Wild Fire 7s at Jackpot Capital Channels Nostalgia in a Slot with Modern Payoutsa

How to Simultaneously Wax Nostalgic and Win Big: Play Wild Fire 7s

Possibly the most modern aspect of online casino gaming is to play at an excellent mobile jackpot casino such as Jackpot Capital casino.  So it is happily surprising that Jackpot Capital is ecstatically introducing Wild Fire 7s, a retro three reel slot from Real Time Gaming,

Why is Mobile Casino Gaming So Significant?

To understand this aspect of casino gaming, you need to understand that desktop online gaming is still a very young option for casino gamers.  The first online casinos came aboard only in the mid-1990’s.  At that time, land-based casinos were the only legal way to play casino games and they were located primarily in Nevada, mainly in Las Vegas, and in Atlantic City.  Jackpot Capital online casino had yet to enter the online gaming market.

When mobile gaming became a reality it was not a very successful reality at all!  The graphics were poor, the animation, such as it was, was less than poor, and the games all had to be refitted to allow gamers to play them on a mobile device.

Today all things mobile are literally light years better than they were way back when, circa the turn of the century (the 21st century LOL!).

Graphics and animation are so good these days that most online gaming is now done on one’s mobile device!  Every new game that Real Time Gaming produces is made primarily for mobile screens rather than for desktop screens.  In a touch of irony, the games have to be formatted for desktop computer screens rather than the other way around as was the case for many years!

Wild Fire 7s is a Retro Slot

So, it is genuinely ironic that RTG has come up with such a retro slot as Wild Fire 7s.  This slot has three reels and five winning lines.  It features the symbols we associate with the slots of generations past.

As such, it is a perfect game for older gamers who already loved the slots way back when and would like to play a nostalgic modern slot.

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Is Wild Fire 7s All about Nostalgia?

Actually, Wild Fire 7s has several aspects of modern video slots so that the game might appeal to more modern players.

This was done by adding a fourth reel to the game!  We still can say that the game has three reels as the fourth reel is used exclusively to add winning plays to the regular game.

How Does the Fourth Reel Work?

First, the fourth reel spins like any other reel but when it stops spinning it shows only one symbol.  If the Free Spins icon appears on the fourth reel, you get seven free spins.  Along with the free spins, you get a 5x multiplier for all wins except the progressive jackpot.

You play all seven free spins unless you win fully 17,850 times your bet at which point the free spins bonus ends.

In addition to the 5x multiplier that comes automatically when you get the Free Spins symbol, there is a separate multiplier symbol.  When that symbol lands on the fourth reel you will multiply any wins by the multiplier.

Last but far from least, gamers win the progressive jackpot by getting the progressive jackpot icon on the fourth reel.  The progressive jackpot in Wild Fire 7s is a lot more attainable as you need only one symbol to win it.  The jackpot reboots at $500 after it is won by a lucky gamer from somewhere in cyberspace!

As you can see, Wild Fire 7s has elements that attract modern gamers and elements that attract nostalgic gamers.

Why is Nostalgia Important?

Some people might think that nostalgia is just a form of reminiscing.  However, as Dr. Clay Routledge says, as his thoughts were paraphrased in the Huffington Post, “reminiscence is the behavior or reflecting on your past, and nostalgia is the emotional response that it sometimes triggers.”

In that sense, nostalgia is a spiritual response to good memories!

One might say that seeking a nostalgic response to a mere game is a bit over the top.  However, when we connect the real benefits of gaming with the equally real benefits of feeling good while remembering we can see that a nostalgic foray into past ways of gaming combined with the modern elements that are the bailiwick of the fourth reel can have real emotional and psychological benefits for many gamers!

And Wild Fire 7s is a lot of fun as well!

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