Progressive Jackpots are Popular Games at Jackpot Capital Online Casino

How Do You Hit the Progressive Jackpot?

Just as hitting a progressive jackpot can make a gamer an instant millionaire or the jackpot can be much smaller—“only” worth thousands of dollars—the method of hitting the jackpot varies from game to game. At an online casino, as many gamers as would like to play for a progressive jackpot can do so at the same time!

This contrasts dramatically with what happens at a land based casino where, even if the casino has many terminals of a popular progressive jackpot game, there might be a line of frustrated players waiting for one of those terminals to free up so they can play!

Are Slots the Only Progressive Games?

Indeed, not!

While slots do lend themselves well to progressive jackpots, there are progressive jackpots in the Caribbean Poker games as well. Some gamers find these progressive jackpots more fun to play as we will soon see.

How Does a Lucky Gamer Win a Progressive Jackpot in Slots?

Basically, the gamer has to get five of a specific symbol on a winning payline on which the gamer bet the maximum in order to win the big progressive jackpot. It takes a lot of luck to be the one who hits those five symbols on a winning payline on which he or she has bet the max!

Jackpot Capital Offers Three Progressive Jackpot Slots

We have these three progressive jackpot slots:

  1. Cleopatra’s Gold
  2. Megasaur
  3. Spirit of the Inca

Now, if the progressive jackpots were all these slots offered, few gamers would play them. After all, gamers play slots for the entertainment value, too! These slots have superb, modern state of the art graphics and animation to make the story as real as possible.

Are Graphics and Animation Really that Important?

Yes, they are!

We cannot understate the importance of graphics and animation in modern slots! Each slot has a theme. In order to make that theme come to life, the game has to have excellent graphics and, even more important, viable and attractive animation!

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It is unthinkable for a dinosaur slot to have poor animation. Megasaur soars with animated activity!

Once upon a Time…

Slots have come a long way from when the machine itself was just a lump of a machine, there were three reels, they all featured bars and lemons and lucky sevens and there were no progressive jackpots. Indeed, the progressive jackpot slots of today are exciting and fun to play.

The Key Role of the Game Provider

Before we continue the discussion of progressive jackpots, we should say a few good words about our exclusive game provider Real Time Gaming. RTG, as they are generally called, has a larger international reach than even the largest online casinos such as Jackpot Capital.

That’s because RTG sells the software for their games to many online casinos. They also provide the software for some games at land based casinos. The upshot is that if RTG takes a penny or two from every bet made anywhere online or on land on a progressive jackpot game, that jackpot will grow much faster and to stratospheric heights far beyond the means of any single casino whether online or on land!

On the slots with a progressive jackpot, that is exactly what happens. That is why the jackpots can get to seven figures and continue to grow until the gamer with the lucky touch wins it and the process begins once more!

Progressive Jackpots and Caribbean Poker

The Caribbean Poker games are so called because they were developed at land based casinos in the Caribbean! We are certainly happy that they weren’t developed in Podunk!

A lot of gamers who love poker enjoy the Caribbean Poker variations. These games give players the choice of staying in the hand with an extra bet or folding the hand. There is exciting strategy in these games since the dealer has to have a minimum hand in order to qualify to win. That means that the gamer can at least draw the hand even if their hand is pretty bad but the dealer does not qualify.

The progressive jackpot covers all three Caribbean Poker games. That means that the jackpot rises quickly. It also means that a lucky player wins the jackpot fairly often.

Players qualify for the progressive jackpot by making a side bet. Another happy aspect of these progressive jackpots is that gamers can win part of the jackpot with a strong hand even though they might not qualify to win the entire jackpot which requires a very strong hand.

As a result, many gamers do win a portion of the jackpot making Caribbean Poker all the more fun to play!

Let ‘em Ride and Progressive Jackpots

Let ‘em Ride is a variation on Caribbean Stud. You get five cards but you see only three of them. You have to decide whether to stay in the hand or fold based on those three cards alone!

A lot of poker players love the extra excitement that Let ‘em Ride provides!

Is There Any Other Reason to Join Jackpot Capital?

Oh, my, is there!

In fact, there are hundreds of great reasons to join Jackpot Capital. First, we provide a safe and secure place to play casino games online. Your money is safe at Jackpot Capital because we protect it with the most sophisticated encryption software.

We offer hundreds of games including slots, table games, video poker, and casual games. One of the interesting sidelights of the corona virus pandemic is that a lot of casino players discovered the great world of online casino gaming at Jackpot Capital!

Many gamers joined Jackpot Capital and have stayed here even though many land based casinos have re-opened.

For the finest online casino gaming plus the comfort and convenience of playing from home on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device JOIN JACKPOT CAPITAL ONLINE CASINO NOW!

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