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How to Get the Most out of Your Free Time

There was, not so very long ago, almost no free time for the average person.  Now people have so much free time that they have to find any number of activities to fill the time.  Gaming has become a wide-ranging format for passing the time.  Jackpot Capital online casino is one of the top casinos for at-home casino gaming.

The attraction of Jackpot Capital casino falls into three categories which we will explore here:

  1. As a pastime, one among many.
  2. As an online casino as opposed to a land based casino.
  3. With our superb mobile gaming platform, you can “take the casino with you”.

Jackpot Capital Says Welcome

There is a lot of competition in the online casino business.  The easy availability of an online casino is a major factor in the ways online casinos try to outdo each other.  Gaming at our casino starts with the Jackpot Capital casino signup bonus.  Our signup bonus is a bit smaller than some others but we then offer bonuses almost every day of the week!

How Does Online Casino Gaming Line up with Other Pastimes?

We are realistic here at Jackpot Capital.  We recognize that one of the main attractions of gaming at our casino is the easy access we provide.  That means that most of our gamers play for relatively short periods of time and then go on to either another pastime or to other responsibilities such as work activities or household chores and other projects.

There are so many ways that people have to pass the time.  Even getting together with family or friends is a type of pastime.  We could probably make a list of hundreds of excellent pastimes from physical and outdoor activities to indoor ones such as streaming shows on the computer or reading the classics.

Everyone has their personal interests.  For this reason, there are entire chains of stores devoted to helping people find a hobby and equipping themselves with the things they need to “do” their hobby.

Is Gaming Truly a Pastime?

There is a lot of literature about how important it is to play games.  Gaming, in the narrow sense of casino gaming, is not nearly the only way people play games.  In fact, there are several publications that make a Game of the Year Award!

Playing games has different functions and different levels of significance for young and older players.  Young players develop ingenuity, creativity, and imagination through game play.  In “The Road Less Travelled” M. Scott Peck speaks about the importance of game play to young people.  He emphasizes that “everything” little kids do is “play”.

In “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” Robert Pirsig speaks about the importance of turning work into a game of sorts because without the element of play in our work, every job ultimately becomes deathly boring.  People who brag about doing what they love to do are actually saying that their work is really play and they are lucky to be able to make a living “playing”.

For most people, we need to find playful activities outside of work but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to find elements of play in our working lives.  We need play not just outsider of work but, perhaps even more so at work, to be mentally healthy!

Professional athletes are especially susceptible to an emotional crisis when they are forced by age to retire from their sports.  Athletes spend their entire lifetimes doing what they love and suddenly they cannot do that any longer!  Some go into coaching, others into acting, but the majority have to find another activity to fill the void.

So gaming is truly a pastime and one of the most important ones!

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Is Online Gaming Really Better than Land Based Casino Gaming?

Here, the answer is not so simple.  Land based casino gaming, at this stage in the development of casinos, cannot take the place of online gaming.  The main reasons are convenience and the essential need to play games!

It is true, in theory, that a person might play any number of games without ever entering an online or a land based casino.  However, billions of people like to be able to put some money on the outcome of games!  Here is where online casinos such as Jackpot Capital shine!

A person might go to a land based casino once, twice perhaps more often every year.  A lot depends on how far they live from a land based casino.  However, there are some drawbacks to gaming at a land based casino that do not apply to gaming at Jackpot Capital or any other reputable online casino.

Land based casino gaming requires travel.  The only exception is if a player lives in the same town as the casino!  For all others, there is a cost just to get to the casino!  Therefore, most people who go to a land based casino go for a few days, such as a long weekend.

The investment in time and money has the effect of compelling players to play on long after they have become too tired or too hungry to really enjoy the games!  Online gamers can come back to the casino whenever they want to!  As a result, gamers can budget relatively short amounts of time for online casino gaming.  This frees up a lot of time for other healthy activities.

Adults Need to Play Games as Much as Children Do

Gaming develops inter-personal skills such as cooperation and teamwork.  It keeps the imagination working.  In children, the imagination is working fulltime but in adults we need to stimulate the imaginative side of our brains because so much adult activity is workaday activity.

There is an entire field of business management that speaks about gamification as an essential element in a successful business endeavor.

Online Casino Gaming is Great for Both the Imaginative and the Analytical Sides of Our Brains

Slots are the perfect conduit for exercising our imaginative side.  Gamers can go from a lot about the ancient Aztec culture, to a slot about the world beneath the sea, to a colorful slot about forest imps!  Such a gaming session would give your imagination a very thorough massage!

The games of skill exercise the analytical side of our brains.  We need to make analytical decisions on every hand in blackjack and video poker.  An hour spent making these analytical decisions can only help us in our professional lives!

Here is another way that online gaming is better than land based casino gaming.  Land based casino gamers tend to stay at one game for hours.  Online gamers tend to move from game to game and we at Jackpot Capital encourage our gamers to do so!

It should be clear that there is a very positive side to online gaming!  Jackpot Capital has over 300 great games that might take a month or two to fully explore!  We offer bonuses and other promotions all the time!

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