What is a Real Vacation?

Our Mobile Casino Makes Real Vacations Possible

Our mobile jackpot casino has made online casino gaming more convenient and comfortable.  The quality of the graphics and animation for our mobile platform has veritably exploded in just the last ten years or so!  This plus the comfort and convenience are what has fueled the massive increase in mobile casino gaming!

Rather than burden gamers with two accounts—one for desktop and one for mobile—we have programmed your account to keep track of all of the data you accumulate from both gaming venues in real-time.

So, whether you play on your desktop or laptop computers or on the mobile platform, you have one account for all of your gaming activity which includes wins and losses in the games themselves, all of the bonuses you have taken and the progress in the subsequent wagering requirement, and your comp points.

One of the more unsung benefits of mobile casino gaming is that it frees gamers from feeling that they “have” to travel to a land-based casino in order to have fun casino gaming!  Thus, gamers have the time and money for what we like to call “real vacations”!

What is a Real Vacation?

Simply put, a real vacation is the type of vacation people used to take before the land-based casino explosion of the 1990s.   We think that it will be fun to organize a “real vacation” to give you some ideas when the time comes for you to take such a vacation!

Research Every Detail (or not!)

Some people like to know exactly what they will be doing, where they will spend the night, and even which restaurants they will eat at.  Other people like to fly by the seat of their pants.  Most people are somewhere in between.

The most common thing that travelers want to know is where they will sleep.  So, you need to make reservations for motels or hotels or other forms of accommodation.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s take a long look at a vacation from start to finish.

Here are some of the parameters of a goof vacation that we need to decide:

  1. When do we want to travel?  This includes the longer, family vacation and the much shorter weekend trip.  The season also plays a role in this decision.  Winter in Maine is brutal while autumn in Maine is chilly but beautiful with the change in colors.
  2. Who else is going with us?  We have to take everyone’s desires and needs into account as we plan a trip.  This can get quite involved and taking notes in an organized fashion helps keep everything straight.
  3. What is our budget for the trip?  This is hard to determine.  Costs vary.  Still, we need to make a reasoned estimate of costs so that we can see if we can, indeed, afford this vacation.  A simple and obvious case in point is a desired trip to a theme park that simply may be too expensive at this time.
  4. How will we travel?  The main options are by car or by plane.  Some people take a train or a bus but car and plane are by far the most common ways to travel.  If you are going far and you have only a few days, you will fly.  If you are travelling close to home, you will drive.  But it is more complicated than that.  If you can afford a road trip but not a plane trip, then you will decide to organize a road trip!

We have covered the Who, Whist, When, and Where aspects of a vacation.  Each of these has many subtle complexities.  How long can we reasonably stay in the car?  Is the price of gasoline too high for us to travel by car or at all?

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How Can We Decide?

Whoever is travelling with you should have a say in the final decisions.  This of course excludes little kids who can’t express an opinion but they also need an advocate for their needs.  Thus, a long hike might be great for adults but if you add a four-year-old kid, the type of hike involved will change dramatically!

A great vacation requires a group meeting where everyone puts their wants on the table.  Compromise is also very important to keep people happy.  Whether you travel with friends or family, it might be a good idea to organize more than one weekend excursion at the same time.

Brainstorming is another reason to have a group meeting.  In business, many great ideas come out of a brainstorming session.  The same is true in organizing vacations.

But There is Too Much to Do and See

Yes, there is!

We will never see everything!  That’s why we need to prioritize what we want.  Some people might want to go to a specific museum while others find such museums boring.  Maybe we can shorten the museum time or the people who don’t like museums might find something else to do during museum time.

As we said, research can often play a major role in making a vacation great.  Flying by the seat of your pants may work for some but most people and groups benefit from research as to attractions and things to do and see.

Research can reveal a great deal about exactly the area you will travel in.  Research can often find gems in off the beaten path places.  Research can reveal places of interest for when you have already scheduled a stop.  We all know about National Parks.  Reach can reveal the hidden gems in State Parks.

Is There Any Trick to Doing Good Research?

Yes, there is!  Actually, there are!

  1. Make odd search engine searches.  In other words, google odd searches.  Any odd search is fine.  Many will show no usable result but some will awe and amaze you!
  2. When you do online research, go to the faraway pages first.  There is a science to how close to the top of page one a site gets.  That is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  There are a lot of great sites for travelers on page ten or beyond that simply have poor SEO!
  3. There are web pages that give you a map of a place with much useful information.  Spend time on these maps and learn how to get the most from them.
  4. Whenever you are ready to make a reservation, call the place to confirm that what you see online is correct.  It is quite common for a website to have confusing information.  Judge the place by the quality of the phone call.  Was the person on the other end interested in your needs?
  5. Go on social medic and ask other people all the questions you have.  You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues for their opinions.
  6. Remember that research complements the desire to go with the flow.

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