How Do Casino Gamers Manage their Bankrolls?

What are the Best Tips for Bankroll Management?

It might surprise you to find out that managing your bankroll at an online jackpot casino is no different than managing your bankroll in everyday life.  A lot of gamers find it easier to manage their money at a restaurant than at a casino.  In reality, managing your money at a restaurant is no different than managing your money at a casino such as Jackpot Capital.  The difference is simply a matter of perspective.

So, here we will give some expert advice on bankroll management and we will show you how commonplace bankroll management is.

Gaming is a Form of Entertainment

Being able to see gaming as a form of entertainment is the single most important aspect of casino gaming.  Gaming as entertainment changes how we behave at the casino; it changes how we look at the money we “spend” at the casino; and it puts gaming into the same category as restaurants, concerts, theater, sporting events, and numerous other things we are willing to spend money on as entertainments.

It is also true that it is much easier to manage your money and to see gaming as an entertainment when you play at an online casino.  A land-based casino gives players the feeling that they are on vacation.  When we are on vacation, we are willing to be a bit looser with our money than when we are at home.  But being “looser” with our money at a land-based casino is a perfect way to overspend at the casino.

Overspending at a casino means betting too much.  How best to avoid that trap is the theme of this article.

Online Casino Gaming is Available Every Day

Land-based casino gaming is available only when you spend the money to go there.  The very availability of online casino gaming makes it infinitely easier to budget a given period of time for online gaming while the general unavailability of land-based casino gaming makes it very difficult to tell yourself to play for just 30 minutes.

When your gaming time is up at home, you have a full line of things you want to do or have to do.  At a land-based casino, what will you do after you play for 30 minutes?  At home, you might want to continue playing after 30 minutes but you can stop since tomorrow is another day and the casino will still be there.

It’s very different at a land-based casino.  Tomorrow, the casino will still be there but you might not be there!  And, the specter of a shutdown in these pandemic times means that the land-based casino might not be there tomorrow!

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Set Monetary and Time Budgets

So, we can see the importance of setting both time and money budgets.  We set budgets for a very large number of things.  If we need new shoes, we know approximately how much we can afford to spend.  The same goes for that new winter coat we need.  It applies even to winter gloves, the car we want to buy, the price of a meal in a restaurant, and so on indefinitely.

It is also important to set single bet limits.  If we have 30 minutes to play and $100 to bet, we can bet it all on one spin of the roulette wheel or we can spend it in very small increments at slots or at any other game.

This is important because slots have what we call volatility.  Slots with high volatility give gamers fewer wins but the wins tend to be for bigger amounts.  In contrast, low volatility slots give many wins for small sums.

If you are maintaining a limited budget, you might look for low to medium volatility slots.  This might mean that you don’t play for a big progressive jackpot or it might mean that you set a progressive jackpot limit of, say, five spins.  If gaming as a form of entertainment, it won’t bother you to play only five spins on a progressive jackpot slot.

Learn Strategy for the Games of Skill

The two most popular games of skill are blackjack and video poker.  The return to player rate for both of these games is about 99.5%.  But this depends on your playing with top strategy on every hand.

If you do play with top strategy on every hand, and if your monetary budget is $100 per gaming session, you should end the session with $99.50.  Nothing gives a gamer more satisfaction than finishing a session with almost as much money as when he or she started the session.

Some gamers like to play by hunch.  If you can afford to lose more money than your “should” lose, then we suppose it’s okay to play by hunch.  If, on the other hand, you want to have the most fun gaming and at the same time manage you money well, you need to learn strategy.

Learning the top strategy for the games of skill is challenging.  The emotional reward you will get when you play with best strategy on every hand is invaluable.

Play in Tournaments

One of the best ways to spend time at an online casino without spending a lot of money is through tournaments.  We run many tournaments with very low to zero buy-in costs.  Tournaments are designed to put the Capital E in Entertainment Value!

We run some free roll tournaments as well so you get a full complement of gaming at no cost!

Play for Free

We offer unlimited free play.  Very few gamers avail themselves of lengthy free sessions but you can if that’s what you need to manage your budget well!  One of the best uses of our free play mode is to check out a game that you haven’t played yet.

This is especially important in the games of skill.  The return to player rate is so close to 100% with correct strategy, so it makes sense to play a new game of skill for free until you know the best way to play it for real money.

Playing Casino Games Online Frees Money for Real Vacations

What is a real vacation?  In the terms of this presentation, a real vacation is a vacation that suits your individual vacation “needs” and does not involve going to a land-based casino!

The theme here is money management.  One of the keys to bankroll management at a casino is to play where you are less likely to overspend.  Because of their convenience, online casinos are much better suited to conserve and manage your money.

By not spending money at a land-based casino, you will suddenly discover that you have saved enough money to take a vacation!  We certainly encourage everyone to do so!  Especially now in the (we hope it lasts) post-corona virus time, we all need a real vacation!

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While you’re on that real vacation we spoke about, you might hunker down and read the many articles we have written and published here.  We emphasize gaming as fun!  We try to teach players how best to play casino games.

We offer many promotions, bonuses, and free spins.  All in all, Jackpot Capital offers a great online casino gaming experience.


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