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How to Choose a Casino Buffet

Here at Jackpot Capital online casino, we offer great online gaming.  You can play for a minute, an hour, or more anytime you choose to.  You can play every day or once a week.  You can even play less often than that or more often than that.  In short, as we have said so many times, online casino gaming is so much more convenient than gaming at any land based casino!

All Aboard!

First, there is no travel between your kitchen and your living room or home office!   All aboard to that extra-comfortable sofa where you will be gaming this evening.

There are no extra costs involved in getting to the casino!  There is no pressure to play until the cows come home as a way of “getting your money’s worth”.   When you pack for that long weekend at the land based casino of choice, you have to remember to take your player’s card from the last time you were at that casino if you can still remember where you put it!

You might have moved since then as so many people did during the virus crisis.  So, in which unopened box is that elusive player’s card.  Oh, well, we can always start over!  But we never have to “start over” at Jackpot Capital casino since the casino always automatically updates your digital player’s card as soon as you start gaming!

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And, Yet…

But now that some local land based casinos have been allowed to reopen, many gamers who like gaming on land will want to “get back”.

What if You are Gaming at the Seymour Casino and You Get Hungry

Then you will channel your inner Audrey II and tell the casino to “Feed me Seymour, feed me now”!

But while Audrey II would probably eat “anything” you as a discerning buffet patron have sophisticated requirements from the buffet establishment.  You want freshness, of course.  You want the best quality meats, naturally.  If you’re English, you will want the finest in English cuisine: fish and chips, marvelous.

Avoid the Chicken Cordon Blues

The great Steve Goodman wrote the perfect song for someone who was placed on a diet of mung beans and rice just as the kitchen at the buffet was bringing out another juicy roast beef!

What to Look for in a Casino Buffet

Does the buffet allow guest to come in straight from the pool?  We assume the restaurant insists on some kind of foot covering and at least a robe but who wants some arm dripping chlorine treated pool water all over that appetizing three bean salad on its way to the peas and carrots soufflé?

This is a double yuck if you ask us.  First, the chlorine pool water dripping on what had been a good looking salad and then the peas and carrots soufflé!  Double yuck!

How often does the restaurant switch mayonnaise based salads and salad dressings?  Let’s face it; there are a lot of salads and even more salad dressings that are based on mayonnaise.  Well, mayonnaise has a short lifespan once it is out of its cage, er, container.

Do the cut tomatoes look fresh?  Once you cut a tomato, it begins to reach its adulthood of palatability quite quickly.  If the serving dish of tomatoes is too full, you are probably not going to get a really fresh tomato.  And if you do get a really fresh tomato from the top of the pile, imagine what’s going on at the bottom of the pile!

Do they have vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, high carb, low carb, low salt, salt free, high fat, low fat, and run of the mill normal options?  If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you need to know if the yummy looking pea soup has a meat base. Many buffets have a cheese soup that has a meat base!  Not a vegan option but a veggie option if only for that lugubrious meat base.

What Can a Person Do?

There is a world of information online about all kinds of travel issues from hotels to restaurants and all points in between.  We aren’t pushing any one site nor any single buffet at any location with a land based casino.  We suggest that you do some research of your own.

Information changes quite quickly in the travel industry so what might be accurate today might have changed by the time you are ready for that excellent land based casino excursion you have been looking forward to for some months.

If you find a casino that has gotten excellent reviews from patrons for its hotel, its buffet, and its casino, you probably should go there instead of to the land based casino that you used to go to before the virus visited your neck of the woods and before you discovered the many benefits of online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital casino.

Be Careful

Many people who share their preferences on travel sites are just average people with little culinary sophistication.  A good buffet has to have fresh food at every station but it also has to have a variety of foods from different cuisines.  When Phoebe “got the hummus” it wasn’t a good thing but when you get the hummus at a buffet, it should be a very good thing.

God Bless the Chickpea

The chickpea and hummus might be the well deserved butts of many jokes (pun not intended) but it is truly a very versatile legume.  You can mash it into hummus, steam it and season it lightly with olive oil and black pepper for an excellent snack, or add cilantro and olive oil to chickpeas for a delightful Middle Eastern salad.

We are all familiar with Chinese cooking but China is a vast country and there are several Chinese cuisines.  A casino buffet that gets a lot of traffic might make itself proud to serve a dish from a less well known cuisine.

Freshness and Flavor

In short, just because the casino is giving away free meals at the buffet doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to eat there.  There are a lot of buffets in cities like Las Vegas and they are not expensive.  If you came to the casino with say $500 to play with, you might do well to cut that sum to $450 and eat at a different buffet for every lunch and supper during your stay in Vegas.

Other cities will have fewer buffets to choose from.  So, find a restaurant that gets a lot of excellent reviews and eat there.  It will enhance your gaming and satisfy your hunger tooth as well!

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