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What are Some of the Most Interesting Questions about Slots?

We talk about slots all the time.  We have a grand selection of slots from Real Time Gaming.  Still, we often receive fascinating questions about slots and we are taking the time in this article to answer some of them. 

How Do Gamers Win Progressive Jackpots Slots?

First of all, you have to realize that these big jackpots come from the games providers.  They have worldwide reach that is even larger than any single online casino can have since they provide games to many sites.  These games providers take a few pennies from every bet made on their progressive jackpots slots and put the money towards the big jackpots.

There is one important thing you need to know about progressive slots.  First, to win the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  That makes progressive jackpots slots out of the reach of some gamers.  To solve this problem, many gamers play progressive slots on their mobile devices only when they are on the go with just a few minutes of free time between meetings or appointments.

Do I Have to Play Slots for Real Money?

At land based casinos the answer is yes.  At Jackpot Capital online casino the answer is a resounding NO!  That means that you can play slots for free here.  We offer unlimited free play in slots and all of our games.  Just keep in mind that when you play in free play mode, you can’t win any money!

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Do I Have to Download the Games to My Hard Drive?

The answer to this frequently asked question is also NO!  We offer instant play where you can play directly on your internet server.  And you can also play on your mobile device all curled up on your soft sofa!  Now, to play on our mobile platform you do have to download the app to your smartphone but that isn’t the kind of download you meant, right?

Can the Casino Decide Who Wins?

You should not be surprised that the answer to this question is also a resounding NO!  We use a Random Number Generator or RNG to determine the outcome of every spin.  We set the RNG to return a fair and reasonable amount of all bets back to players.  This is usually about 97% or 98%.  After we set the RNG, we have no hand at all in the outcome of any game or slot. 

This means that in one slot the big jackpot which we have to cover might be won in two consecutive spins.  That leads to a question that you haven’t asked but we will ask because it is relevant to the discussion.

How Do We Know That Jackpot Capital Will Pay for All Wins?

The answer is capitalization.  We are capitalized to cover many large jackpots that might be won in a non-statistical manner.  Our finances are also audited often and we obey all regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction in which we offer casino gaming.

How Does the Random Number Generator Work?

The RNG is software that tells the reels where to stop.  In card games, it determines the next card ad infinitum.  Even land based casinos use an RTG to determine outcomes in slots and video poker.

The whole question of the reliability of outcomes at online casinos is a vestige of the feeling many gamers had that land based casinos could cheat them.  We think that land based casinos didn’t cheat customers even when slots were mechanical devices with arms that you actually pulled.  Nevertheless, the feeling had lingered on and is sometimes applied to online casinos.

The truth is that we have no way at all of interfering with the outcome of any spin on any of our slots games.

What is the Best Strategy for Winning at Slots?

There is no strategy at all for winning at slots.  Slots are a pure game of chance and neither gamers nor the casino can affect the outcome of any spin.  Slots are also a pure game of flying imagination.

It isn’t just the slots player whose imagination flies to the four corners of the Earth, into outer space, back in time, and forward into the future.  The brilliant slots developers at Real Time Gaming also have to have soaring imaginations to come up with not only the varied story lines but also all of the symbols and characters that tell that slots’ story.

What is the Job of the Wild Symbol?

The wild symbol substitutes for all of the other symbols much like a wild card in poker does.  The only symbol that the wild symbol cannot replace is the scatter symbol.

The wild symbol simply increases your winning chances on every spin.  The wilds have many different ways to increase your wins aside from the basic substitution way.  Wilds can expand within the same reel; they can take over an entire reel; they can expand horizontally into neighboring reels; they can become embedded into a reel so that a wild remains in position for a period of time, usually until the free spins bonus is over.

The wilds often carry a multiplier which can be as low as 2x the bet on the winning line to hundreds or thousands times the bet on the winning line.

Why Doesn’t the Wild Symbol Substitute for the Scatter Symbol?

The scatter symbol has a special function all its own.  It takes you to the free spins bonus round.  In addition, the scatter wins in all positions while every other win has to start from the first reel going forward.

By the way, the reason the other symbols win only from left to right is because modern video slots have so many winning lines or ways to win that if they won in scattered position too players would win almost every spin!

As we said, the scatter symbol takes you to the free spins bonus round.  In this round, you have many extra ways to win big.  The multipliers go up; the wild symbol becomes even more wild always in your favor; and the free spins can be retriggered in many games.

If there was a strategy for winning in slots, it would be all about getting to the free spins bonus round often.  As it is, depending on your luck and the vicissitudes of the RNG, you might get to the free spins round very often or not very often.  After all, slots are a game of chance!

Can I Play More Than One Slot at a Time?

You can play as many slots as you have screens.  However, since Jackpot Capital is an online casino, you can go from slot to slot easily and quickly and you never have to wait or give up your seat!  That’s almost like playing more than one slots game at the same time!

Where Can I Play Great Slots?

We invite you to join many thousands of happy slots players here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  We have great slots in many thematic categories plus a wide range of table games, Caribbean poker, video slots, and of course Banana Jones.

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