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How Will Land Based Casino Gaming Change after Corona?

We certainly hope that the world has turned the corner on the coronavirus pandemic.  We can feel this way for three reasons.  One is that the numbers of deaths per day, new patients, patients on respirators, and patients in serious condition all seem to be coming down in general across the world. 

The second reason, is that we are now reading and hearing a lot of talk about how things are about to change in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.  The last reason is that people who were not involved in online casino gaming at all have started to ask questions about gaming.  Perhaps the most common question we get is how to win on slot machines!

We, at Jackpot Capital online casino, are taking the virus very seriously even though it doesn’t affect us directly.  It does, however, directly affect land based casinos which remain closed but will surely reopen soon.  It has also directly impacted cruises!

So, Jackpot Capital casino here presents the interesting contrast between the changes that will happen on cruises and the changes that will happen at land based casinos.

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Cruises Took Such a Massive Hit during the Crisis

We all saw the sad spectacle of cruise ships sitting in or near ports where they were not allowed to dock and let its passengers disembark.  The stories coming from passengers stranded on these giant vessels started at as happy go lucky tales of an “exciting” adventure to true tales of woe.

We are hearing a lot about how cruising will change immediately in the wake of the crisis.  In this article, we will show how land based casinos will face many of the same difficulties as they reopen and how they may be compelled to deal with those difficulties.

Making Sure That Everyone Who Gets on Board is Well

We are going to have ourselves tested for fever in many places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, big box stores, theaters, sports arenas, and many more.  If someone has a fever and is denied the chance to enter a building, it will certainly be an inconvenience but it won’t be an emotional disaster.

People often sign up for a cruise a year in advance.  The anticipation of the cruise of a lifetime is palpable and gets stronger as the date of embarkation nears.  People make very specific plans for getting to the port the day before embarkation so there is no chance that they will miss the ship in port.

Now, what if they come down with something the day before or the day of the cruise?  The ship will not let them on the ship.

Land based casinos will have a similar dilemma.  If someone comes to the casino, having travelled many hours, reserved a room in the hotel, only to be ill with fever or maybe just a nasty cough, the casino will be forced to say that they can’t enter the casino.

Will Land Based Casinos Have to Reduce the Number of Gamblers?

One new idea that is circulating with regard to cruising is that the cruises may allow fewer passengers on board.  They may also reduce staff.  This may cause the price of a cruise to go up.  It might also cause the price of a cabin with a window or a balcony to go up while the interior cabins without windows may become quite cheap.

Land based casinos may be forced by the city government to limit gamblers in order to maintain some form of social distancing.  They may have to limit the number of blackjack players who can sit around the table or the number of roulette and craps players.

Land based casinos get a lot of their players on flights.  If flights are reduced or if the number of passengers is reduced, the land based casinos themselves may find that fewer people are showing up to gamble there.

They may have to police slots and video poker players from sitting next to each other.  All of these restrictions could put serious pressure on some land based casinos.  Some might go bankrupt.  After all, even in the best of times, some land based casinos fail.  The number of casinos on land might decrease dramatically causing online gaming at casinos like Jackpot Capital to increase.

Gaming online has already increased dramatically during the shutdown because of the closures of land based casinos and the percentage of gamers who play online may stay stable or increase further after the virus is no longer viral.

The Free Flow of Alcohol My End

Alcohol reduces inhibitions.  For land based casinos, free alcohol to gamblers has always been a very cost efficient way to get some extra bets out of gamblers and to cause these extra bets to be very wild and financially unsound for the players.

The loss of inhibitions might also make gamblers more sociable at a time when some attention to another player might be especially unwanted.  It is one thing for a female player to ask the casino to stop a somewhat tipsy or outright drunk gambler to leave her alone and another matter altogether for the woman to sue the casino for aborning her getting sick by allowing a man under the influence to get too close to her.

Since free alcohol is a big money maker for land based casinos, the end of such largesse may be another factor that puts some casinos into financial difficulty.

The Buffet May Also Have to Go

When people sit down in a restaurant, it is possible to maintain some safe social distancing.  A buffet flies in the face of sound social distancing.  In the camp classic movie 12:01, the character played by Jonathan Silverman is trying to prove to the character played by Helen Slater that he knows what is going to happen so they can prevent a nuclear experiment. 

He shows her that he knows that a man at the buffet will sneeze on the vegetables!

Who wants to go to a buffet at a casino where the people before them may have sneezed or coughed on the three bean salad?

Touching Cards, Chips, Dice, and Buttons

Players at land based casinos touch virtually everything.  How happy will other players be to know that someone who may or may not be well touched the chips that the dealer now gives you for winning a hand?  The same feeling applies to cards, dice, and any piece of equipment a person at a land based casino might use.

Will the casino disinfect every terminal before the next player is allowed to sit down to play?  How much will this extra layer of public health safety cost these casinos?  Will they be able to bear the cost and will gamers still flock to land based casinos at all?

How often will the casino have to clean the elevators in the hotel?  The extra cost of the disinfection staff cannot be made up by extra gambling since gambling is pretty much a fixed source of revenue.  This extra staffing requirement will simply add cost to the overall operation of the casino and hotel.

Good Health Will Always Be the Key from Now On

Many people took chances with their health in the past.  If we learn anything from the coronavirus scare, it should be that good health can be very fleeting unless we do our best to get healthy and stay healthy.

We are sure that you noticed over the course of the article that we at Jackpot Capital face none of the challenges and threats that land based casinos will feel going forward.  That’s because there is no coronavirus in cyberspace!

Take all necessary measures to stay healthy!  We wish that everyone comes out of this crisis whole.  In the meantime, have a great time gaming here at jackpot Capital!

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