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We are Happy to Introduce the Flexepin Voucher for Deposits and Withdrawals

Everyone who plays progressive jackpot slots at Jackpot Capital online casino knows that they have to bet the maximum to qualify for the big jackpot.  Betting requires that gamers deposit money into their casino account.  This is all very obvious on the surface. 

Beneath the surface, Jackpot Capital casino is always concerned about the convenience and the safety of every banking method we offer.  Banking at a “real” bank and banking at the casino are never a one size fits all proposition. 

Flexepin for Flexibility

Jackpot Capital needs to allow banking methods that are good for Canada, for Australia, for the United Sates, and for every other country where many of our gamers come from.  Every gamer has her or his reasons for choosing their favorite banking method.  We are introducing a very solid Canadian voucher called Flexepin for gamers who would like to use it as their favorite banking method.

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Safety is Always a Number 1 Concern

In addition to offering a wide choice of banking methods, Jackpot Capital also worries endlessly about the safety of your money when it is in transit to or from the casino and when it rests on deposit in your account at the casino.  We use the most sophisticated encryption software to confuse every attempt by hackers to find the vital data of any of our gamers. 

Vital data are more than money.  It involves personal information that no one should be compelled to reveal much less lose the privacy of to a hacker.

Now, we would like to talk about the newest banking method we are offering—Flexepin.

A Voucher Payment System

Flexepin is a voucher.  They call it a top-up voucher since many people use it to increase the size of their accounts at online marketers, stores, and now casinos.  In a sense, Flexepin works like a debit card in that you buy the Flexepin voucher for the amount you want to spend or to add to your account and no more.

In terms of the casino, Flexepin is a sure-fire way to increase your gaming account by the amount you have determined beforehand.  It prevents gamers from making impromptu deposits.  And, because you can buy it at many locations around the world, it is extremely safe.

At this writing, Flexepin is most prominent in Canada followed by Australia and the United States.  Flexepin is an up and coming banking method that people will be able to use for many transactions so its use will quickly spread to many countries around the world.

When you use your Flexepin voucher to deposit at jackpot Capital, all you have to enter in the deposit form is the pin number that is unique to the voucher you bought.  In this way, Flexepin is much different than a credit card which has a fixed number.  It is different than a bank transfer since you access your bank account with a fixed password.

Flexepin gives you one pin number for each card you buy.  That pin number is void once you make a transaction using it.  In this way, the Flexepin voucher is very different from so many other banking methods that require you to have a password.

What Does Flexepin Add to Your Banking Options?

This all depends on how you bank now and how you want to bank in the future.  If you use a credit card and are happy to bank with a credit card, Flexepin won’t have much of an effect on your banking or your gaming.  If you use an ewallet, you might choose to use Flexepin for the extra layer of safety it offers.  This extra layer is in the pin number which you reveal only to the casino and which you never are able to use again!

If you can’t use the pin number again, neither can anyone else!  As far as you are concerned, all you have to do to use a Flexepin voucher again is to simply buy another one!

Who Will be the Most Likely Gamers to Use Flexepin?

Ultimately, anyone who lives close to a location where they can buy a Flexepin voucher will use them at some time.  However, the people who will be the most likely to use a voucher for online casino gaming a fall into four categories:

  • People who live close to a location where they can buy a voucher.
  • People who want the utmost security for online purchasing.
  • People who want to play online casino games for a fixed and pre-determined sum.
  • People who are very comfortable transferring money through the internet.

The first item in this list will soon include a much larger percentage of the world’s population as Flexepin adds locations.  It is true that with our encryption and your bank’s encryption, your money is quite safe travelling through cyberspace to and from Jackpot Capital.  Still, a voucher does add a layer of extra caution and some gamers will embrace that extra layer of caution.

Flexepin Adds an Important Layer of Control

As we stated above, Flexepin is similar to a debit card in that it allows gamers to control the amount of money they will play with for any given gaming session.  This is perfectly in line with the advice we give often, to set a monetary budget on your gaming and to stick to it.

Finally, every day more and more people are becoming comfortable with making purchases online.  And still, the online retail market is still in its early stages of development.  As more people find online payments comfortable to make, they will naturally become comfortable using a voucher to bank at an online casino.

Safety in the Age of Corona

We spoke about banking safety at length here but the most important area of safety at this time is your health!  Stay healthy first and foremost and enjoy gaming at Jackpot Capital as one way to pass the stay at home time.

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