How Computers Make Online Gaming and so Much More Possible

The Enormous Power of the Jackpot Casino Login

Most people work with a relatively small personal computer or within a relatively small computer network.  It pays, from time to time, to appreciate the enormous power of computers.  We will use the Jackpot Casino login as our jumping off point.

How Many Computers Does Jackpot Casino Use?

Let us say that we need and use a large number of computers with stunning calculating, computing, and organizational power.  Without our massive computer network we could not possibly stay in business; we could not offer even a single game much less 300 great games!

In fact, all online casinos and thousands of other online companies could not have even come into being without powerful computers!

Why is the Jackpot Casino Login so Important?

Your casino login is like a password.  Passwords are the only way we know to keep your information separate from someone else’s information.  When you buy an airline ticket online—or any other product for that matter—you need a code so that the company you are buying from doesn’t confuse your money with another customer’s money.

The same concept applies to Jackpot Capital Casino.

An online casino is a small company as modern companies are measured.  There are literally thousands of small companies selling products from tickets to cakes to flowers and much, much more all online.  In most purchases, your credit card or ewallet identification is enough to effect the transaction.  At other sites you have to enter your password.

Your login at Jackpot Capital is functionally the same as a password at the bank or the health clinic.

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What Happens when I Enter my Jackpot Casino Login?

The “gears” of operation start working just for you.  When you signed up to play here at Jackpot Capital, we “set aside” a computer “zone” exclusively for you.  We keep a lot of information in that zone.  First we have your account statistics: how much money you have on account with Jackpot Capital.  Second, we have all of the gaming results from since you started gaming with us.

We keep the gaming results to be able to settle any disagreements that might come up in the future.

We keep track of the status of any bonuses you have taken.  Every deposit bonus has a wagering requirement which protects the casino from gamers who would be tempted to cash out immediately upon receiving a bonus.  The wagering requirement has to be enough to make compliance a type of commitment to that casino while not being so onerous that gamers look elsewhere for bonus money.

At 30x the bonus, we feel that the wagering requirement at Jackpot Capital is eminently fair.  Still, we need a powerful computer to keep track of this single item.

So far, we have mentioned the amount of money in your account and the stays of your bonuses and wagering requirement.

Is There More?

Of course, there is!  In fact, there is a lot more!

Here is where we have to introduce and define the term “in real time”!

There are many gaming statistics that we have to keep track of in real time.  Now,” in real time” can mean within a few seconds.  Even ten to thirty seconds might be considered to be in real time.  But at an online casino, the term in real time has to mean instantaneously!

So, a gamer who lives a few kilometers from where our main computers are and a gamer who lives fully half way around the planet both want instantaneous results of the many data items we have to keep track of.

What are those Data Points?

We have to keep track of every game result.  We have to add and subtract from a gamer’s account in real time as they win some and lose some.  We have to keep track of comp points.

Comp points are points that gamers acquire as they play.  When there are enough comp points in your account, you can turn them in for casino credits.  A lot of gamers are happily surprised to find out that they have accumulated a large number of comp points and can redeem them for a substantial sum of “found money”.

Let us Praise Famous Computers

An American writer during the Great Depression, James Agee, wrote a book about poor people in the Appalachian Mountains.  The book was called “Let us Now Praise Famous Men” even though there were no truly famous men described in the book.  Mr. Agee’s point was that even though these men were not famous by the standards of fame at the time, they deserved to be written about.

Another great American author at that time, Thomas Wolfe, wrote about the people of Asheville, North Carolina.  There was no specific reason to write about these people and when asked why he was writing about them, Mr. Wolfe simply answered, “they should be written about”.

Computers are the same today as the unsung men and women were in times past!

We need to realize the great importance of computers for our time.  A happy appreciation of computers will lead to a profound appreciation of all the things that did not exist fifty years ago that exist today owing only to computers and the people who are constantly working to make computers even better!

Online casinos such as Jackpot Capital occupy a very small niche in the world of computerization and yet we need a bank of very strong computers to keep track of the many thousands of gamers who come to our casino often!

Jackpot Capital Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

Jackpot Capital has about 300 excellent games from our exclusive game provider SpinLogic.  At a land-based casino, a player may play one, two, or three games over a long weekend.  That is because land-based casinos are very inflexible for players.  A player who wants to play a different game has to give up her or his seat to do so.

At Jackpot Capital, you can play as many different games as you like in a single gaming session.  Still, with about 300 games and a new game coming on board every month, it takes quite some time to sample every game!

In our small niche in the vast expanse of cyberspace, Jackpot Capital has harnessed the great power of fast and secure computerization to bring fun and excellent game play to a vast number of online casino gamers!

If you have not yet joined us we encourage you to GET YOUR JACKPOT CAPITAL LOGIN NOW!

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