Online Gaming Avoids Many Pitfalls of Land-based Casino Gaming

Why Do We Advise Gamers to Play Online?

This is a frequently recurring theme in our articles here at Jackpot Capital.  We speak about the Jackpot Capital login and all of the benefits you get when you join our established online casino!  So, it might seem that we have exhausted the reasons for gaming at our online casino.

But, NO!

First we will very quickly list some of the many benefits of playing at Jackpot Capital or any other reputable online casino and then we will look at the reality of land-based casino gaming and show you why, through the demonstrable faults of land –based casinos, that gaming online is better.

What are the Main Reasons Why Online Casino Gaming is Superior?

Here we will just present a list.  There are many articles on this theme in our articles section which is well worth your time to peruse.

  1. Comfort.
  2. Convenience.
  3. Mobile gaming.
  4. More games.
  5. More variety of games.
  6. No waiting for a terminal or seat at a table.
  7. More varieties of blackjack and video poker.
  8. Higher return to player rates in slots and many other games.
  9. A lot more deposit bonuses worth four figures.  Actually, land-based casinos can’t offer any deposit bonuses.
  10. No travel costs.
  11. Easier by leaps and bounds to set time and money budgets.
  12. No need to remember to bring and use your player’s card as all information is stored automatically in our data bank.
  13. Unlimited free play.

As we said, this is a short list of the benefits of online casino gaming.  Now let’s turn the tables on the land-based casino experience and see how that experience leads to the inevitable conclusion that online casino gaming is better.

Land-based Casinos are Populated by People!

Well, of course there are.  Why is that a problem?

Blackjack Players at Land-based Casinos Often Blame Others for Their Losses

This is common at land-based casinos.  There, most blackjack players always stand with twelve or more points and take insurance when the dealer has an ace.  The insurance bet is not a statistically sound bet but no one blames a loss here on another player.  However, if you, knowing the best strategy for every hand, take a card with 12, 13, and even 14 points, you will likely be blamed for other players’ losses!

Guess what—when you play blackjack at home there will not be any other players to blame you for their losses!

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Some Players Have Conflicts with Dealers at Land-based Casinos

This is another frequent occurrence at blackjack where a player might use a signal for “stand” and the dealer reads it as a signal for “hit”.  There are standard signals but there are also variations and players need to synchronize with dealers to avoid such conflicts.

It is bad enough of you are the one having a conflict with a dealer but it makes for a decidedly inferior gaming environment when conflicts like these take place all around you!  At Jackpot Capital, software and te Random Number Generator take the role of dealer or croupier and there are almost never conflicts with the RNG!

Leave Some for the Fish!

This is what kids used to say to their friends who were spending too much time at the drinking fountain in the neighborhood park on a hot summer day.  The casino equivalent is a lot less funny.  It involves haranguing players who are simply playing the game they want to play and the hassler wants that player to vacate the terminal.

Until the casino’s security people can get involved, the abuse from the frustrated player can go on for quite a while.

Free Drinks Mean Free Libidos

Some players can hold their alcohol well enough to leave the other players alone.  For them, the only downside to getting free alcohol is that it leads to a lot of lost money from wild bets and poor decisions.

Some players, however, let their hair down when they have had too much to drink.  There is no way to know if one drink or a few will bring out the worst in these players but the casinos are less concerned about some “minor “ abuse from an inebriated player who they then expel from the casino but not before the player has dropped a sizable few wild bets at the roulette wheel or blackjack table.

Free Drinks Mean Free Libidos Redux

Some players find it easy and exciting to hit on other players when they have had too much to drink.  Most of the time the inebriated player is a man and the victim of his abuse is female but, the times being what they are, there are many “new” variations to the age old idea that beer brings out the boor in some people.

Some People Don’t Need Free Alcohol to Harass other Players

This category is the man—usually—who hits on a woman—usually.  He may be told NO many times but comes back again and again. An online casino player may be flirted with by another but the other is usually the gamer’s significant other!

In this sense, online casino gaming can be a conduit for romance as the couple curl up on the sofa together and play a few slots or other games that may lead to a romantic interlude.

Dressing for Romance—Not

There is a flip side to the man who harasses a woman at the land-based casino.  This is the woman who dresses far too provocatively for the casino environment.  What is perfectly acceptable at the pool or the beach is way too undressed at the casino!

A woman can simply cause men to look at her since she is dressing to be looked at.  Then either she will complain of “visual harassment” or her husband or boyfriend will get in the face of a man who is simply looking at an attractive woman who wants men to look at her!

One variation on this theme that is par for the course in today’s hyper-sensitive milieu is the person who complains about being addressed with the wrong pronouns!

Jackpot Capital and the Benefits of Online Casino Gaming

It is certainly ironic that most of the people who enjoy playing casino games also like the occasional trip to a land-based casino.  Here at Jackpot Capital we are aware of the fact that there is a certain “atmosphere” at a land-based casino.  However, for the reasons we mentioned here and other reasons yet unspoken, most gamers now prefer playing at online casinos.

The long casino shutdowns caused by the corona virus pandemic taught many erstwhile land-based casino players the many and manifest advantages of online casino gaming.


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