The celebration of the Autumn season, in general, (including Labor Day) goes back many decades, and now, in modern times, we ring in a new season with fun, festivities, and likely, some last grills on the BBQ! We always take advantage of special occasions around here, and this Autumn season, we want you to have the chance to play with our Last Days of Summer Mystery bonuses! The heat and sunshine are slowly fading, but don’t get yourself in despair - Spend some time with us, and we’ll keep you far away from feeling those ‘Summer blues’.

Everyday, A New Bonus Surprise

When the Virtual Vegas comes to save the day (that’s us!), you can pretty much guarantee that you will receive a hefty bonus offer to start the good times off, and with an end-of-season celebration, it’s surely no different. We are making an effort to embrace the fact that a new season is upon on, looking to the bright side. Kids are headed back to school? Great! The kids get back on a routine and you can get back to yours! Returning to work after Summer holidays? Hey, balance is the key to the good things in life, so bring a positive attitude and get back to it - Time will fly before you’re planning on taking your next vacation!

Of course, even when it’s ‘back to reality’, we still have to have a little fun, enjoy the new possibilities around us, and live life to the fullest! As part of our Last Days of Summer bonus promotion, we’re offering a Mystery bonus every day until September 11th, with a new bonus sent to your email everyday. Take advantage of your last chances to have a late night BBQ, then take a break to have some fun with us!

What kind of bonuses are we awarding, you may be wondering? Well, you’ll have to login and find out, as we’re keeping that part a secret! If we were to give you some hints, just think about all of the common themes that tend to occur during this season, and that fact that you’ll be rewarded double for your efforts!

Last Days of Summer FootballKO

Beat the Summer Blues

Summer, with all of the parties, beach weather, fruity cocktails and sun, is surely a season to get out and enjoy, but eventually, it comes to an inevitable end. While this may seem depressing, you really can’t deny the benefit of a balanced lifestyle, and for many of us, balanced temperatures, too! There are certainly many things to appreciate about the Fall season; the leaves change different shades of yellows, oranges and reds (depending on where you live, of course!), the weather cools down, and of course, we tend to have a festive party for those final days - Our Last Days of Summer party!

Not only do we want to reward you with ways to win, hopefully lifting your spirits out of the ‘dumps’ of cooler weather, but we want to help you through this anticipated transition! Sure, we all love Summer, but there are 100’s of new possibilities with the Autumn season - No beach needed!

With the leaves changing, one of the most exciting events to come is surely Football season! You’ve got a whole new reason to get that party started and the adrenaline pumping, which naturally, goes perfect with playing a few rounds on our games while your favorite team makes a touchdown. Not only that, but perhaps you’ll come across some celebratory Football bonuses along the way - But you’ll have to keep in touch to find out!

And that’s not all… During the same promotion period, you’re also competing for your share of $160,000 in bonuses, climbing up our Kingdom of Slots Scoreboard, discovering Random bonuses, making 2 competitive battles for one big pile of cash prizes!

And what about all of the other sports in the Autumn season? You can go for a hike (without the blazing heat), shoot some hockey in the street, rake up a pile of leaves with the kids; all the things it’s just too hot for in the Summertime. Get creative during the season before the snow comes, when you’ll be snuggled beside the fireplace!

While time spent with us here at Jackpot Capital is always thrilling, don’t forget to enjoy what’s just outside your door - a brand new season! When you’ve had enough, make sure you login to your email to find your Last Days of Summer Mystery bonuses, and check back with us next week for more good news!


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