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How to Feel the Love while Enjoying Gaming

There is a lot more to Jackpot Capital online casino than just our selection of progressive jackpots slots!  We justifiably love our gamers!  Because we think so highly of you, we run many articles extolling the many virtues of online gaming and online gamers.

It may seem ironic for Jackpot Capital casino, a leading online casino, to readily acknowledge that land based casinos also love their players.  Still, it is true!  What we find interesting and a bit surprising is that we, an online casino, love our gamers for one set of reasons, while land based casinos often love their players for a very different set of reasons!

We Make it Easy

Jackpot Capital makes gaming easy.  We offer many banking options so you can deposit and withdraw money easily.  We also make it easy for gamers to play each and every one of our more than 300 games!  That is the nature of online casino gaming where there are no “seats” to give up when you want to go play a different game.

We love our gamers when they take full advantage of the ease with which they can go from game to game!  We love being able to add a new game every month without having to take a terminal out.  We don’t have any walls while land based casinos are defined by their walls!

Land Based Casinos Cannot Make it Easy

Whereas we make it easy to go from game to game, the nature of land based casinos is that they can’t do that.  They have to have as many players occupying as many terminals at the same time so, if you leave a game at a land based casino, you will likely lose your seat.

Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Advertising

In every field of entertainment, word of mouth is by far the best form of advertising.  Movies that no one thought would be a hit become a hit because of word of mouth.  The same applies to books, music, and restaurants.  Even insurance agents rely on word of mouth to grow their list of potential customers.

Chicago’s Famous Giordano’s Restaurant

Here is a story that clearly demonstrates the importance of word of mouth to grow a small, family owned business.  The Giordano brothers, new immigrants to Chicago in the 1960-‘s, opened a pizza restaurant using the guaranteed to succeed recipe they brought with them from Italy.  The restaurant did not do well at first.  Finally, a customer who very much wanted the restaurant to succeed told the brothers that they were using too much garlic in their pizza dough.

The brothers were shocked!  But they reduced the garlic in their pizza dough by large amounts and suddenly the restaurant had more customers than tables and chairs.  The news had spread by word of mouth!

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Casinos Love their Players So They Bring in New Gamers by Word of Mouth

Land based casinos offer a modicum of excitement on the casino floor.   Online casinos offer hundreds of games, no extraneous distractions, many promotions including frequent bonus offers, and the ability to control gaming through short frequent sessions instead of the very long infrequent sessions that are the hallmark of gambling at land based casinos.

Online casinos can offer bonuses because the gamers have an open-ended time frame to work off the wagering requirement.  Very few players at land based casinos can work through a wagering requirement in a single long weekend.  So, land based casinos offer other amenities such as free alcohol, free meals, sometimes free hotel rooms, and finally, sometimes free show tickets.

Casino gamblers may love the free alcohol but that is because they haven’t made the simple calculation of how much the drink cost the casino versus how much the gambler lost making poor bets under the influence of the alcohol.

Land based casinos want players to spread the word that the casino experience was “so much fun”.  We saw a volcano explode!  We met a Roman Centurion!  We went to a circus!  We experienced blistering heat!  We spent way too much time on the casino floor!  We got a bit tipsy, to say the least!  We lost more while we were under the influence than we should have!

Online Casinos Have Mobile Platforms—and so Do Many Land Based Casinos!

Online gaming came of age when the graphics for mobile gaming improved exponentially.  This happened only in the last decade or so.  Now most online gaming is done on mobile.

Mobile is convenient.  It allows for sessions of a few minutes while gamers are waiting or otherwise have some free moments and also allows gamers to play curled up on their soft sofa or even in bed.

Facing the mobile challenge, many land based casinos now offer mobile gaming so players can continue gaming after they have retired to their hotel rooms!  In the world of land based gaming a five hour session on the casino floor is not enough; players have to be encouraged to play in their hotel rooms!

At Jackpot Capital online casino, a short session of one hour or less is fine!  After all, we are available 24/7 to our gamers so we have no difficulty facilitating gamers playing for a few minutes and then going on with their lives!

In fact, we encourage them to do so!

To Jackpot Capital, our mobile gaming platform is a perfect conduit for happy, entertaining gaming while to many land based casinos, the mobile platform they offer is another way for the casino to get as much gambling out of the player as possible in the short time he or she is a guest in the casino and hotel!

Casinos Think that they Love High Rollers

At Jackpot Capital, it is relatively easy to become a VIP high roller.  We do offer some extra benefits to high rollers here.  However, our approach to high rollers is much different than the approach of land based casinos.

Land based casinos need high rollers to lose enough money to help pay off the extraordinary expenses a land based casino has by its very nature.  We have far less operating costs so we don’t depend on high rollers to bet many thousands of dollars on a number in roulette.

In fact, we discourage such gaming profligacy!  We always tell our gamers to see gaming as a form of entertainment and as with all entertainments we encourage gamers to set proper budgets in time and money.

Land based casinos can’t afford to have gamers set proper budgets in terms of time and money.  They need to pay the electrical bill!  And a quite stupendous bill it is!

Welcome to Jackpot Capital

We hope you see by now that we love our gamers because we like to provide a comfortable and convenient gaming platform so average people can enjoy playing casino games.  We offer promotions almost every day!  We never have to take out a game to make room for a new game so gamers can play the same game they have liked playing for ten years or more even if they are the only ones who like playing that particular game!

Join Jackpot Capital NOW and discover how a good online casino loves their gamers!

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