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Let Jackpot Capital Help You Win More

As soon as you enter your jackpot casino login, at Jackpot Capital, you are instantly whisked to the casino “floor” such as it is in cyberspace.  We offer you about 300 games. You have to choose which game or games to play in this session.  Here are a few of the many considerations you need to think about as you make your decision:

  1. You can play as few as one game this session or many more.  That’s because gaming at an online casino is so much more flexible than playing at a land-based casino.
  2. Hopefully, you have set time and money budgets so your gaming choice should reflect both of these factors.
  3. You are looking to enjoy the gaming session without unrealistic expectations.
  4. You might indulge yourself and permit yourself to enjoy some unrealistic hopes.
  5. Whichever game category you choose to play from, there will be several games within that category.

We could make this list quite a bit longer but you get the idea.  One aspect of your decision-making process is that we didn’t tell you to consider how we can help you win more at whichever game you choose to play!

Why Does Jackpot Capital Try to Help Gamers Win More?

The short and sweet answer is that the return to player rate for our games overall is about 97%.  That means that we keep about 3% of all money bet to pay our bills and have some left over for realized profit.  Realized profit is the money we use every month to bring out a new slot or every so often to update the graphics and animation in some of the classic games we offer.

Realized profit might be used to add writers to our blog and articles sections.  We might add a graphics team to improve the visual side you see when you access jackpot capital.

In short, as low as our true profit margin is, there is still plenty of profit to go around!  We also feel that it is as much in our best interest to help gamers win as much as it is the gamers’ best interest!  Happy gamers are loyal gamers.  Happy gamers tell their friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family about how the online casino they play at actually “saved them money”!

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Online Casino Gamers Can Stop When They are Tired

Online casinos are available for gamers’ pleasure on a 24/7 basis.  You don’t have to travel, make arrangements, pack a bag, get to the airport hours ahead of schedule for security checks and so on!

All you have to do is decide whether you want to play on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device!  Every day, more and more gamers choose to play on the sofa or in bed on their mobile device!  Soon enough, the desktop computer will become the dodo bird of online casino gaming platforms.

There is also a trend to mobile gaming at land-based casinos!  We trust you see the irony and rank absurdity of travelling to a land-based casino and ending up in your hotel room on your mobile device hooked up to the casino’s in house mobile gaming platform!

So, stop playing when you’re tired.  Take a nap or go to sleep for the night.  Stop playing when you are hungry.  You can nibble while you play but if it’s time for a meal it’s best to prepare the meal and eat it at the table.  You might go out with friends to a good re4stauramt.  You might invite friends to your place for a home-cooked meal!

Mealtime should not be gaming time.  Gaming time is always just around the proverbial corner.

Use Strategy to Win

Jackpot Capital has several games of skill that require good decisions on every hand.  Video poker, blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean Poker are just a few.  Each game of skill requires some study in order to learn the best way to play every hand.

There is more to strategy than making the correct playing decision.  We also have to make the best betting decision.  If we have a budget of $100 for a session, it stands to reason that we would like to stretch the $100 as far as we can.

In blackjack and video poker, out of every $100 bet, you should get back about $99.50!  This is based on playing strategically not by hunch!  You will win more by learning the best strategy for every game of skill you play!

If you are playing with a limited budget, you might avoid progressive jackpot games or limit them to just a few spins!  That’s because you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big jackpot and your budget might require you to play these games in extreme moderation.

Avoid Betting Systems

Some gamers still insist on using a betting system to win in the long run.  No betting system works in the long run.  The Martingale System can only win in the short run.  If you lose one bet, you double the next bet and, then if you win that bet you profit by your original bet.

But if you have even a short losing streak, you will have to bet a very large sum in order to profit the same original bet!  Thus, this and all betting systems are poor choices as they are not strategic avenues for winning but false statistical systems that ultimately cause gamers to abandon them at a loss.

Avoid Unrealistic Expectations and Embrace Unrealistic Hopes

It is foolhardy to expect to win a progressive jackpot.  Expecting such a rare outcome might compel a gamer to throw good money afire bad.  It might compel longer sessions and larger bets than the gamer can afford.

Having unrealistic hopes is fun!  It assumes that we are being realistic regarding the unrealistic nature of our hopes!  Hoping to win is a lot different than expecting to win!

We balance unrealistic expectations and unrealistic hopes all the time.  If you want to sell a car that is worth $5000, you might list it for $10,000 with the unrealistic hope that someone will actually give you $10,000!  But if someone offers you $5000—what the car is really worth—and you decline the offer because you expect someone to give you $10,000, you are actually losing money!

Jackpot Capital Helps Gamers in Many Ways

We offer bonuses and free spins; we offer unlimited free play; we allow very low bets so gamers never feel that they must bet more than they are comfortable betting; we offer comp points that you can convert into casino credits; and we offer a wide range of games that taken together are designed to offer great entertainment value.


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