How Progressive Jackpots at Jackpot Capital Work

How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

Every online casino gamer likes to play for a progressive jackpot. There are a few things to know about the progressive jackpots here at Jackpot Capital online casino and, for that matter, at land based casinos as well.

Aren’t All Progressive Jackpots the Same?

Indeed, not!

There are a few main types of progressive jackpots.

  1. A standalone progressive jackpot will be run by the casino alone.  This jackpot could be at an online casino such as Jackpot Capital casino or at a land based casino.
  2. A local progressive jackpot might be shared by a number of casinos or games.  Jackpots that are shared by a number of local casinos are generally found on land.  Jackpots that are shared by games are mainly found in the Caribbean Poker games which we feature.
  3. A broad-based progressive jackpot is the type of jackpot that can more easily reach seven figures.  That’s because they are actually run by the game provider rather than the casino network.  As wide as the reach of the Jackpot Capital family is—and our reach is worldwide—we cannot compete with the reach of our game provider Real Time Gaming which provides casino games to many casinos and casino groups.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

These are quite often random jackpots that are an inherent part of the slot.  The jackpot might grow as a normal progressive jackpot would grow or it could also have a set progression over a given number of spins.

On any slot with a standalone jackpot—progressive or otherwise—gamers need to know the specific rules governing that specific standalone jackpot.  At Jackpot Capital, we provide all of the rules in a very accessible manner so gamers can know before they play for real money what these rules and conditions are.

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Local Progressive Jackpots.

As we said above, these progressive jackpots may be shared by several casinos in the same location such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  As many land based casinos as there are in large areas such as Europe or the United States, many of them are single, local casinos.  In the United States, these casinos are often located on Native American land and are run by the local Native American tribe.  For these casinos, it is very difficult to have a progressive jackpot that is shared by local casinos.

These casinos and many other online and land based casinos have the third type of progressive jackpot.

Broad-based Progressive Jackpots

These are the jackpots that are run by the game provider.  It is quite common for these progressive jackpots to reach well over a million dollars before a lucky gamer hits the winning combination.

The High Volatility of Most Progressive Jackpot Slots

These progressive jackpots are usually part of games with high volatility.  That means that the return to player rate may be misleading as there are fewer winning spins even though each winning spin may be for a larger win.

This is related directly to how progressive jackpots of this type are created.

Take a Little off the Top

This may be exactly what you tell the barber or hairdresser when you sit in their chair!  It is also what the game providers do to monetize a progressive jackpot!

Now, keep in mind that the game provider will only take a few pennies—at most—from each bet but those few pennies make the size of normal wins a few pennies smaller.

The result is a game with a few big wins and some small wins but which contrast with a low volatility slot which might also have a few big wins but has many small wins!  Gamers who are budgeting for online casino gaming should keep in mind that the budget for a progressive jackpot slot should not consume their entire gaming budget.

In order to win a progressive jackpot of the third kind, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This puts pressure on most gamers’ gaming budget.  How does a gamer play for a progressive jackpot and also maintain the integrity of his or her gaming budget?

Mobile Gaming Provides a Natural Way to Budget Time for Gaming

It is true that most online casino gaming these days is played on online casinos’ mobile gaming platforms.  Still, a lot of mobile gaming is also done while a gamer is in transit be it on the commuter train or waiting in an office for a meeting.

Here is where the mobile platform can provide a natural limit to playing for a progressive jackpot.  A lot of gamers say that the excitement of playing for a huge progressive jackpot gives them an emotional high even if they limit themselves to ten spins per try at the big jackpot.

Land based players might play for a progressive jackpot for very long stretches of time.  This is very stressful for almost every gamer’s budget!   Land based players do so usually because they will be at the casino for only a few days at the most.  In contrast, online casinos are accessible every day so it is much easier to budget, say, ten progressive jackpot spins per day!

Is There Any Way to Game a Progressive Jackpot?

The outcome of every spoon in all slots and at all other online casino games is determined by the random number generator so, in general, there is no way to successfully game a progressive jackpot game.

Gamers who play the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker can, in fact, game the games by playing with the absolutely best strategy on every hand.  By the way, if you play blackjack at a land based casino with other players at the table and you use the very best strategy on every hand, you will have some very frustrated players who might blame you for their losses!

They are not using the best strategy!  They probably don’t even know the best strategy for blackjack!  This kind of close encounter of the land based casino kind never happens at Jackpot Capital or at any other online casino!

Let’s conclude this article with the one way a gamer can “game” a progressive jackpot.  We put to “game” in quotes because it is really not a big advantage but it is something to consider.

If a progressive jackpot starts out at six figures and often reaches well into seven figures, a gamer will get better “pot odds” by waiting to play the slot when the jackpot is well over a million dollars!  The odds are still against winning a progressive jackpot but you can have a lot of fun playing for it under this kind of advantageous condition!

Jackpot Capital Provides Hundreds of Games for Gaming Fun

Progressive jackpot slots are far from the only game we have on offer here at Jackpot Capital.  We have a wide range of non-progressive slots, many table games with variations, video poker with variations and let’s not forget Banana Jones!

The best advice we can give you at this point is:


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