Jackpot Capital Begins a Glossary of Online Casino Terms

A Glossary of Useful and Important Online Casino Terms

We would like to explain some of the more important aspects of online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital or any of the other good jackpot casinos.

Rather than list the entries in alphabetical order, we will list them in their order of importance.


In order to protect your money while it is on deposit at Jackpot Capital, we use what is called encryption software.  This software scrambles the information so that the ubiquitous internet hackers can’t read the information.

All companies that do business online use encryption software for the same purpose: they have tom protect their clients’ or customers’ vital information.

Just consider how much business is done these days on the internet from ordering flowers or chocolate to making deposits at the bank or casino or transferring funds form one account to the other.

To state this as succinctly as we can: without encryption software there would be exactly zero online commerce!

Since our very existence as an online casino is directly connected to encryption software, we deemed this to be the single most important glossary item!  Your money and personal details are perfectly safe at Jackpot Capital Casino.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is often referred to as the RNG.  It chooses numbers or playing cards at random.  The significance of the RNG for an online casino such as Jackpot Capital cannot be understated: every outcome at Jackpot Capital is determined by the RNG.

At land-based casinos, there are many games that are played live such as blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno and bingo, and many others.  Land-based casinos use an RNG for slots and video poker.

One aspect of land-based casinos is that the “live” games take up a lot of space.  So, online casinos can offer more table games and can offer a much wider variety of table games since there are no tables in cyberspace and no limit on space.


Jackpot Capital and all online casinos exist in cyberspace.  Land-based casinos exist in the world of bricks and mortar.  Online casinos have light years more space than land-based casinos do.

Cyberspace also allows gamers at Jackpot Capital to be able to play as many games as they wish at any gaming session.  They can move from game to game at the click of their mouse.  This is definitely not the aces at land-based casinos which thus “encourage” players to hoard a terminal!

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Welcome Package and Promotions

Every good online casino offers a nice Welcome Package that may include deposit bonuses and sometimes also includes free spins.  Jackpot Capital can run a promotion almost every day since gamers have an unlimited amount of time to complete the wagering requirement.

Wagering Requirement

This applies to all bonuses at online casinos.  It is a factor of the bonus and prevents a gamer from cashing out immediately upon receiving the bonus.  After a gamer has completed the wagering requirement, he or she is eligible to withdraw any winnings and principal that remain from the bonus.

A wagering requirement of about 30x the bonus is considered very fair.  There are some online casinos that have a 60x wagering requirement.

It is significant that land-based casinos cannot offer the same kinds of bonuses as online casinos can offer simply because the players at a land-based casino will probably not complete a wagering requirement in the short time they will be at the casino.

There is no such problem for online casino gamers; they have as much time as they need to work through the wagering requirement.

Gambler’s Fallacy

This actually belongs in the section on the Random Number Generator.  Since there is an RNG for all outcomes at all online casinos, there is no way to predict when any given outcome will occur.  The Gambler’s Fallacy says the opposite: that there are discernable times when an outcome is “due”.  The RNG has no knowledge of any previous outcomes so this spin or this hand is a completely unique event in and of itself.

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

Actually, to some extent, all casino games are games of chance.  The difference is that slots, roulette, bingo, keno, and others are pure games of chance while video poker, Caribbean Poker, and blackjack are games of skill to the extent that with correct strategy, the gamer has about a 99.5% chance of ending the session with a winning margin.

In other words, in the pure games of chance, the gamer has no influence on the outcome while in the games of skill, the gamer can “make his own luck”.

Game Variations

There are some games with variations.  The rules of the variations may differ greatly one from the other.  One reason Jackpot Capital offers free play is so that gamers can learn how to play a variation without risking real money.

For instance, in American Roulette there are a 0 and a 00 while in European Roulette there is only a single 0.  This makes the house advantage in American Roulette twice the house edge in European Roulette.

Betting the Maximum

There are two situations where we say that the gamer should bet the maximum: when they are playing a progressive jackpot slot and when they are playing video poker.

In order to qualify for the big progressive jackpot, the player has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  So, if betting the maximum is too high for your gaming budget, we advise you to either not play the progressive jackpot game or to budget just a small number of spins on that game.

In order to qualify for the big extra payout for a Royal Flush in video poker, you have to bet the maximum.

Deposit Bonus and No Deposit Bonus

All online casinos offer some kind of deposit bonus.  You deposit money and you get a bonus based on the size of your deposit.  All such bonuses are listed as “up to” a maximum amount.  The most important thing to remember is that you should never deposit more than the bonus would bring you to.

For example, if a bonus is 100% up to $1000, you should never deposit more than $1000 for that bonus.  Even if you are prepared to deposit $2000, you should wait to make that deposit the next time you take a similar bonus.

It is also important to keep in mind that the bonus is in addition to your deposit.  Thus, in the example we gave above, if you deposit $1000 and the bonus is for 100% up to $1000, you will have $2000 to play with!

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Gaming

We are proud to be one of the top online casinos!  Gamers at Jackpot Capital have the benefit of 300 games, excellent banking, stellar customer service, and much more.


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