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How to Get the Bonuses for Wild Hog Luau?

Well, as we always do, we answer the question of “how to win on slot machines” by saying that slots are a pure game of chance that has no built in gaming strategy.  In other words, the best way to win on slot machines at Jackpot Capital online casino is to play for the pure fun of it.

In order to play for the fun of it, we need a perfect partnership between the game provider, Jackpot Capital casino, and gamers.  With the introduction of the awesome new game Wild Hog Luau, our exclusive game provider Real Time Gaming, has hit the proverbial home run which is very appropriate these days as baseball is finally returning in the United States and Canada!

Great Promotion—Great Characters—Great Fun

In addition, Jackpot Capital Casino is running a promotion based on Wild Hog Luau that will run until July 5th so get going and take advantage of this exclusive promotion.  Finally, we hope that our gamers make Wild Hog Luau an instant classic. 

We think that by taking advantage of the promotion Jackpot Capital is running in conjunction with the introduction of Wild Hog Luau, you, our happy and loyal gamers, will, indeed, turn this slot into an instant classic!  Here are the details of the promotion.  Remember that the promotion runs until July 5th so get going and join in on all the fun!

    1. You can get a 50% bonus for up to $1000 along with 10 free spins.  Use the code WHL50.
    2. You can get a 150% bonus for up to $2000 along with 20 free spins.  Use the code 150WHL
    3. We are also running a sign-up offer for VIPs.  You can get up to $4000 in bonus money and 40 free spins.

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    How Does Wild Hog Luau Use Classic Motifs to Create an Instant Classic?

    It takes three themes that get a lot of use in online slots and has combined them to create a truly unique game!

    Those three motifs are “wildness”, barnyard animals, and the ever-popular outdoor feast we call a luau.  How did Real Time Gaming put these three prominent motifs together in a single slot?  Let’s see.

    It’s Like Animal Farm without All That Political Stuff

    You remember reading the slim novel Animal Farm in school, don’t you?  Of course!  The “people” in Animal Farm were all pigs and other barnyard animals.  Just as Animal Farm was all about politics, Wild Hog Luau is all about having a great time at a real Hawaiian luau.

    The music is a soft rendering of real Hawaiian music played on the famous local stringed instrument: a ukulele.  The animation makes Wild Hog Luau one of the happiest slots around.  Each of the four pigs will do a little dance with their smiling face whenever you win a spin.

    The hogs are in happy hog heaven when you win because they like helping you win and because every win triggers the re-spin feature which we will explain soon!

    Wild Symbol Epitomizes Wildness

    The wild symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5.  It replaces every symbol except the scatter symbol.  You might want the smiling hogs to stay in place even with a wild symbol and they do, of course!  The wild symbol wildly turns two symbols into three, three symbols into four, and four symbols into five!

    The Scatter Symbol Has a Giant Touch of Wildness, Too

    The scatter symbol appears on all of the reels and you get a payout with as few as three scatter symbols.  You do need at least five scatters to get free spins and then the free spins seem to pile up.

    The number of free spins goes up as the number of scatters goes up.  Here is the key:

    1. 5-7 scatters give 8 free spins
    2. 8 or 9 scatters give 10 free spins
    3. 10 scatters give 25 free spins
    4. 11-15 scatters give 50 free spins

      If you get five or more scatters during the free spins, you get more free spins!  So, with just a little bit of luck, you could get so many free spins that the hogs nearly split their sides laughing with you as the wins pile up!

      This is Hawaii so the Pigs Have to Look Properly Hawaiian

      The symbols are all decked out in Hawaiian colors, flowers, and leis.  You might have thought that all pigs look alike but Wild Hog Luau will quickly change your mind!  Each hog has its special features.   The only common denominators are that the hogs are all so happy to be able to help you win; the smiles on their faces seem to get bigger as you play on!  The second common denominator is that they show their unstoppable happiness by doing their little head and shoulder dance after every win!

      Lucky Streak Re-spin

      One of the reasons we so often get a request to talk about how to win at slot machines is because most gamers believe in lucky streaks.  We try to explain that the random number generator makes it impossible to have a lucky streak through your own action in any game of chance.  Of course, you can affect your luck in the games of skill!

      In Wild Hog Luau, RealTime Gaming introduces the Lucky Streak Re-spin feature.  This feature brings the idea of a lucky streak to a modicum of fruition.  Here is how the Lucky Streak Re-spin works.  You get a win and the winning combination is frozen on the screen for one re-spin.  In that way, you could get a much higher payout by adding to the win.

      If you do get another win on the re-spin, the new winning combination stays frozen and you get another re-spin.  For a few lucky gamers, the re-spin feature can go on and on! 

      In the re-spin feature there is a multiplier from 2x to 10x that the game chooses at random.  This multiplier stays in place for all of the re-spins on that particular win.  Imagine the big wins you’ll get with just a couple of re-spins after just one win!

      RealTime Gaming says that the 15 spots on the reels are actually independent reels since in the re-spin feature all of the squares that did not figure in the win are re-spun.

      Sip a Coconut Drink, Take in the Tropical Ambience of Hawaii, and Join the Hogs

      One of the symbols in Wild Hog Luau is a large drink inside a half coconut!  We don’t know exactly what the drink is but we are sure that it would make you very happy!  So, follow our advice and let the drink symbol whet your appetite for a cold coconut drink after you play a few hundred spins on Wild Hog Luau.

      Take one of the promotional bonuses and have a whale, or should we say a hog, of a great time!

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