Casino Gamers are Flocking to Online Gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino

Gamers love to play online casino games for real money.  Like all good real money online casinos USA, Jackpot Capital also allows gamers to play in our free play mode.  Most gamers use free play to try out a new game before playing it for real money.

Thus, the subject is both why gamers like to play for real money and also how Jackpot Capital provides a great gaming experience as a real money casino USA.

Betting on Outcomes is Embedded in Human Nature

We are aware that mayors will bet each other on the outcome of the Super Bowl or World Series.  In the great stage play that a filmed version of which is available online, Bleacher Bums, many of the fans who sat in the bleachers at Wrigley Field in Chicago when the Cubs played exclusively in the daytime and ticket prices were under a dollar, would bet on every pitch, play, inning, at bat and so on!

As part of human nature, betting on future outcomes is healthy, entertaining, and fun.  We all need to be entertained and we all need to have fun.  That is what makes responsible betting on future outcomes healthy!

What Does Jackpot Capital Do to Make Online Casino Gaming Great?

This will be a multi-part answer!

We should start with BANKING since Jackpot Capital and all top online casinos act as a bank where gamers keep their money on account.

How Does Jackpot Capital Protect Gamers’ Assets?

As a bank of sorts, Jackpot Capital has to have secure deposit and withdrawal methods.  Security is accomplished by way of encryption software that scrambles the stored information so that no outsider can access the information without a separate code breaker which could be your pin or the casino’s own code.

We offer gamers many ways to deposit and withdraw.  At one time in online casinos gamers could make a bank transfer, use a money order, use a credit card or a debit card, and nothing more!

Then Ewallets came around and gamers latched onto them because they offered more privacy.

The newest banking method is with bitcoin.  Although most average people still have a hard time understanding how bitcoin works, they are for the most part satisfied that indeed bitcoin works as a purchasing option and as a deposit and withdrawal method for Jackpot Capital and many other online casinos.

Games are the Great Merry-go-Round at Jackpot Capital

Online casinos and land-based casino may offer similar numbers of games but only at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital can a gamer enjoy a Merry-go-Round of casino games!

You can access all of our more than 300 games from the comfort of your desktop computer or your sofa if you play on our excellent mobile casino platform.

Jackpot Capital Has a Wide Range of Great Games

Slots tops every list of casino games.  We have a couple of hundred slots on offer.  Playing slots at Jackpot Capital is nothing like playing slots at a land-based casino.

First of all, land-based casinos have to take out slots terminals in order to make room for new ones.  In addition, if a land-based casino brings in 10 new slots terminals, it means that 10 players can play that game at the same time.  In contrast, an infinite number of gamers can play any single slot at the same time at Jackpot Capital.

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We Bring in at Least One New Slot Every Month!

Our exclusive game provider is SpinLogic.  They have creative teams working on several new slots all the time and bring out at least one every month.  When a new slot comes on board here at Jackpot Capital, thousands of gamers are drawn to it at the same time!

No land-based casino can come close to providing such new game fun to casino players.

Jackpot Capital Has Many Variations of Blackjack and Video Poker

This is another area where online casinos have it all over land-based ones.

Let’s start with video poker.  At a land-based casino, players play video poker at terminals.  However, the return to player rate in video poker is a lot higher than it is in land-based slots so these casinos have many fewer video poker terminals than they have slots terminals.

At online casinos, there are no terminals per se and thousands (possibly millions) of gamers can play video poker at the same time!

Since a near infinite number of gamers can access video poker online at the same time, we can offer many more variations of the game than any land-based casino can.

How Much Floor Space Does a Blackjack Table Take?

We suspect this question is asked all the time at land-based casinos.  The return to player rate in blackjack is the same as in video poker so land-based casinos have the incentive to keep the number of blackjack tables to a minimum in order to keep the number of slots terminals to a maximum!

By way of contrast, we offer many variations of blackjack and from time to time we publish articles on how to reach the 99.5% return to player rate in blackjack!

Jackpot Capital Runs Promotions Every Day

Casinos all try to run promotions.  However, land-based casinos cannot easily run a promotion that involves a deposit bonus since they all have a wagering requirement attached to the bonus and few players at a land-based casino can complete a wagering requirement in a long weekend at a casino!

Where Do Land-based Casinos Store Data about Wagering Requirement?

Land-based casinos “store” players’ gaming and account data on their player’s card.  So, any information that is actually about money or potential money such as in comp points, is kept on the player’s card.

We suspect that a lot of “money” in incomplete wagering requirement data or in comp points is stored for as many as years on player’s cards!

This never happens at Jackpot Capital since players can complete a wagering requirement at their own pace.

Jackpot Capital Values Reliability Even above Games!

Reliability is a key component of Jackpot Capital online casino gaming since that is the value that brings new gamers and turns them into loyal gamers.  We keep all of your personal information secret.  We have a powerful set of computers that track many, many thousands of accounts in real time covering game by game results, comp points, progress in completing a wagering requirement and a lot more.

We help gamers learn the best strategy for games of skill.  We also feel that NOT using betting systems is a form of strategy for both games of skill and games of chance.

Betting systems simply do not work as a short losing streak compels a gamer to make a very large bet in order to win a very small sum.  Anyone who understands the concept of pot odds in poker will quickly see that using a betting system is a very incorrect way to play online casino games.

We Publish about Two Articles Every Week

Our articles range from informing gamers about new games to giving excellent advice on how to get the most fun in additions to wins.

Gamers should see online gaming here at Jackpot Capital as a form of entertainment.  We provide a vast range of entertaining games.  We encourage gamers to play often in short sessions so that they can also have many other interests for their after-work hours.


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