How Can Video Poker be a Great Complement to Slots?

All We are Saying is Give Video Poker a Chance

Slots continue to be the go-to game for most gamers here at Jackpot Capital Casino Online.  While we offer about 200 slots, we also offer many games other than slots.  All of our gamers know about the many other games we offer and still play slots more regularly than any other game.

What is the Great Attraction of Slots?

There are a few elements that make slots so attractive.  One is that there is no real strategy involved in slots.  Therefore, a player who just wants to relax, chill out, calm down, or simply take it easy after another long day at work, finds slots to be an excellent game for these purposes.

Secondly, modern video slots have themes and storylines.  So, a gamer can play a slot based on any of several ancient cultures for which we have at least one slot, or a futuristic slot, or a slot based on fantastical creatures such as imps and fairies.

Color plays a huge role in making slots attractive as do the many ways SpinLogic, our game provider, has created to make the wild symbols even more fun.

So, Why Should Gamers Give Video Poker a Chance?

The main reason is that people like a challenge and as much as slots are fun to play but not challenging, video poker is both fun to play and very challenging!  We are going to devote the rest of this article to showing you how much fun you can have playing video poker!

If You Like Poker, You Will Like Video Poker

Some players love video poker because it isn’t regular poker!  That’s because regular poker involves bluffing!  There is a bluff on almost every hand of regular poker and there are no bluffs in video poker!  It’s really as simple as that.  For all of the nuances attached to the modern game of poker, bluffing remains the greatest challenge for amateur poker players.

We love to play with our friends on a rainy or snowy weekend evening.  When we play with our friends, we don’t expect the kinds of bluffs we get in regular poker with people we don’t know.

Video poker gives poker lovers the chance to play a game they love and to have a lot of fun doing so!  After all, when it comes to online casino gaming, fun is the first and last of the reasons most gamers play!

Part of the Fun is Winning

Now, we cannot guarantee that you will win.  There is a house edge in video poker as there is in every game.  However, the house edge in most video poker variations—and there are many variations—is only about 0.5%.  That means that if you pay for an hour and wager five hundred dollars in that hour, you will probably end the session about $2.50 in the hole!

With just a small modicum of luck, you will be a few dollars ahead!

In short, video poker is the perfect game for players who want to have a lot of fun with very little risk.

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There are Also Video Poker Variations with a Return to Player Rate of over 100%

Here is a list of these games.  Keep in mind that the player’s edge in these games is very small!

  1. Deuces Wild
  2. Jokers Wild (Kings or Better)
  3. Aces and Eights
  4. Double Bonus
  5. Double Double Bonus
  6. Double Bonus Plus
  7. Super Bonus Deuces Wild
  8. Loose Deuces Wild

We’re Ready to Try out Video Poker. Can you Give us a Few Tips?

Yes, of course!

The first tip involves the pay table.  In video poker, the dealer’s role is just to deal.  And, naturally, the dealer is digital!  When you play video poker, you play against the pay table.  Since you are the only real person involved, in essence, in video poker you are playing against yourself!

This gets some players confused and causes some serious mistakes.  The first confusion is which paytable to use.  Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital usually offer a 9-6 pay table while many land-based casinos, because of much higher overhead, offer only 8-5.

A 9-6 paytable pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.  An 8-5 paytable pays 8 coins for a full house and only 5 coins for a flush.

Now, at 8-5, the house edge jumps to about 2%

It is very important to play video poker at the best pay table!

Video Poker Players Have to Use the Best Strategy

This sounds obvious but it isn’t.  The reason is that the best strategy in video poker is often counter-intuitive.  For example, there are often hands with a winning pair and the chance to get a much higher paying hand.  In these cases, the best strategy is usually to break up the winning pair and to go for the better hand!

The most common reason why this is the better strategy is because in most of these hands, it is still possible to get a winning pair on the draw!  And since that is the case, it is better to go for the higher-paying hand.

One of the most important benefits of playing video poker is that it gives players a chance to master the art of not succumbing to temptation!  Every counter-intuitive strategy play works to this goal if the player chooses the better strategy over the more obvious strategy.

There are Other Ways that Playing Video Poker Can Help People at Work

In addition to helping players steer clear of temptation, video poker can help people learn to accept difficult challenges.  Video poker gives players the challenge of learning the best strategy for every hand.  We face many situations in a business climate that may require different decisions for different conditions.

Video poker trains us to pay attention on every hand.  In business, we might have to sit through a long and boring meeting or presentation but we have to pay full attention to the speaker at all times!

Video poker gives players the chance to learn the art of being patient, to not jump to a conclusion, and to make decisions smoothly.  These are key elements in most business decisions and learning these skills at play will certainly help you at work.

Video Poker Can Also be Relaxing

This is a different kind of relaxation, to be sure.  By training ourselves to be better in business situations simply by playing a casino game with a return to player rate very close to 100% and sometimes a little better than 100%, we can cultivate a kind of relaxation that is more in line with our business responsibilities.

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