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The Jackpot Capital Jungle is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, from wild jaguars, soaring hawks, towering trees, and its luscious green habitat, it is something many of us have yet to experience. Lucky for you, Jackpot Capital’s got you covered. As the summer has ripened, we want to give you a warm welcome to the Jungle. Well, it is more like a hot welcome, as the scorching heat has us in the mood to give out some $afari casino bonuses! Join the Jackpot Capital Jungle $afari for a journey you’re sure to never forget, and discover big bonuses all month long with our Headline Promotion, $210,000 in prizes! This is your time to hop in the JC Jeep and go for a ride, taking in all the Jungle has to offer while collecting your share of its wealth! Follow along below to learn more about this adventure of a lifetime!

Get Wild in the Jungle!

Did you know the word ‘Jungle’ is derived from jangala, a Sanskrit word meaning uncultivated land? It is a word which is ubiquitous from Eurasia to India, where it is commonly used in reference of unkempt land which is now overgrown and tangled in vegetation. Jungles are usually inhabited landmasses which house various types of land and vegetation, which interrupts the desire to confine a definition on its wildlife. Not to be confused with tropical forests, jungles often exist within, or at the edges, of rainforests. Jungles tend to develop when there is increased sunlight along the ground of uninhabited land masses, explaining a key difference between tropical forests and jungles, as tropical forests develop a closed canopy which inhibits sunlight and the dense vegetative growth of jungles.

We often use the term ‘jungle’ to refer to a place or situation which is chaotic and lawless, where Darwinism reigns supreme. However, this is not necessarily the case, and we here at Jackpot Capital do not subscribe to it. While there may be some darkness, we like to think of jungles as a place of wonder and light, not of darkness. If you keep your eyes bright, you will find yourself blessed with some “Jungle Love” while on the Jackpot Capital $afari! Blessed with $afari casino bonuses, that is! While on this trek, you will be able to grab bonuses from our massive bonus pool we have set up in the JC Jungle, including some random bonus prizes!

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Collect Your Jungle Bonus Today!

The jungle can often take on a negative connotation, as a place which is uncivilized and untamed, isolated from the world and full of threatening emotions, often inducing powerlessness. However, we’re here to show you this isn’t the case!

Join our Headline Promotion this month to take control of your own destiny, and climb the $afari Scoreboard for weekly bonuses! There is no need to allow the jungle to dominate you, as it’s up to you to battle fellow players and come out on top!

Join us from June 26th - August 9th to catch $210,000 in Wild Bonuses!

  • Every Monday: Check the $afari Scoreboard ranking for $30,000 in weekly prizes ($180,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($30,000 total!)

With our Headline Promotion, there will be tons of opportunities for you to pile up the cash this month! There is a $afari Scoreboard set up for you to keep track of, and each week it will be updated for you to see if your name has risen to the ranks! If you have what it takes, then you will be apart of the $30,000 in bonuses given away each week to those who make the Scoreboard! That’s a lot of $afari casino bonuses for something as easy as simply playing with us throughout the week! You will be rewarded with bonuses for every deposit you make to play your favorite games, and the best players, who deposit the most each week, will find their name on our Scoreboard. When you find your name on the Scoreboard, then you’ll receive a wild cash bonus! But, the competition is always raising its level, so be sure to give it all you got, and remember, you must be logged in to see the Scoreboard!

But wait…there’s more! On top of receiving a weekly Scoreboard Bonus every, you will also be entered into a random drawing every Friday, as part of our Friday Random Bonus Boost, which rewards a total of $5,000 in bonuses each week to the randomly chosen players! In addition, you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Thursday, keeping your ‘Bonus Bank’ filled up, all week long. For the VIPs out there, you have even more coming your way, with a weekly VIP bonus every Tuesday and an additional Saturday VIP Bonus Special for you to receive!

The best part of this Jungle experience is that you don’t even need to be in the jungle to earn big rewards! Just play with our easy to use mobile app from anywhere in the world!

Come on down to Jackpot Capital and find out if you have what it takes to raise your game and survive the Jungle - Join us for $210,000 in Jungle Bonuses and collect the fruits of the land by simply logging in today!

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