What Different Kinds of Bonuses Does Jackpot Capital Offer?

Why Do Online Casinos Offer a Sign-up Bonus?

Since Jackpot Capital came online many years ago, tens of thousands of gamers have accepted our Jackpot Capital casino sign up bonus.  We have been a leading online casino for many years and yet many gamers don’t realize that the sign-up bonus is just the first of many bonuses and promotions we offer!

Why is that?

Land–based Casinos Cannot Offer the Same Bonuses that we Can Offer

Until the corona virus cased all land-based casinos to close temporarily, there were thousands, even millions, of casino gamers who always played at a land-based casino.  Land-based casinos cannot offer bonuses in the same manner that online casino can.

The reason has to do with the nature of a casino bonus.  In the past, there were a few very unscrupulous players who accepted a deposit bonus and then immediately cashed out!  The casinos offering these bonuses quickly caught on and imposed what has come to be known as the “wagering requirement”.

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus that the gamer has to bet before he or she can take out their winnings.  A fair wagering requirement is about 30 times the bonus.  Gamers can fulfill the wagering requirement over time, as much time as they need to do so.

Players at land-based casinos cannot usually stay at the casino long enough to complete a wagering requirement so land-based casinos cannot offer the same kinds of bonuses that online casinos can offer.

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What Kinds of Bonuses Can Online Casinos Offer?

There are really just a few different types of bonuses that online casinos offer.  See if you can spot the bonus that land-based casinos can also offer.

  1. Welcome bonus.
  2. Deposit bonus.
  3. No deposit bonus.
  4. Free spins.
  5. Comp points bonus.

The comp points bonus works in such a way as to make it possible for a land-based casino to offer it.  The other bonuses are rarely, if ever, offered by a land-based casino.

Let’s take a look at these bonuses.

A Welcome Bonus is the Casino’s Way of Saying Hello, Make Yourself at Home

Land-based casinos can’t offer a large welcome bonus because of the need for a wagering requirement as mentioned above.  So, while Jackpot Capital can offer $1000 in incremental welcome bonuses, a land-based casino might offer a much smaller bonus.

Most land-based casinos simply skip the welcome cash bonus altogether.

Deposit Bonuses Thrive at Online Casinos

The basics of deposit bonuses in general are the same as with the Welcome Package bonuses.  A garner makes a deposit and the casino offers a nice sized bonus.  These bonuses are often for 100% or more of the deposit.   Bonus rates at that level simply allow gamers to double or more than double their bankroll instantaneously.

Once again, land-based casinos have a large clientele that spends a relatively short amount of time at the casinos once or twice a year.  There is a distinct irony here that actually affects casino bonuses!

Players at land-based casinos spend a few days at the casino a few times a year.  Their time at the casino is relatively “short” only in reference to weeks, months, and years.  At Jackpot Capital Online Casino, gamers might spend only a half an hour at a time at the casino but they may do so several times a week!

Have Land-based Casinos Re-opened?

For the most part land-based casinos have re-opened with some restrictions.  These restrictions constrict rather than enhance the overall gaming experience at these casinos.   The greatest element influencing the new land-based casino openings is all about social distancing.

The state or city where a land-based casino is located has a desire to maintain public safety and one way is to impose special rules for social distancing.  The result is that land-based casinos have had to take out some tables, for blackjack mostly, and has had to effectively make some terminals off limits to gaming.

Jackpot Capital never had to shut down and there are no social distancing requirements for gaming at an online casino!

This brings us back full circle to the surprise some gamers experienced when they signed up to play at Jackpot Capital and discovered a world of bonuses that they had not known existed as land-based casino players!

A No Deposit Bonus Gives Gamers Free Money, Literally

It is no surprise that no deposit bonuses are smaller than deposit bonuses.  Still, a lot of online casinos are offering small no deposit bonuses to their loyal gamers.  A no deposit bonus also comes with a wagering requirement and some are not applicable to the big slots jackpots.

Nevertheless, a no deposit bonus gives gamers the chance to go from game to game at absolutely no cost and find out for themselves which of the several hundred games offered at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos they would like to play.

The ability to go from game to game at their pleasure and leisure was a big surprise to erstwhile land-based casino players when they first came to Jackpot Capital!  So many players were sued to spending hours at a single terminal instead of waiting to play another game!

At Jackpot Capital, there is never any waiting and a million gamers can play the same game at the same time!

Free Spins are Also the Purview Mainly of Online Casinos

A free spin has a monetary value and for that reason online casinos can afford to offer them while land-based casinos are more likely to offer free alcohol, free food, sometimes free hotel accommodations, and even less often, free tickets to the show.

Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos Share One Type of Bonus

This is the very common comp points bonus.  Every bet gives gamers a small number of comp points.  Usually you have to wager a given sum to get one comp point.  Still, at online casinos the comp points can grow quickly since gamers can play every day or almost every day.

Jackpot Capital keeps track of your comp points automatically.  In contrast, the comp points at a land-based casino are “stored” in one’s player’s card which the player has to remember to bring with them when they return to the casino some many months later.

How often does a land-based casino player forget to bring their player’s card with them when they return to the casino?  How often does a land-based casino player forget where they put the player’s card “for safe keeping” months earlier?

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The bonuses in all their glory are just one reason to play the 300 or so games we have on offer.  Jackpot Capital offers a great online gaming experience.  The best way to have that experience is to JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL!

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