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How Can I Decide Which Games to Play?

At Jackpot Capital online casino, we are proud to be able to offer you more than 200 great games—regular slots, jackpot slots, table games, video poker, and casual games—from our game provider, RealTime Gaming or RTG.  Before we get into the different types of games we offer you here at Jackpot Capital casino, we would like to tell you something about RealTime Gaming.
As a player at Jackpot Capital, you’ll have an intimate relationship with RTG since you’ll be playing their games!  So, we felt that you would like to know the most important details about that fantastically creative company.
Part of the overall decision you make as to which games to play is to understand how creative RTG is and how they work every month to bring you more great new games!

Thirty Years of Experience Pays Off Big Time

RealTime Gaming began in 1998.  As they say on their website, they realized from the beginning that their business relied on having the most talented employees so RTG has always invested heavily in the skills and talents you want in a game developer.
Along the way, RTG has branched out into other gaming related areas but they are still one of the most respected developers in the online gaming business.  When you think of all the changes that have happened in the last 30 years in online gaming, and that RTG has been a leader throughout this period, you can begin to understand why we at Jackpot Capital are so happy that RTG is on board with us.  That means, of course that RTG is on board with you as well.

Making the Wild Symbol Truly Wild

In the early days of slots the machines were entirely mechanical.  You pulled the arm to set the reels a-spinning.  These slots had three reels and one pay line.  The digital age came along a very short time ago.  For millennials it is the only age they have ever known but for everyone else digital continues to be an amazing technological breakthrough.
The breakthrough has affected everything including gaming.  RTG stated out as we said in 1998 and quickly saw the vast potential in video as opposed to mechanical slots.
One such potential development was to introduce wild symbols that are truly wild!  So, RTG has expanding wilds, sticky wilds, exploding wilds, stacked wilds, and multiplier wilds.

Slots with Themes

The next innovation that RTG explored from the outset was taking slots from the fruit theme to a hundred other themes that cover every era in history, to civilizations extant and expired, to high adventure and low adventure, to exploration of lands unknown to exploring the temperature of the water in the pool by dipping one’s toes!
In short, you can enjoy a lifetime of different moments every day just by playing RTG slots here at Jackpot Capital and letting your imagination soar to heights and depths you have never known before!
We have covered many aspects of the slots at Jackpot Capital here and we will expand on this subject in an upcoming in-depth article on our slots.

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Video Poker

The digital age created a game that has become the favorite online casino game of millions of gamers: video poker.  Video poker offers two great gaming experiences.  First, the return to player rate for best strategic play is close to 100% and is actually above 100% in some games!
So, one key element in video poker is learning top strategy.
The second aspect of video poker is that millions of gamers love poker but do not love the whole bluffing side of poker.   Video poker allows these players to get the most out of poker play without worrying about bluffs, tells, hand ranges, pot odds, and all the other esoteric nuances of standard poker.
Video poker is just so much fun!  At Jackpot Capital, we offer multi-hand video poker in which you can play up to 100 hands at the same time.  Given that there are big payouts for the best hands topped by a Royal Flush, playing multi-hand video poker can result in a huge return on a single solid holding!
We will come back to video poker in future articles as we plan a thorough tutorial for every video poker game we offer.

Roulette and Craps

Along with slots, these are the other pure games of chance.  Blackjack, poker, and video poker also employ a lot of chance as well but they are also games of skill.  In roulette and craps, as in slots, your chances of winning are quite clear for every bet you make.
The big difference between slots and these two games in terms of betting is that in slots you basically choose how much to bet and how many pay lines to bet on.  Craps and roulette have a lot more bets that you can make.  We will cover both craps and roulette in upcoming articles so be sure to play at Jackpot Capital and take a peek at our articles section often to see what new articles we have posted!


Blackjack is still the most popular table game at Jackpot Capital.  Blackjack has been popular at casinos for many decades.  The biggest advantage of playing blackjack at Jackpot Capital is that you can play using correct strategy without having to defend your action against the criticism you’ll inevitably get from one of the other players at the table. 
This happens all the time at land based casinos and never happens at Jackpot Capital!  You see, since the players go first in blackjack and lose automatically if they go over 21 points so many blackjack players always stand with 12 or more points.  This is correct sometimes but very incorrect at other times.  So, play correctly at Jackpot Capital and you’ll win very often!

Play for Free

One of the most important aspects of playing at Jackpot Capital is that we allow unlimited free play.  With free play, you can do two very important and helpful things.  Fit, you can manage your bankroll more effectively.  If you feel the need to stop betting but want to keep on playing, simply switch to our free play mode.
The second aspect of unlimited free play is that you can learn new games for free!  You don’t have to invest any money in your online gaming education; all you have to invest is a little time to learn the games before you start to play them for real money.
This is a big advantage whether you are learning a game of skill or a game of chance.  As far as the games of skill are concerned, there are strategic nuances that you have to learn.  Being able to learn them for free is a great benefit we are happy to give you.
Even in the games of chance, unlimited free play can be important.  This is primarily true in slots.  We offer so many slots with so many different themes that many gamers prefer to play a new slot for free before they decide that they like the game enough to start playing it for real money!

General Overview

We hope that this general overview of the games here at Jackpot Capital has been helpful.  We will post many articles about specific games as we go along so keep your eyes open to new articles being published. 

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