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What are Some of the Most Confusing Aspects of Online Casino Gaming?

Online casino gaming is the more fun cousin to land based casino gaming.  Still, online gaming is a lot more than simply playing at a great jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital online casino.   We are going to try to unconfuse the gaming public about some of the confusing aspects of gaming at Jackpot Capital casino and other well regarded and reputable casinos. 

We will use the question and answer format.

Why Do Online Casinos Have so Many Deposit Methods?

Online casinos have more people playing at any given time than even the biggest land based casinos.  Online casinos cater much more to an international group of gamers whereas most land based casinos cater to players from their region or at the most from their country.

Only very small countries will “export” casino players to casinos in other countries.

The very large group of players at online casinos coupled with the international makeup of the groups means that there will of necessity be many ways to deposit and withdraw funds to online casinos.  The list is well known:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Vouchers
  • E-wallets
  • Bitcoin
  • Money orders

Some players prefer to deposit and withdraw using one method while another gamer will prefer a different method.  Even among the e-wallets, there are a number of such services out there and, with millions of gamers, some will prefer one e-wallet while others might prefer a different one.

Finally, there are some deposit methods that are available only in one or two countries or are available in a broader range of countries but are overwhelmingly preferred by gamers from one country and almost not used by gamers in other countries.

We offer so many banking options because the gaming public wants so many options.  We add options from time to time as well.  Skrill 1Tap is a relatively new banking option that runs on the Skrill e-wallet platform.  Flexepin is another very new option.  In Flexepin, you get a single-use pin number.  After you use it, no one can ever use it again!  It has become popular in a very short period of time because it is seen by some to be the safest option around and also the option that keeps gamers in the most powerful control of their gaming activity.

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Why Do Online Casinos Have So Much Small Print?

Actually, this is a problem for some online casinos but not for all.  We at Jackpot Capital casino try very hard to make our terms and conditions pages as easy to read and understand as possible.  We definitely do not want the men and women who choose to play our online casino games to feel that they are being tricked in any way.

All casinos have terms and conditions.  Every game has its unique terms and conditions.  This is true of both online casinos and land based casinos but online casinos are required by regulations to post all of their terms and conditions on the site in full view.  Land based casinos can hide their terms and conditions.  That is why there are more disputes from players against land based casinos than from online gamers and the casino they play at.

The small print is small only at those casinos that want to confuse players.  We have too much respect for our gamers to pull such a gambit. Therefore, we don’t have small print at all.  We have highly accessible terms and conditions.

Why Do Online Casinos Say that Everything is Controlled by the Random Number Generator?

The reason is so simple: we say that everything is controlled by the RNG because …..everything at an online casino is indeed controlled by the RNG!  The RNG is software that decides on the outcome of every hand or spin.  The RNG has no brain of its own.  It can’t think ahead and does not know what happened even on the spin before.

Many of the games at a land based casino are played “live”.  Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, bingo, craps, and more are played live at real tables, with real dealers or croupiers, with real wheels and balls or playing cards.  Online casinos are entirely digital so, yes, everything is determined by the RNG.

Most gamers don’t know exactly how the RNG works.  It is in constant motion.  It “stops” only a set number of moments after you tap on spin or deal.  In the meantime, it continues to run through all of the variables in the game you are playing. 

So, the RNG in roulette is always running through the numbers from 1 to 36 plus 0 and 00 (in American roulette).  The number the ball falls into also determines every other bet including the color and odds or evens.

When you click on spin, it “spins” the wheel and stops exactly at the interval set by the software company in conjunction with the casino.

The RNG is examined quite often by outside watchdogs so you know that it is perfect working order. 

Why Do Online Casinos “Brag” about How Many Games They Have?

To put it simply, online casinos exist in cyberspace.  This area was not known to exist before the digital age!  As far as we know, there is no limit to cyberspace.  That translates into unlimited space for online casinos to grow.

Land based casinos are bound by their walls.  Until the reopening of land based casinos after the coronavirus scare, every square inch on a land based casino’s floor was taken up by tables, terminals, or pathways.  Now land based casinos need to open up more space for social distancing in a closed area.

Land based casinos are a closed area because, in their wisdom, they built casinos with no windows!  That confuses players far more than anything we do at online casinos!

So, in the aftermath of the virus scare and even before it, land based casinos were limited by their walls.  Online casinos don’t have walls.  Therefore, we can have more games.  Online casinos are proud of their broad selection of games.  Land based casinos have to take out a terminal for every new terminal they bring in.  We at Jackpot Capital can simply add a new game which we do every month!

How Can Online Casinos Offer So Many Bonuses?

Land based casinos offer free buffet meals and free alcohol.  They might offer a free hotel room or free tickets to the show.  Land based casinos have a hard time offering bonuses because players need to complete the wagering requirement for that bonus before they can withdraw winnings.

Most players at land based casinos don’t stay long enough to complete the wagering requirement while gamers at online casinos have “all the time in the world” to complete the wagering requirement.  This requirement was set up after a few players in the early days of online casino gaming took a bonus offer and simply cashed out!

In order to protect themselves, online casinos need the wagering requirement to safeguard their business!  Land based casino players simply don’t stay at the casino long enough to finish the wagering requirement there!

What are a Few Other Advantages that Online Casinos Have over Land Based Casinos?

  • Land based casinos have no windows while online casinos have the windows in your home!
  • Land based casinos have no clocks!
  • Land based casinos try to dull your senses with free alcohol.
  • Some of the people in land based casinos are under the influence of all that free alcohol.
  • Women get hit on way more at land based casinos than at online casinos!
  • There are no distractions at online casinos.
  • The return to player rate is higher at online casinos.

There are many more advantages of gaming at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital but we will end this article here!  The bottom line is that online casino gaming is advantageous and Jackpot Capital casino does everting possible to make your online gaming experience the best possible experience!

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