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How to Enjoy Gaming More?  We Debunk Four of the Most Persistent Myths

As you decide whether to join us and take our excellent Jackpot Capital welcome bonus, you might be wondering about the overall benefits of playing casino games online.  There are general advantages to playing casino games online which we will review at length in a future article.

In this article, we at Jackpot Capital online casino would like to debunk some of the myths that circulate about online casinos.  We feel that the general advantages of gaming at an online casino are so strong that the number of such gamers would be a lot higher were it not for these many myths that continue to make the rounds of chats, forums, social media, and anywhere else that people “meet” these days.

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Myth #1 is that Online Casinos are not Reliable

This myth is usually passed along by people who cannot get over their love of land based casino gaming.  They say that playing a casino game with real cards, real dealers or croupiers, real dice, real roulette wheels and balls, and real other gamers makes land based casinos more reliable.

There are a couple of ways to answer this charge.  First, the most popular games at both land based casinos and online casinos are games without live dealers or cards, namely slots and video poker!  We will talk more about this when we get to myth number four.

The second way to respond to this myth is to acknowledge that there are at this time, a few thousand online casinos and it is true that some of them are not reliable.  Conversely, around the world there are a few thousand land based casinos and some of them are also unreliable.

It is very important for anyone who chooses to play casino games—whether at a land based casino or at an online casino—to know that the casino is well-regulated by an independent outside authority.  Some land based casinos are in areas that have far too much governmental corruption so the casinos may not be as reliable as you would want.

Online casinos need to be regulated and certified by honest governmental authorities and independent certification boards.  If an online casino is properly regulated and certified, you can be confident that the casino is reliable based upon its terms and conditions.

Myth #2 Refers to Inscrutable Terms and Conditions

We ended the section on reliability with a reference to terms and conditions.  Every business and organization that deals with the public and asks for payment of some sort has terms and conditions which are generally referred to as the t and c.  Some casinos do in fact have highly inscrutable t and c. 

We at Jackpot Capital are proud of the fact that our t and c are written in very readable and understandable language.  We have long urged all gamers—from true neophytes to experienced gamers—to read the t and c for every game, promotion, tournament, or bonus.  By reading the t and c, you will know as much as you can about the purpose for which you are sending money or taking money and you will feel confident that Jackpot Capital is one of the many highly reliable online casinos.

Myth #3 Refers to Extra Precautions Online Casinos Take for Withdrawals

Some gamers say that they never play at an online casino because it is too hard to get winnings out of the casino.  At a land based casino, all they have to do is cash in their chips and they have their winnings in hand.

There are two basic arguments that apply to this myth.  One is that it is a lot easier to win money overall at an online casino.  When you factor in the travelling and other costs of land based casino gaming plus the lower return to player rates due to the higher operating costs at land based casinos plus the much larger bonuses players can get at online casinos through which you can play with the casinos own money, you find that the amount of money that can be considered profit is normally and profoundly less at land based casinos than at online casinos.

The second, and more technical fact that applies to this myth is that online casinos operate online bas land based casinos operate on land.  So what, you say!  Well, we want to send your money to you!  We are well aware of the fact that one of the very few detractions of online casino gaming is that hackers and other never do well types are out there looking for ways to take your money from you.

So, yes, we do ask or more confirmation that you are indeed you when you ask to withdraw your winnings.  We tell you this as up front as we can!   We are not at all sorry that we have your best interest at heart when it comes time to send you your winnings!  So, we urge all online gamers to have a little patience at withdrawal time and you will get your money!

Myth #4 Refers to the Reliability of Game Results

Even after twenty five years of online gaming and the changeover to digital terminals at land based casinos for slots and video poker, we still hear from some gamers that they don’t trust the results of games!  This myth is a kind of corollary to the first myth that refers to the regulation.

In addition to casinos needing generalized regulation and certification, the random number generator needs independent certification as well.

The random number generator or RNG is software that determines how every game ends.  If the RNG is not working properly, gamers may indeed end up losing a lot more than is fair.  So we and all other reputable online casinos have the RNG we use tested and verified often.

The RNG, when it is working properly, guarantees a fair outcome for every game we run!  The RNG guarantees that the casino cannot affect the outcome of any game.  In short, at Jackpot Capital and all other top online casinos, luck and the preset return to player rate are the only two factors that determine the overall winning rates at these casinos!

For example, in video poker, the return to player rate in most games is about 99.5%!  This assumes that gamers make the best strategic moves on every hand.  The RNG simply creates cards that in the very long run will create a 99.5% return to player rate.

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Jackpot Capital offers a great online gaming environment!  We have over 300 games on offer, many banking methods, absolute safety of your money when it is in your casino account or in transit to or from the casino, many promotions and bonus offers, and in general great, fair gaming!

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