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How to Get Past those Blackjack Obstacles

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What Else Can I Do at Jackpot Capital?

We are so glad you asked that question!  Of course, there are a lot of other games on offer here at Jackpot Capital!  We say as often as we can that one of the biggest plusses of gaming at an online casino is that you have the freedom of movement from game to game that is virtually impossible to find at a land based casino.

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Believe it or not, blackjack is one such game!

Why, then, do many gamers think that blackjack is not the game for them?  In this article, we will explain some of the obstacles to winning that blackjack players face and how to overcome these obstacles.  Once you learn how to overcome all of those obstacles, the blackjack you get to play here at Jackpot Capital is exciting and the return to player rate is as close to 100% as any casino game can get!

Is 6-5 Blackjack Really Worse than 3-2 Blackjack?

Yes it is and in a big way!  A lot of land based casinos are slipping in 6-5 blackjack replacing 3-2 blackjack.  This single change makes the house edge much better and it has no compensating strategy that might overcome it.  6-5 blackjack simply means that you win 6 dollars for every 5 you bet if you get blackjack.  The original payout for blackjack was always 3-2.

Let’s do some simple math to see how much better 6-5 blackjack is for the house.  Let’s say that you are betting $10 per hand.  You get blackjack five times.  With 6-5 blackjack, you win $12 for every blackjack on a $10 bet.  With 3-2 blackjack those same five blackjacks give you $15 per blackjack. 

In short, the house takes a 20% extra advantage when it changes 3-2 blackjack to 6-5 blackjack.

So, 6-5 for a blackjack is our first obstacle to winning at blackjack and the very simple way to overcome this obstacle is simply to avoid 6-5 blackjack!

Land based casinos run a lot of 6-5 blackjack games.  Jackpot Capital does not.

But Isn’t Blackjack Strategy Hard to Learn?

Well, let’s say that blackjack strategy is not easy to learn but it is also not all that hard to learn.  There are a few ways of looking at good blackjack strategy that make it easier to learn.

First, you have to see strategy as a function of both your point count and the dealer’s up card.  There are many situations where it is the correct move to take another card even if you have 12 or 13 points.

Sometimes the best strategy is hard to accept.  We call this counter-intuitive strategy.  Let’s say that you have 9 points and the dealer is showing a five or a six.  In this case you would double down.  You might double your win if the dealer busts.  This situation is quite easy to grasp.

You might even try this trick when the dealer is showing a five or six and you have a very low point count.  You might have only five or six points yourself!  But the chances that the dealer will bust after you take just one more card are high and doubling down will often give you twice the win!

So, blackjack strategy is very accessible to any gamer who approaches it with an open mind and even a bit of a whimsical attitude.  After all, doubling down with five points is not your “average” play!

Don’t the Other Players Try to Tell You what to Do?

Yes, they do!  But this happens only at land based casinos!  So, this obstacle to winning doesn’t apply when you are playing at Jackpot Capital and it is another reason why online gaming is better in some ways than gaming at a land based casino.

Isn’t the Fact that the Dealer Plays Last a Big Advantage to the House?

This is one of the reasons some gamers avoid blackjack!  It is a big advantage for the house that the dealer goes last!  So, standard blackjack has several strategy plays that gamers can use that go a very long way to offset and overcome the dealer’s advantage in going last.

  1. Players can double down.  The dealer cannot double down!  This doubles your win in many situations and it does a lot to even the playing field between the player and the house.  It is always good to play in a game where the player can double down with all point counts.
  2. The player can split pairs.  Here, you split a pair and play two hands.  It also doubles your wins in some situations.  It is always best to play in a game that allows you to split again if you match the cards again.
  3. Players can take insurance.  Most statisticians believe that this is not a good choice by the player but many players still like to take insurance when the dealer is showing an ace.  We don’t encourage taking insurance.  However…
  4. Players can surrender.  This is an excellent play and we encourage playing blackjack in games that allow players to surrender.
  5. The dealer has to hit with 16 point or less.  In this way, many players stand with low point counts and win because the dealer busts on a hand she has to hit on.
  6. The dealer has to stand on 17 or more points.  Even though the dealer knows that you have 18 points to her 17, she has to stand and let you win the hand.

As you can see, the many ways that blackjack evens the playing field between the player and the dealer make the return to player rate so close to 100% that a player can expect to end up either slightly ahead or just slightly behind at the end of a session of blackjack.

Jackpot Capital welcomes all new players.  We are still getting a lot of traffic from erstwhile land based casino gamers because they are still wary of going to a land based casino.

We have so much to offer new and veteran gamers here at Jackpot Capital.  So join NOW if you aren’t a member yet and play all of our 300 or so games!

You’ll have a great time!

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