Do we keep our promises?! Well, rather than us just tell you how great we are, you can see for yourself! Every year here at Jackpot Capital, we make a list of all of the things we want to improve for the New Year, so that our players (You!) can have an even better experience. No, we don’t focus on ‘eating well’, ‘losing weight’ or ‘reading more books’ - although, surely our employees might! - but instead, we look to the future and how we can make the best gameplay possible for all of our happy players! What’s more, who better to base our resolutions on, than the opinion of our players?!

Last year, in 2015, right before the New Year, we reached out to all of you and asked, “What do you want to see from Jackpot Capital in the year 2016?” With an overflow of solid, realistic responses, we narrowed it down to the most popular 2016 Resolutions, outlining them in a blog post published this time last year! Lower wagering requirements, more ongoing bonuses, progressive jackpots - there was a great list of feedback from our players and readers of how we could improve, and improve, we always do! Take a look at the 2016 New Year Resolutions we made for this year, and just how well we delivered on them!

2016 New Year Resolutions Winning Year

1. Is Jackpot Capital the King of Jackpots?!

As the name suggests, we are the ‘Capital’ of Jackpots, being your number one place to flock to if you want to make it big - with the thrill of the Las Vegas vibe, through and through! Jackpot Capital in known as the ‘virtual Vegas’, meaning you can enjoy all of the great fun you’d find on the Nevada trip - without leaving your home, for that matter! It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but as long as you have a PC, or better yet, a tablet or mobile device, you can bring us with you - no matter where you need to go!

The year of 2016 has seen some definite action, with players making some impressive wins on our thrilling games - like our first win of 2016, where one player won an impressive $32,700 in the month of January on our (provingly) ‘lucky’ game, Lucky 6! And let’s not forget about September’s BIG win, that was a doozy! While there’s been a whole lot of other winners in smaller amounts, the best story of 2016 was definitely Deborah Button’s story, a longtime player of ours, who made her daughter’s wedding dreams come true with the help of Jackpot Capital! As Deborah was a loyal player to us for many years, we helped her out by purchasing her daughter’s dream wedding dress - while also, making a special one-time bonus to go along with it! Perhaps, Deborah was our biggest winner of 2016 - you just can’t put a price on love!

2. Did You Enjoy Low Wagering this Year?

We had an overwhelming response from our players, asking for Jackpot Capital online casino to provide more low wager bonus options. Generally speaking, this is a common request at many online casinos, as there’s nothing more gut wrenching than making a big win, only to see it decrease massively when you want to withdrawal, due to high wager requirements. Here at Jackpot Capital, we have already-existing below average wager requirements, with the general requirement being 30x. Compared to other online casinos, this is a fair and reasonable number, however, if we can make it even lower to satisfy our amazing players, you can ‘bet’ we’ll give it a shot!

As the lower wagering was such a popular request, over the year 2016 we have done ongoing low wager bonus specials, feeding the need of those who love to play. If you happened to take notice, we have had many low wager bonuses with only 20x the wagering requirement, giving you the chance to decrease your requirement at withdrawal by an impressive 10x!

3. Did You Become a VIP with Us?!

Another hot topic on the list of 2016 New Year Resolutions at Jackpot Capital, was the request to allow more players the VIP status at Jackpot Capital! Anyone with the ‘will to win’ can become a VIP player with us, and as you may imagine, it comes with a whole lot of perks, perks that will make a big difference to your bankroll! Over the year 2016, we have seen a lot more requests for players to take on the VIP name at Jackpot Capital, meaning a lot more players had a great experience with us - and that is always amazing news for us!+

Have you become a VIP player with Jackpot Capital yet? If you haven’t, just take a look at what benefits await you: Exclusive VIP bonuses, in addition to our regular bonuses, on every promotion we have, the opportunity to gain extra CompPoints while playing with us (giving you even more total bonus opportunities), special Birthday bonuses, more personalized customer service, and, saving the best for last, more low wager bonuses! If you still haven’t claimed your VIP status with us, make that YOUR goal of 2017 - Find out how to qualify now!

2016 New Year Resolutions Promotions

4. How Many Great Bonuses Did You Use?

As you may expect, when any online casino asks its players what they hope to see more of, you can almost always guarantee that one major response will be, “More bonuses!” Of course! In addition to our amazing games, with new slot titles coming up every month, there needs to be more great bonus promotions to play them with, and we stepped right up to the plate for this 2016 New Year Resolution!

Over the last year, we’ve made the extra effort to ensure that there are always new bonus promotions available to our players every month, with fun themes to go along with them. Especially in North America, there are so many exciting holidays, or simply, exciting days to celebrate, so we’ve embraced this fact to give you always something new, something special. For example, every Wednesday we send out a special email with a Hump Day Bonus, with a special ‘theme’ of the day, to go along with it! Not only do you have a chance to brighten your mid-week with a potentially winning bonus, but you learn something new, too! Now that’s what we call a ‘win-win’!

5. Did You Enjoy Our Progressive Jackpots?!

Last, but certainly not least, we had a very popular request from players to, simply, “Win more progressive jackpots”. Well, we have no influence on who wins on a progressive jackpot, and when, but we sure can make a great selection of progressive jackpot slots available to your players! Some of our most popular progressive slot games include Megasaur, Spirit on the Inca, and Let Em Ride, however with a new game released every month, you know there will be more chances to make a new favorite in the progressive jackpot realm! As long as you keep close to us here at Jackpot Capital, you’ll be “in the know” when the next progressive jackpot game goes live on our website - Just keep an eye on your email, and, of course, our blog!

It’s certainly been a busy 2016 year for us here, and now, reflecting on our proposed 2016 New Year Resolutions, we seem to have hit the mark on all of our player demands! Better yet, 2017 is just around the corner, which means we’ll be making brand new goals for the new year - and we want to hear from you! Contact us and let us know if you think we’re doing a good job - and how we could improve for the year to come! Let us be the first to ‘Thank you’ for being a loyal player with us, your opinion matters! ‘Cheers’ to another great year of gaming fun, and perhaps, this is your year to hit the ‘Virtual Vegas’ Jackpot!


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