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What Can New Gamers Expect from Jackpot Capital?

The news related to the coronavirus outbreak continues to stun us every day!  The latest news is that Las Vegas casinos are closed by order of the Governor of Nevada.  Following in the lead from Nevada, many land based casinos all across the United Sates are closed or closing!

This will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of people playing at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Gamers who have heretofore always played at land based casinos will be thrilled to find out how accessible our mobile jackpot casino is as are our desktop and laptop flagship casino.

So, we are devoting this blog article to speaking directly to not only new gamers but new gamers who are reluctantly seeking out online casino gaming.  We welcome everyone to the Jackpot Capital casino family and we would now like to demonstrate why it is such a good decision to join us.

Cyberspace has Many Advantages over Land Based Casinos

We state this quite often because it is so relevant.  In cyberspace, you can play all of our 300 or more games without giving up your seat!  We know that gamers who are devoted to land based casinos also play a very few games in any long weekend excursion to the casino of their choice. 

At Jackpot Capital, our long-time gamers play several different games in an average one hour session!  Our gamers try out games of skill even if they generally play games of chance and try out games of chance even if they generally play games of skill!  The simple fact is that, at Jackpot Capital online casino, if you try out a game and don’t like it, you can leave that game and go to another one in an instant.

So, the first advantage of online casino gaming over land based casino gaming is that online you can play every game at your leisure while on land the overwhelming majority of gamers stick with a very short list of games.  in fact, land based casino gamblers often play one game only in a long weekend at the casino!

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The High Cost of Travel

If you live close to a land based casino, you might be able to drive there in the morning and then drive home in the evening.  In these cases, gamers would have less travel costs than those who have to fly in and stay overnight in the hotel. Still, there are driving costs, restaurant costs, and the cost of being in the casino longer than is optimal.

At Jackpot Capital, we emphasize the importance of setting a time budget on a player’s gaming.  At a land based casino, there are few players who set a time limit on their gaming.  After all, the reason they came to the casino in the first place was to gamble.

Here is a hidden disadvantage of gaming at a land based casino: it takes the gaming aspect out of the casino activity and replaces it with an atmosphere of gambling.   Since gaming at Jackpot Capital online casino is readily available on desktop or mobile, most gamers find it easy to set not only financial budget but also a time budget for their gaming.  This single benefit of online gaming goes a long way to keeping gaming as gaming and allows players to maintain responsible gaming as their ongoing credo.

Online Casinos Give More Bonuses

We offer many promotions.  Some last a single day, some a week, and some a month or longer.  The most important aspect of getting bonuses and participating in promotions at Jackpot Capital and other online casinos is that online casino gamers have a lot more time to work off the wagering requirement for deposit bonuses and to participate in promotions.

Online gamers see gaming as one activity among many.  Land based casino gamers see their gaming as gambling for the duration of their time at the casino which is usually two or three days.  Online gamers have a comfortable ongoing relationship with the casino while land based casino gamblers have a here today gone tomorrow relationship with the casino.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

In the early days of online casino gaming, casinos offered deposit bonuses only to have some of the people who received those bonuses cash out almost immediately!  So, online casinos learned that they had to impose a wagering requirement before gamers could withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus.  Once the gamer fulfills the wagering requirement, she or he is free to withdraw whatever money they have in their casino account.

Land based casinos might run a slots tournament for an hour or two.  Online casinos can run slots tournaments for a month!  We offer many promotions that last a month and are divided into weekly segments. This allows busy gamers to participate and possibly win one week even though other obligations make it impossible to participate in other weeks!

Loyalty Really Pays off at Online Casinos

All casinos have some sort of loyalty program.  At land based casinos, gamblers can use a player’s card to accumulate points that they can turn in for some benefits.  Clearly, if someone goes to a land based casino for a long weekend, they will accumulate fewer points than someone who can play many times every month at their favorite online casino.

Land based casinos offer free alcohol, free restaurant meals, possibly free accommodations in the hotel, and even free show tickets to high rollers.  Online casinos offer casino credits!  When you play at Jackpot Capital and accumulate enough loyalty points, you can convert them into casino credits.

It is certainly true that some players prefer the free alcohol to casino credits.  Keep in mind, however, that land based casinos know that even one drink will cause gamblers to lose more money by making irrational bets or simply playing too long.  We always say: Don’t play if you’re tired; don’t play if you’re hungry; don’t play if you can’t concentrate because you have other, more pressing responsibilities; and don’t drink and play.

Most people like a drink or two.  Save the alcohol consumption for after the gaming fun!

The Tip of the Gaming Iceberg

These are just a few of the many benefits gamers enjoy when they fully experience online casino gaming.  Jackpot Capital welcomes all new gamers, especially those who have always played casino games at land based casinos!  We feel confident that you will appreciate the many benefits of playing online and will continue to play at Jackpot Capital even after the coronavirus crisis is far behind us.

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