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Spring is Here! And what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather you have been waiting for than to go on an adventure through an enchanted forest, ripe with green! No, we don’t mean the Forests receding from your property. We mean the forest grounds here at Jackpot Capital! And by green we mean cash, of course, with $100,000 worth in cash prizes! Our friend Rabbit Hood is in need of some hunting help, so why don’t you join him down his Magic Trail, in search of diamonds blossoming through the bonus forest. Through May 14th, motivated players are handsomely rewarded prizes for Spring spending, as we prove our dedication to those dedicated to us! Just like in nature, the more time you put in, the wealthier you become!

Uncover All The Forest Has to Offer!

It is that time of year where birds begin their song, flowers turn to bloom, and the treasures that hide through the winter start to peek their heads out. As kids this was our revelation, spring and all. Filled with easter egg hunts and neighborhood hide and seek into dusk, we were full of joy to be out doors again, finding the treasures hidden in nature. There is no need to lose this joy, and we here at Jackpot Capital remember the bliss of filling your hands with the found gifts of spring - Discoverable in the bonus forest! That’s why this month our Headline Promotion is a hunt through the enchanted! You will join Rabbit Hood in a quest for the diamonds scattered throughout the forest, and will come to find that the more time spent among the timberland, the richer you are upon departure.

As we harken back to simpler times spent roaming around, taking in what the world has to offer, we ask you what do you remember from childhood hunts? Would you spend a Saturday with your mom dying eggs in easter hues, tuning in to listen for possible clues mom might let slip on where the easter bunny will hide them? What about Sunday’s spent with family, loaded up on sugar, bouncing around, smile on face as you discovered the green tinted egg in a flower pot hugged by tulips? Or how about the satisfaction of finding your friend smug with pride perched on a tree branch, to finish a game of Manhunt? We know we cannot bring those times back, but what we can do is create new memories of rewarding hunts which fill our soul with joy. Sometimes all you need is to spend a little time in the forest!

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Can You Find the Diamonds in the Forest?!

Can you hear that? That sound filling your ears and ringing through your body is the joy of adventure! And we all know that the best part of an adventure is discovering the treasure. Throughout the next 5 weeks, you will be rewarded for your adventures through all that is Jackpot Capital! You’re here with us in the online casino world because of reciprocity - from what you give, you will be returned at even great rates! Along with our weekly bonuses, the more you play, the higher up our Forest Scoreboard you will climb! Comp Points are also given for every single bet you make with us - Double the benefits!

 Rabbit Hood Bonus Forest V2

Ready to follow the Rabbit’s Magic Trail? Join us from April 10th - May 14th in order to hunt out those Diamond Bonuses! Collect Comp Points each step of the way!

  • Every Monday: Check the Forest Scoreboard ranking for $15,000 in weekly prizes ($75,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($25,000 total!)

We don’t believe in ‘no new friends,’ so for those who don’t know how this works, we will give you a rundown on how we care for our friends here at Jackpot Capital. By joining our Headline Promotion, you will be given the opportunity to get your name added to our Forest Scoreboard. If you are able to put in the work and elevate through the leaderboard, you will get in great position to reap the plentiful gifts the forest has to offer, as $20,000 in bonus prizes are given away each week! Maybe you’re now thinking to yourself that there must be some trick to this treat, but no! All you need to do to secure a spot on our Forest Scoreboard is play! We must give you a warning though: the competition is fierce, and the forest can grow dark, so be sure you’re ready for the adventure!

On each Monday you will receive your rightful winnings, if you make the Scoreboard. But that’s not the only of our weekly benefits, as on each Friday you will be a part of our Friday Random Bonus Boost, where you will have the chance to be chosen among our field of friends for a piece of the $5,000 prizepool! Because of course there needs to be an element of surprise along our adventures! Thursday is also added to the mix, as every Thursday you will receive a weekly bonus, to keep your bank filled up. Are you a VIP yet? What are waiting for?! VIP’s receive an additional Tuesday bonus, as well as a Saturday Special!

This is a lot, we know. Which begs the question- what are you waiting for?! Rabbit Hood and the Enchanted Forest are waiting for you to come experience the wonder that is springtime! Just remember, keep your eyes focused and senses in tune. You never know what the spring will bring!

Get Hunting!

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