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How to Play Craps Well

Everyone needs a diversion from jackpot slots once in a while.  Actually, at Jackpot Capital online casino, we say that you should take many breaks from any game you have been playing for a while.  Recently, we started a series on a few games that get a lot less attention than jackpot slots as well as less attention than they deserve..

Let’s Beat the Dickens out of Craps

Today we will take a long hard look at Craps.  One of the first thing that new gamers at Jackpot Capital casino—especially gamers who “came over” from land based casinos after the Big Lockdown started—noticed about Craps is that at an online casino, there aren’t any loud boisterous crowds crowding around the long Craps table.

Still, if Craps is fun at a land based casino, it should also be fun at an online casino!  So, let’s see what we can learn about Craps.

Online Craps Uses a Smaller Table

Well, that much is obvious as the Craps table at land based casinos is quite long.  In fact it is standardly about 13 feet long and 5 feet wide which means that the Craps table takes up a large percentage of the overall floor space at a land based casino.

Since the game of Craps involves throwing dice, the long table at land based casinos enhances every throw of the dice and the crowd whoops it up as the dice bounce and spin before coming to a fateful rest.  In order to prevent the dice from bouncing off the table, most Craps tables have a slight dip.  This dip is almost always enough to keep the dice in play

At an online casino, the random number generator does all of the “work” of shaking the dice, blowing on them, and giving the dice that familiar bounce.

It Isn’t Monopoly but There are “Pass” and “Don’t Pass”

At an online casino Craps game, you are always the shooter.  This is the person who throws the dice.  You have to make a bet: either Pass or Don’t Pass.

You make your bet and now you throw the dice.  This is the first throw for this round.  Every round in Craps has at least one throw, most have more than one, and some can go on and on for a while before the dice determine a final outcome.

There are a number of bets you can make in Craps but the most common, by far, before the point is set are the Line Bets.  The Pass Line Bet means that you are betting with the shooter.  The Don’t Pass Line Bet means that you are betting with the house.

These bets are very close in the percentage of times the house wins as opposed to when the shooter wins.  In land based casinos, even though the Pass Bet has a slight statistical disadvantage over the Don’t Pass bet, it is considered bad sportsmanship to make a Don’t Pass bet.

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When you are playing at Jackpot Capital, there are no other players to boo your Don’t Pass bet so that is by a very slim margin your better bet.

The first throw of the dice is called the “come out” throw.  In this throw, the shooter—that means you in online Craps—determines his or her goal for that round.

There are three possible outcomes in the come out throw of the dice:

  1. If you roll a 2, a 3, or a 12, you are said to have “crapped out”.  In other words, you lose automatically if you made the Pass bet.  If you made the Don’t Pass bet, you win on a roll of 2 or 3 and there is a push on a roll of 12.
  2. If you throw a 7 or an 11, it is called a Natural.  This come out throw wins for a Pass bet and loses for a Don’t Pass bet.
  3. If you throw any other number, this becomes your goal for the round.  The goal is also called the point.  You continue to throw the dice until either your point comes at which….point all Pass bets win or if a 7 comes along and only the Don’t Pass bets win.

There are Several Other Bets in Craps

The most common are the Come and the Don’t Come bets.  These are bets you can make after the point is set.  It treats the next throw of the dice as if it was a come out throw.  The rules for the come and don’t come bets are the same as in the first throw of the dice.

If this is beginning to be confusing it is because it is confusing.  In a land based casino, the casino will usually have four employees working the table because with a full complement of players even two people would not be able to keep track of all the bets.

At an online casino, the software does all the computing for the casino and the gamers.  Think about how powerful the software that online casinos use to keep track of the thousands of players who are playing over 300 games at the same time is!

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The next set of bets is called the Place Bets.  These are bets that in a sense you set a point for yourself.  The player chooses which number he or she thinks will come before a seven is thrown.

A Buy Bet is like a Place Bet but the payout is slightly different.  A Lay Bet is the opposite of a Buy Bet.  A Put Bet allows you to increase a Pass Bet.  A Hard Way Bet is that a 4, 6, 8, or 10 will come up as a pair.

All of these bets are bets that pay off if the bet is won before a seven is rolled.

There are also many different proposition bets you can make in Craps.  These are called single roll bets because they are won or lost on the next throw of the dice.  Most proposition bets in Craps have a very high house advantage.

And in the End….

As a sideline from playing other casino games, Craps is a fun game.  We offer Craps primarily because the game has many hard core followers.  These players know every nook and cranny of the game. 

Most of the online gamers who play Craps play it for a few minutes and then go on to a different game that is more suited to the online gaming format.

So, enjoy a few minutes of Craps when you need a break from your favorite go to game.

Jackpot Capital counts Craps as a specialty game because it fits a specialty purpose, namely, to satisfy the gaming needs of those players who love Craps at least as much as they love blackjack, video poker, slots, or Banana Jones!

We wish everyone all of the happiest and most fun gaming in the world.

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