How to Enjoy Weekends Away

What Does the Weekend Have in Store for You?

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What is There to Do on the Weekend?

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As Summer Gives Way to Fall

It might be more accurate to say that fall is encroaching on summer!  But September and October are still excellent months to enjoy the great outdoors!  We have three great ideas for enjoying the weekends away from home in September and October.

  1. State and county fairs.
  2. Festivals.
  3. Fall foliage.

State and County Fairs

While most state and county fairs take place in July and August, there are still many that run into September and even October!  There are many websites that list and evaluate state and county fairs.

Keep in mind that while there are “only” fifty states, there are many hundreds of counties so if the county fairs in several nearby counties are already past, there likely will be one or two that extend into late summer and early fall.

What is so Great about State and County Fairs?

1. The People

Rural people are the salt of the Earth and you can have wonderful experiences hobnobbing with small town folk, farm folk, and simple country folk.

2. The Food

If you are a dedicated vegan, vegetarian, or devotee of the whole foods plant based way of eating, you won’t eat a corn dog.  On the other hand, if you are a low carb person you also won’t eat a corn dog!  Still, state and county fairs are a foodie’s delight of cakes, cookies, pies, cotton candy, ice cream and a lot more that you normally wouldn’t eat but “just this once” let’s try the fried pickles!

People might also be able to find home-made delicacaies top briong back.

3. The Music

    While country music still predominates at these celebrations of country life, we are fully two decades into the 21st century so there will likely be an eclectic mix of music to enjoy.

    If the weather is good, people will picnic on the fair grounds and savor the sounds emanating from the bandstand.

    4. The Crafts

      Artisans travel from fair to fair selling their wares.  Kids might get a little bored if mom or dad is looking for something special to buy but there are usually craftspeople that cater to the young-ins.  They might even run a short “seminar” on their area of expertise.

      5. The Rides and Arcades

        It’s a fair after all so try to get the round ball in the square peg.  Really, that you won’t see.  There will be many attractions that test one’s skill or strength.

        The kids and accompanying adults will enjoy the rides.  The rides aren’t

        Amusement Park great but they are state or county fair great!

        6. The Animals

          City folk should be aware that at state and county fairs there will probably be bovine odors.  It’s good once in a while to reacquaint oneself with the reality of where our hamburgers and steaks come from!

          7. History

            Do you know the history of the corn dog? Do you know when cotton candy was invented?  Where did fried pickles originate?  The answers are at the end of the article!

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            There are a lot of festivals all over the country from late spring to late fall.  Again, a simple web search will reveal everything you would like to know about a festival near you in the coming weeks.

            The main differences between a festival and a fair are that the aforementioned bovine odors rarely make an “appearance” at a festival and festivals all have a theme that goes beyond state or county fair.

            Fall Foliage

            Briefly, anyplace in the world that gets cold enough for the leaves to change color in the fall, will be a great place to go to see these many ebullient fall colors.

            Mountains will reveal their colors long before the lower elevations do.  At lower latitudes, there may be very modest fall colors at lower elevations while at higher elevations every tree veritably bursts forth with wonderful colors.

            This happens in the American southwest where at lower elevations, Arizona and New Mexico never get quite cold enough for the coloration of leaves but, in the higher elevations, the trees give forth with palates of wild color!

            In the eastern United States the Great Smoky Mountains also give great fall foliage but, because the Smokies are in the south, the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange there much later than in the mountainous areas of New England!

            If you are traveling by car, the best place to see fall colors is the Blue Ridge Parkway where you can’t go over 30-35 miles an hour anyway.  So, the driver and all the passengers will see a lot of great colors!  Keep in mind though that in three hours of driving, you will travel; about 90 miles!

            If you live too far from the Parkway to drive there, you can find many other excellent slow and scenic drives to experience the fall colors from your car.

            Still, hiking to see the colors of fall is a lot better than driving, even at 25-35 miles an hour!

            Is New England the Best Place for Fall Colors?

            Not really!

            What New England has that most other areas don’t have is the following happy combination: early colors, colors at all elevations, many easy hiking paths that satisfy the color conscious without being overly challenging, bucolic small towns all along the way, and the Atlantic Ocean!

            We should never under-estimate the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean in the fall!

            Where was the Corn Dog Created?

            Corn dogs were invented in Texas by German immigrants who probably were trying to find a way to combine their native sausages with New World corn.

            Who Invented Cotton Candy?

            We don’t know who but we know when.  Cotton candy was invented in Renaissance times and may very well have been developed to sell at a local festival!

            Until the electric spinner was invented cotton candy impresarios spun the sugar by hand.

            Who was the Mastermind behind Fried Pickles?

            One Fatman Austin had a restaurant full of people and not enough catfish to feed them all so he made a catfish batter, covered pickles with the batter, and deep fried them.

            Voila! An American delicacy of sorts!  I've tasted them - they're GREAT (believe it or not)!

            Jackpot Capital Wishes You a Happy Weekend—Every Weekend!

            We presented three possible ways to enjoy late summer and fall weekends.  We are sure that there are hundreds more great weekend ideas!  The key is to go someplace that is not a land-based casino!

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