line of credit in a debit card because you generally use your credit card for larger purchases such as airline tickets, hotels, concerts, and even mortgage payments.
Your debit card has a limit that you alone decide on.  Some gamers find that using a debit card helps them manage their money better.  So, as popular as a credit card is, a debit card certainly has a useful place in sound online casino money management.


These are like online banks.  The only thing an ewallet does is send and receive money for online purchases.  We use three ewallets: ecoPayz, Neteleler, and Skrill.  We use three ewallets because some gamers prefer one over the others. 
Ewallets provide a measure of privacy and anonymity that credit cards don’t provide.  When you send money to an ewallet, your bank doesn’t know why you sent the money.  A lot of gamers prefer the privacy an ewallet provides.


This card is similar to a debit card.  You buy a paysafecard at many small business primarily gas stations and convenience stores.  You transfer money from your regular bank account to the paysafecard and then from there to the casino.
You can use up to ten paysafecards for any single cash deposit.
A paysafecard does two important things.  First, it provides the same kind of anonymity as an ewallet and second, it helps you manage your financial arrangement with the casino.  You deposit no more than you have available in your paysafecard or cards.


We still have no way of knowing it but bitcoin and similar crypto-currencies may actually be the wave of the future as far as money is concerned.  Jackpot Capital accepts bitcoins simply as a courtesy to the gamers who prefer banking in bitcoin.
Some gamers prefer USD while others prefer AUD or Rand.  Europeans prefer Euro and the British prefer pounds sterling.  The fact that bitcoin is used in many online purchases indicates that it and crypto-currencies generally are addressing a genuinely felt need on the part of consumers.


Whenever you buy something online, you trust the company to have a way of protecting your money and your key information.  Without that confidence, no one would make purchases online.  When the internet first began, no one bought everyday items online for exactly this reason: they were afraid that their money wasn’t safe.
The method we use at Jackpot Capital Casino and the method used by internet marketing giants and online banks and investment companies is basically the same.  It is called encryption which means that the encryption software blocks everyone from seeing the transaction except you and the casino.
The encryption software is designed to send deposits directly to your account and is designed to send withdrawals to a specific location that you set up with us when you join.
Jackpot Capital also protects your personal information.  This last item has no compromise in it; we protect you data, period!


Every online casino gets some complaints about the extra measures casinos use to be 100% sure that the money being withdrawn is going to the right place.  You see, we can protect your money and your information completely when your money is in your casino account. 
We can follow the money until it enters the account you asked us to send it to.  But how can we know it's you on the other end of the phone.  Here's how....when you ask to withdraw money, we ask you to take a few simple steps to give us the assurance that you are you and that the account you want us to send the money to is an account you have chosen or that you have control over.

Customer Service

We have a service office that stays open every day of the year, around the clock. Banking is possibly the most common reason gamers call our customer service office.   We offer four ways to reach us: email, chat, message, or telephone.
We have found that new gamers may need a little help making those first few deposits so we train our representatives to offer the most help in the most courteous manner they can.

Banking, Safety, and Service

This is a kind of threesome that works together to bring you the smoothest path to gaming fun.  Each of the parts here is a vital element in the seamless process of depositing money, gaming, and withdrawing money.  Our experience has shown that gamers have the most fun playing when their minds are at ease as far as the safety and security of their money is concerned.

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