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How to Create Trust the Online Casino Way

In the months since land based casinos were forced to shut down because of the corona virus, many gamers have come to online casinos such as Jackpot Capital.  Most gamers who joined Jackpot Capital in these past few months are people who have always played at land based casinos.

One of the areas that has garnered little notice is the whole matter of trusting online casinos to be fair, upright and honest.  So, in this article, we will talk directly about these three aspects of casino gaming.

Welcome Bonus

The first thing that new gamers discover when they look into joining our online casino is the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus Welcome Package.  This is usually a single deposit bonus or a set of bonuses that the online casino offers to new players.  Online casinos can do so because they expect the players to play even incrementally but over a long period of time.  Thus the players can work through the wagering requirement before they withdraw any winnings.

Land based casinos have a much more difficult time of it when it comes to offering large deposit bonuses simply because they too have to have a wagering requirement but most gamers at land based casinos will not have enough time to complete the wagering requirement.

The wagering requirement is a necessary part of giving bonuses since without it a critical mass of players would cash out their accounts with the bonus money there.  No online casino or land based casino for that matter could stay in business if it was giving away thousands of dollars to players who simply took the money and ran!

Trusting the Online Casino

So, at the very outset, new gamers at online casinos are in a quandary regarding the very offer that attracted them in the first place, namely substantial bonuses for new players.  Since so many gamers came from the world of land based casino gaming, they were unfamiliar with deposit bonsue and wagering requireemnts.

Jackpot Capital, for our part, offers deposit bonuses on a regular basis several times every week!  We do everything we can to make gaming as fun as possible.  This creates an interesting disconnect between gamers wanting to play with the casino’s money but not yet fully on board with the whole concept!

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Online Casinos are Quiet

There is a genuine contrast in the noise level between land based casinos and online casinos.  Most people at land based casinos are strengthened emotionally by the sight of other players happily going about their gambling business.  Online gaming seems so quiet in contrast.

Many gamers associate the noise in land based casinos with genuineness while they associate the quiet at online casinos with mystery and people often prefer the so-called genuineness of noise.  Think about playing sports in empty stadiums.  How do the players do it?

Online gaming is indeed generally quiet.  Our solution here at Jackpot Capital is two-fold.  First, we urge all of our gamers to play in relatively short sessions perhaps a few times every week.  Unlike the long sessions gamers have at land based casinos, where they play on and on, “getting their money’s worth”, online gamers don’t need to spend long hours on the casino floor simply because they can always come back to the casino the next day or the day after that!

As they wish.

This flexibility allows them, after a short gaming session, to then “get on with their everyday lives” which often includes getting together with family and friends.  In other words, the “noise” that can accrue to online casino gaming actually often takes place after the gaming is over in someone’s house, in a pub, in a restaurant, or at the ballgame!

The second solution to the quietude of online gaming is to play with your significant other!  Our mobile gaming platform is so good that the vast majority of gaming here at Jackpot Capital is done on mobile.  So, if you are going to curl up on your sofa to play, why not play with that special someone?

Online Gamers Can’t Feel the Cards or See the Dealer

There is a very important tactile aspect to land based casino gaming.  We acknowledge that fully.  At a land based casino, players can see and touch the cards in blackjack, they see the actual physical wheel spin in roulette, and they can hold the dice in craps. 

Online casinos are run entirely by the random number generator.  This is software that determines every outcome in every game at an online casino.  The only way for gamers to trust the validity and veracity of the random number generator is for the online casino to have it checked by an impartial outside source at frequent intervals.

The frequent checks we willingly and happily put our random number generator through apply to the entire casino as well.  Online casinos are regulated and certified by outside concerns simply because that is truly the only way for many gamers to feel that the games they play at online casinos are legitimate.

Players Can Play for Free

This one is a bit hard for online casino operators to fathom but some gamers—especially gamers who have recently come from land based casinos—find it somewhat startling that online casinos allow unlimited free play.

The fact is that we have unlimited space in cyberspace.  We also can accommodate many thousands of gamers at any one time and if a million showed up for a tournament or a contest we could accommodate them too.

Even the biggest land based casino can accommodate only about one or two thousand players at any one time, probably less!

Players Have Free Rein over the Casino

This is another area of surprise for players who came to online acsinos from land based casino gaming.  At a land based acsino, players are used to siitting at a single terminal for hours.  They are ysed to sitting at the blackjack table for very long stretches.

At online casinos, we make it easy to go from game to game.  Any gamer can play as many games at Jackpot Capital in a gaming session as they like.  We also urge gamers to take frequent stretching breaks.  This, too, surprises land based gamers!

Read our Terms and Conditions

We make it easy to understand the rules of gaming at Jackpot Capital.  We have written the terms and conditions in the simplest language possible making all of the rules accessible to every gamer.

Read Our Articles and Blogs

We also write many articles every week with very useful information for gamers.  We want gamers to know how best to win at the casino games.  We feel that gamers should see gaming here at Jackpot Capital as one of many forms of entertainment they are willing to spend money on.

We do everything we can to win and keep gamers’ trust.  We also operate a customer service office that is open 24/7 so if you have any questions we are available at all times, rain or shine!

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