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You’re invited to join Jackpot Capital’s new Headline Promotion bonus party this August, which will last not one, but two months! Join our good friend Boris the Bear as he journeys across the United States visiting our breathtaking National Parks! If you’ve never visited the incredible nature our country has to offer, now is your time, however, it’s not all for vacation! Boris is on a quest to find leftover picnic goodies and fill up for his winter hibernation, and he needs your help! Join the Jackpot Capital Picnic Hunters and accompany Boris to scoop up all the bonus goodies. Climb up the Picnic Scoreboard for your shot at $280,000 in prizes! Not only will you get the opportunity to cash in on a massively lucrative bonus offer, but you’ll get to usher in the bountiful autumn in wonderful wildlife!

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At the beginning of our great nation, we had a slight insecurity in our youth. Europe has its culture, its castles, its paintings, but what did we have? It took some time to figure this out, but with the westward expansion it became obvious: we have Nature! In the 19th century, as we faced great adversity, an unprecedented social concept was born in the idea of the national park system, thus helping a nation go through a rebirth. We may take for granted just how incredible our nature is from coast to coast, but it is one of our truly great qualities that separates us from the rest of the world. Today the National Park Service contains more than 400 areas across over more than 84 million acres of land throughout all 50 states, but at first, there was only one: Yellowstone National Park. For this reason, this month the first location of our picnic hunt will be Yellowstone.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone was the first park or monument to be created and set a domino effect in motion. Not only was Yellowstone the first US national park, but it was the first in the world! Yellowstone is one of the most famous natural locations in the entire world for many reasons, from its rugged beauty to its incredible wildlife, but perhaps most of all its active thermal areas such as geysers and hot springs. In fact, Yellowstone has the planet’s most diverse collection of geysers, hot springs, mudpots, and fumaroles! Home to the highest concentration of mammals in the continental states, it’s also the home to Boris the Bear.

Next up, you be traveling to Grand Canyon National Park! This park of overwhelming depth is an experience unlike any other in the entire world. From rim to rim, the canyon is over a mile deep, and at spots on the exposed rock layers, you can see over two billion years of geologic history! Best of all for you, the Grand Canyon is one of the largest tourist attractions in the world, meaning there are plenty of goodies lying around for the taking while with the Jackpot Capital Picnic Hunters!

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Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, we still have another 2 parks to visit, so we hope you have the stamina to make it for the whole Headline Promotion! Perhaps the most stunning location in all of the America’s is Yosemite National Park! Known for its spectacular granite cliffs, massive sequoia groves, biological diversity, and giant waterfalls. This huge 1,200 sq. mile park has thousands of lakes and ponds, over a thousand miles of streams and some of the most striking hiking trails imaginable. With nearly 4 million visitors a year, this is a treasure trove of picnic goodies, and Boris the Bear likes to think of it as a heaven for him!

For our final location, you’ll be joining Boris the Bear at Rocky Mountain National Park! Surrounded by three stunning forests, this park is cut through the center by the Continental Divide, creating two distinctly different landscapes: a glaciated eastern side, and a lush forested western side. Given the highly elevated nature of this park, it may be a difficult journey, but just like stepping into any game at Jackpot Capital, it’s worth it!

Join our Headline Promotion this month to guide life by your own hands, and climb the Picnic Scoreboard for weekly bonuses! Conquer the rugged American landscape and make it to the top!

Join us from August 7th - October 1st to gobble up $280,000 in Bonuses!

  • Every Monday: Check the Picnic Scoreboard ranking for $30,000 in weekly prizes ($240,000 in total!)
  • Every Friday: Score $5,000 in weekly Friday Random Bonus Boosts ($40,000 total!)

Visit each National Park on the Following Dates to Collect the Coupon codes:

  • National Park Yellowstone from August 7th – 20th
  • National Park Grand Canyon from August 21st – September 3rd
  • National Park Yosemite from September 4th – 17th
  • National Park Rocky Mountain from September 18th – October 1st

As you can see, our Headline Promotion, just like the US, has a plethora of opportunities for you to rake in the cash as we head into autumn! There is a Picnic Scoreboard set up for you to keep track of, and each week it will be updated for you to see if your name has risen to the ranks! If you have what it takes, then you will be part of the $40,000 in bonuses given away each week to those who make the Scoreboard! That’s a crazy amount of online casino bonuses for something as easy as simply playing with us throughout the week! For every deposit you make to play your favorite games, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus, and the very best players, who deposit the most each week, will find their name on our Scoreboard. It’s that easy! Then, when you find your name on the Scoreboard, you’ll receive a crazy cash bonus! This is America, though, so the competition is raging - Be sure to give it all you got, and remember, you must be logged in to see the Scoreboard!

But wait…there’s more! On top of receiving a weekly Scoreboard Bonus every, you will also be entered into a random drawing every Friday, as part of our Friday Random Bonus Boost, which rewards a total of $5,000 in bonuses each week to the randomly chosen players! In addition, you’ll receive a weekly bonus every Thursday, keeping your ‘Bonus Bank’ filled up, all week long. For the VIPs out there, you have even more coming your way, with a weekly VIP bonus every Tuesday and an additional Saturday VIP Bonus Special for you to receive!

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