Games are a Very Significant Part of Modern Life

The Corona Virus Crisis Taught us about the Enormous Importance of Games

The corona virus made its worldwide impact starting in December 2019 and escalating in the early months of 2020.  The result was that millions upon millions of people found themselves homebound for very long extended periods of time.  During this time many of these people turned to playing online casino games at Jackpot Capital casino and other online casinos as a fun way to deal with the isolation.

We are a jackpot casino par excellence and, as so many new gamers discovered for themselves, we are a lot more than just a casino that offers jackpots!  We offer a wide range of online casino gaming opportunities.

It can fairly be said that online casino games and gaming saved a lot of people from the more egregious side effects of long periods of isolation.  We would like to explore just what it is about online games, casino games, and simply playing that helped and helps people cope with stress.

First, however, we would like to show a stunning example of gaming at its finest!

The Great Escape

In this movie that is based on a real story that has been amplified somewhat (we shall see the importance of amplification in gaming) the character played by Steve McQueen is an American prisoner of war in a camp for British prisoners.  He is confined to solitary and spends his time throwing a baseball against the wall of his cell.

We may expect that he “played” thousands of baseball games by throwing the ball against his cell wall!

Welcome and Promotions

Many potential gamers simply searched for some games to play online and happened to come to Jackpot Capital online casino.  One of the first things they found out was that Jackpot Capital offers many promotions starting with our modest Welcome Package for new gamers and then proceeding to offer a promotion almost every day!  This created tremendous incentive to gamers to join Jackpot Capital.

Every new gamer found to his or her great delight that we run many bonus promotions that include deposit bonuses and free spins!

We would like to explore the existential importance of playing games.  It is all well and good that gamers found Jackpot Capital to be a fine place to play but people have looked closely at games and game play as a significant part of life.  Let’s take a look!

Why Playing Games is So Important

People have been playing games for thousands of years!  Even when the struggle for food and simple survival was a day to day matter, people found the time to play games!

Chess and GO are considered among the oldest games, chess having been developed in ancient Persia (today’s Iran) and GO having been developed in ancient China some 4000 years ago!  Both chess and GO are games of great skill and require tremendous spatial cognition if a player hopes to become expert at either of them.

Games of skill may have been more in favor millennia ago but today we often play games of luck such as games that involve cards or dice.

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Playing games has many health benefits:

  1. They can help people pass the time.
  2. They can bring people together.
  3. They can raise people’s self-confidence.
  4. They can calm and relax people.
  5. They can change one’s mood in a positive way.
  6. Games can help people accept the vicissitudes of life!

Now, it is clear that games are not the only things that can produce all of these wonderful effects.  Bird watching, hiking, exercising, reading, writing in a journal, writing to a pen pal, working on jigsaw puzzles, and myriad other activities can do so as well!

Gaming Brings People Together

At a land based casino there is anonymity in a crowd.  You would think that camaraderie would be highest at a busy land based casino but it isn’t.  True camaraderie comes from people who already know each other and like each other’s company.

One of the most significant differences between land based casinos and online casinos is that online casinos such as Jackpot Capital are all about the games while land based casinos are primarily about the bells and whistles.

In this sense, online casinos serve the purpose of giving people a place to play while land based casinos mostly give people a place to be!

Have a Gaming Party

We all know about Super Bowl parties with a television in every room and people watching, eating and drinking, flirting, dancing and generally having a good time no matter what the score is.

Online casinos give people the chance to have gaming parties.  For one, the top online casinos offer unlimited free play so people can play and have fun at no cost.  You can also have a gaming party in which everyone puts up a given amount of money and most winnings are donated to charity.

Gaming parties are one way online casino gaming brings people together.  Land based casinos, despite the crowds, cannot bring people together!  Online casinos are a great way for couples to play some games together.  Since most gaming these days is done on mobile devices, curling up together on the sofa or in bed is one of the best ways for couples to relax together and have fun!

Online Gaming Leads to Relaxation

When people come home from a long day at work, they look for something relaxing to do.  Television is okay for this purpose but the surfeit of commercial make tv watching a hassle!  There are no commercials at Jackpot Capital casino!

Playing Games of Skill Leads to Heightened Self-confidence

There are several ways that online gaming leads to greater self-confidence.  One is setting gaming limits both in terms of money bet but also in terms of time spent playing.  Playing games of skill and using the top strategy as determined by computers analyzing millions of hands is another way to increase self-confidence.

Jackpot Capital Invites You to Join NOW

Many thousands of gamers discovered Jackpot Capital online casino during those long months when the corona virus was keeping land based casinos closed.  Now that land based casinos are reopening, many people expect gaming online to drop off.  We feel differently!  We feel that the advantages of online gaming are so great that many players who before corona had played exclusively at land based casinos will now continue to play exclusively online!

Gaming at Jackpot Capital is rewarding in many ways!  We offer excellent promotions almost every day!  NOW is the time to get on board the Jackpot Capital train!

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