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How to Best Use Your Gaming Time

One of the most important things that gamers need to pay attention to is the idea of pacing themselves in their gaming.  We know that pacing ourselves is important when we sit down to a big meal, when we go out with friends for drinks, when we begin an exercise program, and even when we go grocery shopping.

Online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital casino is perfect for pacing ourselves gaming.  Playing at the Jackpot Capital mobile jackpot casino lends itself perfectly to pacing ourselves.  When we play on the mobile platform at Jackpot Capital online casino we may be playing for a few minutes while we wait, when we are taking a break from work, when we curl up on our sofa to play, or when we play in bed before dreamland comes.

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The Challenge to Pace Ourselves at a Land Based Casino

It is generally much harder to pace ourselves when we go to a land based casino.  That’s because we go for just a long weekend or even just for one day if we drive to a casino close to home.  Either way, when we travel a long distance—whether we take a room at the hotel or not—we feel as though we have to spend as much time as we can on the casino floor in order to get our money’s worth.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons not to spend a lot of time on the casino floor and how we can stretch the time we have allotted for a land based casino trip to include other activities - in addition to some online casino action at Jackpot Capital.

Drive to the Casino

When we play at Jackpot Capital, we simply sit down and play.  When we go to a land based casino, we have to travel.  Most people fly to their casino of choice but we recommend driving.  These days, especially in the United States, most people live within a few hours’ drive from a land based casino and many live much closer.

So, go to the “local” land based casino!  In the United States there are so many casinos that we need to choose one to demonstrate the idea we would like to present to land based casino gamers.

A Short Word about Land Based Casinos in the Age of Corona

Land based casinos were closed down temporarily because of the virus.  They are now fully in the process of re-opening.  During the shutdowns, many gamers discovered online gaming at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos.

Most will remain loyal online casino gamers because they found a very flexible gaming environment here at Jackpot Capital.

Still, the allure and lure of land based casinos remains and many gamers will go back to land based casinos for some of their casino activities.  The purpose of this article is to help gamers pace themselves when they venture out to a land based casino.

A Casino on the Mississippi

We looked for a land based casino close to metropolitan areas.  We found one on the shores of the Mississippi River just across the river from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  We are not reviewing that casino.  We are using it as our base to demonstrate the value of driving to a casino and making a full vacation out of a casino trip.

The casino is about 200 miles from Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago.  Driving time without stops is between 3.5 to 4.5 hours.  However, we recommend stopping along the way and taking short day trips from the casino itself.

Stopping along the way creates a real vacation atmosphere to your trip.  Taking day trips adds to the real vacation mood and keeps you off the casino floor.  In other words, all of this is a great way to pace yourself for your casino gaming!

Traveling from Minneapolis

We recommend following the Mississippi River on either the Minnesota side or the Wisconsin side.  There are places along the way where you can cross the river.  Everyone has their own likes when on a road trip. 

This route has many hiking trails, wineries that produce award winning wines, micro-breweries, family-owned bakeries, minor league baseball teams, and museums of local history. 

The Wisconsin side of the river features the Great River Road.  The bluffs that overlook the river basin come very close to the river’s edge in many places making the small towns that dot the road very long and narrow.

On both sides of the river, the towns cater to summer travelers.  If you decide to stop for lunch, you can choose from restaurants that the locals go to or restaurants that appeal more to travelers.

Traveling from Milwaukee

This route will take you through many small Wisconsin towns.  We heartily recommend the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge which is a stopping off point for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds.  Horicon is a little out of the way if you are so determined to get to the casino but it is well worth the extra hour of driving and the couple of hours of bird watching.

Whether you head due west or take the detour to Horicon, you will drive through Madison, the capitol of the state of Wisconsin.  Madison is a college town in the fullest sense of the word with endless activities that appeal to college kids.

The agriculture and dairy college produces its own yogurt and ice cream which you can buy in the student center.  People from Wisconsin say that both the yogurt and the ice cream are the best in the world and many visitors have said that that might be correct!

West of Madison you can meet the Wisconsin River as it flows west toward the Mississippi River.  There are many state parks and nature areas along the river for hiking, scenic overlooks, colorful river towns, and more vacation activity.

Traveling from Chicago

You can go northwest from Chicago and reach Madison before turning west.  You can go due west to Clinton, Iowa and hook up with the Great River Road.  We highly recommend traveling to the small town of Galena in the far northwestern corner of the state.

Right there in town is a former home of Ulysses S. Grant who was the general that won the United States Civil War and became the 18th President.  You can get a tour of the house here with period furniture and amenities.  For many, the highlight of the tour is when you are in the basement and go around a corner and see a thin mattress with a sheet on the floor hidden from view of almost anyone visiting the house.

This mattress is where runaway slaves slept in the daytime since it was “safe” to travel only at night.

On the grounds of the Ulysses Grant house is a small one room log cabin that a woman had moved from where it had been built deep in the forest after she inherited it.  There is a short tour of the one room house available as well but the hours are different than the hours for the house tours.

Prairie du Chien

This is a small river town about one hour south of La Crosse Wisconsin which is far from a metropolis in its own right.  Because of the river, many travelers spend some time in Prairie du Chien and environs.  There is plenty here to keep you off the casino floor!

We are not recommending spending no time on the casino floor.  We are recommending deciding exactly how long you will spend in the casino itself and organize tour casino trip accordingly.  In this way, you can get all of the casino atmosphere you crave plus great memories from your travels to and from the casino.

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