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Our Las Vegas Lifestyle blog this August will be dedicated to one of Latin America’s most unique and respectable casinos, Trilenium Casino in Buenos Aires. With thousands of games on offer, restaurants in which you can find Mediterranean cuisine, as well as (of course) the world-known Argentinian eats, entertainment in the form of bars, dancing competitions and live performances, the casino occupies over 20,000 square feet of land belonging to the town of Tigre, a part of the Greater Buenos Aires area situated in the north of the city. Read on and join Jackpot Capital as we attempt to answer the question of what it is, exactly, that makes this casino such a popular gambling and party destination!

Gaming Delirium - Casino Trilenium

One of the clearest advantages Trilenium Casino Buenos Aires has over its competition is - undoubtedly - its location, different from our idea of where a casino should be in that it is nowhere near the city center, other casinos or the main business district, but that it’s surrounded by nature and water. The town of its location, Tigre, is by itself already a popular weekend destination for many Argentinians; located about half an hour by train from the Capital Federal, the center area of Buenos Aires, Tigre sits on the banks of the Parana River Delta - and so does Trilenium Casino! So close is the casino to the river that the breathtaking view of its colossal beauty seems to leave many of the casino’s visitors speechless.

Moreover, following the river inlands will lead you to discover countless other rivers and streams that flow into it, some of which are as narrow as one way streets in the South of Italy, and it is this wilderness and its adventurous connotations that make Tigre such a popular destination - to both locals and visiting tourists. Exploring the depths of the river would require you to take one of the many larger boats which circulate the river and act as water buses, leaving the banks in front of the Tigre Train Station at predetermined intervals. Or, alternatively, to hire a smaller, private boat, which acts as a water taxi and allows you to pick the departure times yourself.

While a trip up the river is unquestionably a must-do for all of the casino’s visitors, it only represents a small portion of all the features that make Trilenium Casino Buenos Aires a place worth visiting. The greater portion of these features is located within the casino’s walls, and includes their expansive range of over 1,800 slot machines and more than 70 table games! Many of these slots, like for instance 88 Fortunes, Dancing Drums, Lighting Link or Super Pozo, have thrillingly generous Progressive Jackpots.

The table games at Trilenium Casino Buenos Aires are spread across the different sections of its colorful casino floor; they include games such as Craps, Blackjack and American Roulette, among, naturally, many others. In their poker room you may find all of the popular poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Video Poker and the 3-Card Poker. You can place bets between $10 and $20 and get returns as high as $10,000!

Additionally, the Trilenium Casino Buenos Aires has a couple of separated VIP chambers, known as the Club Platinum Lounge, where visitors can find more sophisticated table games and slots; they can play in a peaceful environment and enjoy high denomination bets. In order to access the VIP chambers, visitors would have to subscribe to their loyalty program, called Hit Club. All visitors are eligible for this subscription, whose other benefits come in the form of reserved parking spots, free slot spins, restaurant discounts and a tour of the town! Between Thursday and Sunday, the casino is open all day and night. On all other days it operates between 11am and 6pm.

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Trilenium’s Julia

Even though the casino, itself, does not have accommodation facilities, the nearby hotel - Villa Julia - does. This hotel, in which most of Trilenium Casino’s visitors tend to book their stay, is one of the oldest in the region. It was constructed in 1913, but, though its outside preserved most of its original ‘La Belle Époque’ design, the rooms of the hotel and the rest of the interior are very modern.

As for the food and drinks, Trilenium Casino Buenos Aires has three main dining places. They’re called Patio De Comidas, Tamiz Resto Bar and Buffet Trilenium. You can find Buffet Trilenium - a modern restaurant with a laid back atmosphere - conveniently close to the casino floors. Tamiz Resto Bar is where you would go if you are looking for Mediterranean food, spirits, beer, wine or coffee, or where you would go if you are looking for a little party; it’s also where you can catch those dance competitions and live music performances (jazz, blues and tango) that we’ve mentioned earlier! Last but not least, the Patio De Comidas is designed to meet all your needs for snacks and refreshing beverages.

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