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How to Manage Your Time and Money Better

Everyone who is not a billionaire high roller dreams of winning a progressive jackpot.  However, as much as we like to play for that seven figure jackpot at Jackpot Capital online casino, we also know that going for the big jackpot takes a lot out of our bankroll.  That’s because you have to bet the maximum to be eligible to win the jackpot if the reels stop in your favor.

Money and Time Management are Indispensable

We talk a lot about money management.  This is what we mostly have in mind when we set out to plan a vacation.  But even then we also are trying to manage our time well.  How many days can we get away for?  How long will it take to get there if we drive? 

When we go to the supermarket, we are generally trying to buy the most groceries for the least amount of money and we don’t factor in the time it will take to do so.  But if we know that the number of shoppers is very high one or two days before a holiday, we might decide to do our holiday shopping three days before the holiday just so we can avoid the long checkout lines!

Clearly, both money management and time management are important in everyday life and they are equally important in gaming.  It is also interesting how money and time management affect gaming differently when we play online at Jackpot Capital casino or at a land based casino.

Let’s take a deeper look.

How to Improve Our Money Management

The beginning of sound money management is being realistic.  We have to be able to say exactly how much money we have and how we would like to spend it.  This is so important that many people who suddenly get rich either by winning a jackpot or winning a lottery often end up penniless just a few years down the road.

Perhaps better than most people, millionaires know that even a million dollars can disappear quickly if we aren’t careful.

So, at the casino, we have to first be as realistic as we possibly can with our bankroll.  This is much easier to do at an online casino where we can exhaust one day’s bankroll if luck is not on our side and we can come back to the casino the next day or a few days later, as we wish.

At a land based casino, most players will simply buy more chips if they lose their initial bankroll because what else are they going to do with two days left on their casino adventure?

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Use Poker to Guide Your Online Gaming

In poker, we talk about how many Big Blinds a player has in his stack.  In that sense, we divide his stack into much smaller units.  We can do the same in online gaming.  For example, if you start a session with $100, you can bet the entire amount on a single number in roulette and, if it comes up, you’ll win $3500 or you can divide it into single dollar bets on less risky numbers.

If you do that, your gaming session will last a lot longer and you will enjoy it exponentially more!  Many low stakes gamers bet a single penny on slots just to have some money riding on the outcome.  It takes a very long time to exhaust $100 if you bet one dollar per hand in blackjack and it takes even longer if you bet a penny per payline in slots.

Study the Strategies for Games of Skill

The return to player rate in blackjack and video poker are very close to 100% but that applies only if you play following the best strategy for the variation you are playing. 

It is very good to see learning the best strategy as a form of money management rather than as a way to win.  Of course, it is also a way to win but it is much better to think in terms of conservation rather than in terms of accumulation.

Why Time Management is Also Important

Once again, we can look at everyday life and everyday experience to see why time management is at least something to consider.  For example, if we know that the service in a certain restaurant is very slow, we might choose not to eat there even if people say the food is very good.  If the food is so outstanding that it overrides the poor service, then maybe it would be alright to go to that restaurant, but if the food is just “very good” it probably isn’t worth the wait.

If an airline has a reputation for being late, we might choose to pay a little extra to fly on a more reliable airline.  The number of everyday activities that we naturally think in terms of the time they will take to achieve is truly endless.  We think about the time all the time!

We should think about the time in gaming as well.  If we should stand and stretch every half an hour, then maybe a half an hour is the optimum length of an online gaming session.  We might take that stretching break and come back to the casino for a little more gaming but we would still never put ourselves through the gauntlet so many gamers at land based casinos put themselves through.

The simple reason is that the online casino is always available.  If you want to play on our mobile gaming platform, you can take the casino with you!  An excursion to a land based casino is quite expensive if you divide each hour into the cost of travelling, hotels, souvenirs, food, drinks, and so on.  An excursion to your sofa to play for thirty to sixty minutes on our mobile platform is as cheap as no cost beyond your gaming bankroll!

The cost of land based casino gaming forces gamers to spend a lot more time on the casino floor!  We feel that your time would be better spent on a hobby, a nice non-gaming trip, even a good movie with a good friend, or some quality time with your children or grandchildren!

The Challenge of Time and Money Management

We face this challenge every day in numerous situations.  It pays especially in gaming to have a realistic plan for both your money and your time.

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