Jackpot Capital Sees VR as a Major Element of Online Casinos of the Future

What will Casinos be Like in Twenty Years?

If we look back twenty years, we can see that the single biggest development in casino gaming was the tremendous growth and development in mobile jackpot casino gaming specifically.

Mobile gaming twenty years ago was a far cry from what it is today!  The games of twenty years ago, such as they were, were simply reformatted games that had been developed for desktop computers.  Reformatting made the mobile games look and feel artificial.

Competition Has Changed in the Last Twenty Years

Gaming twenty years ago was a competition between land-based casinos and online casinos with the land-based casinos still in the forefront.  Today, online casinos are strong and popular.  Gamers have come to understand the many advantages of online casino gaming over land-based casino gaming.

And now the vast majority of online gaming is done on mobile gaming platforms!  This is revolutionary to say the least!  It is so pervasive in casino gaming that some land-based casinos now offer a house mobile gaming platform so gamers can continue to play even when they have finally returned to their hotel room after many hours on the casino floor.

How will Online Casinos Change in the Next Twenty Years?

The biggest change will likely come in the area of virtual reality or VR.  As VR develops it will have the ability to simulate any location, activity, or time.  Gamers who like to play slots based on ancient cultures will be able to go to those cultures with VR.

The technology for VR is actually here but as with technological innovation generally it will still take some time fort the VR tech to be good enough to bring to the online casino marketplace.

Will VR Affect Land-based Casinos?

When VR is good enough for the gaming market it will be introduced at both online and land-based casinos.  Land-based casinos are well aware that their “traditional” model no longer is enough to attract the number of players they need to be profitable.

VR will become pervasive at online casinos and that will add to the pressure on land-based casinos.

In the next twenty years, we will see many land-based casinos fall by the wayside since online gaming will have evolved to the point that most gamers won’t feel the need to travel to a casino.  The first group of casinos to feel the crunch will be those on Native American lands.  These are standalone casinos that rely almost exclusively on local clientele.  As these people develop into exclusively online casino gamers, standalone casinos will fall.

The Integrated Resort Will Become Prominent

Many people don’t want a land-based casino in their area.  This is true even of large cities even though most large cities now have a casino.   As a casino qua casino will lose a lot of its luster, the concept of the Integrated Resort will take hold.

The Integrated Resort idea started in the Far East as local governments wanted to allow land-based casinos to open but only if the casino could be secondary to many other things people could experience at the casino complex.

An Integrated Resort will have a conference center, a shopping mall, a large number of eclectic restaurants, a movie complex, a water park for families, and a lot more.  The idea is to make the casino secondary even though almost everyone who comes to the IR will spend some time in the casino.

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Affluence will Key a Resurgence of Hobbies

This sounds a bit ironic.  As people have more money to spend and more time to spend it, they will be attracted to more expensive and more time-consuming hobbies.  The phenomenon of adult coloring books is in line with this trend.

People who like to play casino games will play for an hour or so a few times a week and then will get on with many other activities.  The online casinos that recognize this trend early on will change their marketing scheme to attract gamers who like to play casino games but are not committed to it as a hobby

Jackpot Capital has been aware of this trend for some time.  We talk often about gamers setting time limits on gaming so that they have time for other activities.  The easy availability of online casinos makes online gaming a lot more convenient than land-based casinos gaming could be.

Live Dealer Games Will Become Prominent

Within twenty years, we expect all good online casinos to have some live dealer games.  Table games are perfect for this and we expect that to become a powerful trend that will make live dealer games a necessity for better online casinos.

Game Developers Will Invent New Games

New games are introduced every year!  We expect to see online casino games that are exactly the same as many games already on the market.  We also expect game providers to invent new games.   There are always people working on inventing new games because there is a lot of money to be made as the inventor of a hot new game.

A lot of people will be trying to invent games for online casinos since the money to be had from the online gaming market far surpasses the money that can be had marketing games one by one through stores.

Virtual Reality and Live Dealers Come to the Theater inside Your Smartphone

A ticket to a Las Vega show may cost a few hundred dollars.  A similar show at your online casino may cost less by far.  Without the innovations of VR and the burgeoning technology of live dealer games, we probably wouldn’t be talking about live concerts and shows being offered by an online casino.

But the technology will be in place.  The only thing we will need is a serious study as to how to effect live shows through an online casino and viability studies to determine if such a move will be profitable.

Slots of the Future

In the last twenty years we have seen the wild symbol take on many different actions.  The wild symbol is one of the keys that explain the popularity of slots.  A game provider that develops new ways for the wild symbol to work will have a huge advantage over its competitors.

One of the keys to the way wild symbols work is animation.  The animation in slots will more resemble short social media clips than it does today.

The characters in slots will become more realistic.  We will also see slots developed around imaginary “historical” places and events.  In short, the narrative that is the hallmark of modern slots will continue to evolve.

The online casinos will reflect the new virtual reality.  All top online casinos such as Jackpot Capital will have to modernize their look, the promotions they offer gamers, and the game play of their games.

Jackpot Capital is ready to take on the gaming challenges of a fast changing world!   Our gamers will enjoy the riches of online casino gaming going forward.


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