What are the Benefits of Playing Games of Skill?

What Games Do Thinking Gamers Play?

At Jackpot Capital Casino, there are three prominent games of skill: blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean poker.  Some gamers play baccarat which also requires a contemplative bet.  However, all of the statistical analyses have determined that betting on the dealer in baccarat is the best bet so, after making that bet, there is little thinking left to do in baccarat!

Are Games of Skill Better than Games of Chance?

Certainly, not!

Games of skill gave a set of benefits and games of chance have their own set of benefits.  Games of chance are thoroughly relaxing.  They help people calm down and unwind at the end of the pressure-filled work day.   We might compare playing a game of chance to any other activity that doesn’t require close attention to detail.

That might include swimming, taking a walk, or watching television among many similar activities.  There is a lot to be said for playing games of chance if your goal is to relax!

The only great rule of thumb when playing games of chance—and this rule of thumb applies also to games of skill in slightly different form—is to be sure to set financial and time budgets for gaming.  Without fixed budgets, gamers might tend to play on too long and risk too much money!

What are the Main Benefits of Playing Games of Skill?

There are many “main” benefits to playing games of skill.  These games are highly entertaining purely as games and they have benefits in many other areas as well.  We at Jackpot Capital Casino recommend that everyone play the games of skill for a period of time as entertainment.

Others will derive vast benefits from devoting themselves to games of skill.

Games of Skill Enhance Cognitive Thinking

We could say that games of skill provide a kind of brain exercise!  We know how important exercise is in staying physically healthy.  Games of skill do the same for the brain.  It is far from being known factually but many psychologists and other medical people feel that playing thinking games can prevent or at least delay Alzheimer’s disease and its related conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

What is the LPI System?

We first learn how to play a game of skill.  We learn the fundamentals and basic strategy.  We then practice what we have learned and at the end of a period of practice we often suddenly realize that we have improved.

The LPI system requires a good deal of patience.  It also requires a few characteristics of successful people such as determination and perseverance.

The LPI system works with any skill we wish to develop.  Playing games is often a fun and diversionary way to develop mental skills that can translate into either physical or cognitive skills.

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Games of Skill Develop Strategic and Tactical Thinking

There is a big difference between strategy and tactics and many people who are not deeply involved in making such distinctions on a daily basis often get confused as to what is a strategy and what is a tactic.

Briefly, a strategy is a goal.  We want to develop our company into several branches and so on.  The tactics are how we go about doing that.  A strategy for online casinos such as Jackpot Capital is to provide an excellent gaming experience for tens of thousands of gamers.

We use many tactics to achieve that goal from offering a wide range of both games of chance and games of skill, safe and secure banking, top notch customer service, and our blog with hundreds of articles that we publish for our gamers’ benefit.

What Business or Professional Benefits Accrue from Playing Games of Skill?

There is a long list of benefits.  It is no coincidence that the term gamification has taken on a corporate meaning that roughly translates into how corporations, which are organizations of people all of whom have separate and well-defined roles, can bring all of these parts together to make the corporation stronger.

So, games of skill can:

  1. Improve one’s problem solving ability since a game of skill is all about solving the problem at hand.
  2. Playing at an online casino and playing games of skill help to develop time management skills.
  3. Games of skill force players to organize their thoughts which leads to improvements in organizational thinking.
  4. Playing games of skill requires strategies which means developing the ability to define goals.
  5. Games of skill improve self-confidence which leads to enhanced leadership qualities.
  6. Leaders learn to take the initiative.
  7. Leaders have to make decisions and have to teach their underlings how to make decisions as well.
  8. Leaders and decision makers have to think ahead.  This is natural to a very small fraction of people.  For everyone else it is a learned skill.
  9. Players of games of skill learn from their opponents and especially from those players who are simply better than they are.  This applies to business and it also applies to games in general.
  10. Players of games of skill thrive on the competition in these games especially in tournaments.
  11. Finally, games of skill teach us the singularly important lesson of accepting our own limitations.  In any company there is one CEO.  But there may a hundred people in high level management positions.

The Importance of Practice

Here is a quote from Bruce Lee: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

The Importance of Learning from Others

Here is a quite from the immortal novel Anna Karenina:

“There are people who when they meet a rival, no matter in what, at once shut their eyes to everything good in him and see only the bad. There are others who on the contrary try to discern in a lucky rival the qualities which have enabled him to succeed, and with aching hearts seek only the good in him.”

There are Obvious and Less Obvious games of Skill

We all know that chess is a massive game of skill but most people look at checkers as just a game.  It is also a huge game of skill!  Monopoly might be a

game of luck in many ways but the negotiation skill that small kids learn in the course of playing makes Monopoly a game of skill as well!  Every card game from bridge which is very difficult to Spades and Hearts are games of skill.

If you have ever played the game Memory with a pre-school kid, you know just how much it is a game of skill and deep observation!

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