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How to Enjoy Slots Best—Play Online

The corona virus era may be coming to a close.  Some land based casinos are reopening.  This means that the many gamers who came to Jackpot Capital online casino when online gaming was the only type of gaming available will be tempted to go back to gaming at land based casinos.

We totally understand the desire of gamers who have always played at land based casinos to go back to those casinos.  Our purpose in this article is simply to make the case for online casino gaming especially in slots but also in other games as well.

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Convenience is Far from the Whole Story

It is quite true that online gaming is a lot more convenient than travelling to a land based casino and incurring all of the extra expenses of such a trip.  Yet, many land based casino gamers just like going to land based casinos!  So convenience cannot tell the entire story of why gamers really should prefer online casino gaming.

Tourism will Come Back Big Time

Let’s accept the idea that many people like to travel and many of them like to travel to land based casinos.  Our position is that many gamers should look at travel as something that transcends land based casino gaming.  There are simply so many things we can do outside of the comforts of home that are exciting, adventurous, and that leave indelible memories.

Can anyone say that a trip to a land based casino leaves indelible memories?  But a trip to a famous national park or a trip to a wonderful state or local park will leave indelible memories.  There are so many different ways to have a great vacation!

Land based casinos are fundamentally similar even though one might have a volcano on the premises while another has a Roman theme and yet another features an amusement park.

If you want to see a volcano, you should visit a real volcano.  There are thousands of real volcanoes spewing hot ash, steam, and even lava all over the world!

Every locale in countries like the United States welcomes a travelling amusement park every spring or summer (unfortunately not this year).

So going to a land based casino to “experience” these and many other exciting moments is probably not the best way to enjoy the remarkable or just fun side of travel and summer activity.          

Travelling while Tipsy

Anyone who has travelled to a popular tourist location can attest to the fact that the people who come to these places are quite sober and are not under the influence at all.  They may drink some after hours but not when they are reveling in the beauty of Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon and thousands of points in between!

At any land based casino, players are likely to encounter someone who has had a few too many.  If you are a woman at a land based casino, you know that many people revel at the beauty you project even when you are not trying to project anything that might attract a stranger.

For women especially and also for men this alone is a good reason to eschew the land based casino experience and play the more than 300 games we offer here at Jackpot Capital casino!

Play and Stretch

Everyone knows that people who work at a terminal need to stand and stretch at least every half an hour.  But at land based casinos, players stay seated at their terminal for an interminable length of time!  This is simply not healthy! 

When you play at a land based casino, you can stand and stretch, do a plank in your living room—something the floor managers at a land based casino would surely frown down upon—and come back to the game you were playing.

Or you could come back to a different game!  The convenience of online casino gaming is actually a fundamental difference in flexibility where land based casinos, by their nature, are inflexible for gaming while online casinos are immeasurably flexible for gaming.

The real bottom line on flexibility and convenience is that at an online casino, gamers can play for short stretches of time and come back the next day or in a few days or whenever they want to.  This is entirely impossible at land based casinos and, in fact, when a person travels to a land based casino, they generally stay on the casino floor for a very long period of time.

In other words, for gamers at land based casinos, tomorrow never comes!

But for gamers at an online casino, tomorrow always comes!

Flexible Gaming Means Better Finances

At land based casinos, many players simply buy more chips when they need them because they want to continue playing.  At an online casino, there is so much flexibility that no gamer needs to “buy more chips” at any time! 

Online Slots Expand Gamers’ Imagination

Let’s look directly at the advantage of playing online slots over playing land based casino slots.  At both venues, there is a large selection of slots.  But at a land based casino, the average gamer will play one or two of the many slots available in even a three day stop at the casino.

Online slots cover so much ground!  There is romance, adventure, travelling back in history or into the future, tongue-in-cheek slots and serious, dark slots.  Gamers who love to let their thoughts range far afield have the utmost in game range and flexibility.

In fact, gamers at land based casinos often feel a certain degree of pressure to get as much gaming “done” in the relatively short period of time they will be at the casino.  Players at Jackpot Capital have “all the time in the world” to play.  So they play for a few minutes one day and a few minutes the next day and in between they get on with their active lives!

And online gamers get to take real vacations!

Online Slots Make the Comp Points Grow Fast!

At an online casino that has a VIP or comps points program such as the one at Jackpot Capital, your comps points account is triggered automatically when you start playing.  At a land based casino, you might have to remember to bring your player card with you.

What if you leave your player card on the dining room table in your hurry to get to the airport?

What if you remember to bring your player card to a land base casino but you forget to use it?  What if you play until you are so tired that you forget to take the card with you when you slumber off to sleep?

Furthermore, the comp points formula is highest in slots!  That’s another reason to play slots online!

Jackpot Capital Runs a Promotion Every Day!

Our gamers enjoy a multitude of gaming choices, among them our many promotions.  We invite you to join Jackpot Capital if you are not yet a gamer here and we invite you to continue to do the vast majority of you casino gaming online even after land based casinos open.

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