Play Let'em Ride, Baccarat, and Other Great Games

There are many unsung casino games. Online casinos can feature many such games in different categories. At a land-based casino there may be one terminal for the game a player is looking for and he or she cannot find it!  At Jackpot Capital, gamers have no difficulty finding all 300+ games we have on offer!

Given that, there are still games in the top echelon of casino games and other games we offer that are “unsung”.

Let’s talk about a few unsung games.  We will start with the very unsung Let em Ride!

Why Should Gamers Play Let em Ride Online?

The reason players should play online Let em Ride is the same as why gamers should play any game online or why they should play online in general. An online casino such as Jackpot Capital offers the most flexibility, the lowest travel costs (Zero!!), the widest range of games, the highest return to player rates in slots, more variations of popular games such as blackjack and video poker, we never take out slots terminals to make room for new slot machines, and we offer a large assortment of unsung games that land-based casinos do not have room to offer.

Let's look at Let em Ride and other unsung online casino games.

Let em Ride is a Fast-paced Game

The goal in Let em Ride is simply to get a pair of tens or better and then the player wins!  Players do not play against the dealer or the house; they play their own cards looking for that winning pair or better.

In Let em Ride, there are three bets the gamer has to make before the dealer deals the cards.  These bets have to be equal to each other.

As the game progresses, the gamer can keep all three of his or her bets or can remove up to two bets.

The ante bet has to stay in play for the duration of the game.

The dealer gives the player three cards and there are two community cards that the dealer places face down to start.

Let em Ride gets its name because gamers can let their first three bets “ride” even before seeing any of the community cards.  The gamer can remove a bet before seeing the first community card.  He or she takes back one bet and then the community card is revealed.

Keep in mind that the community cards are always revealed so the name Let em Ride refers to the bets, not the cards!

The same procedure is repeated for the second community card: the gamer can remove one bet and then the second community card is revealed.

There is a pay table that runs from $1000 for a Royal Flush to 1-1 for a pair of tens.  There is also a side bet that pays off if there is a pair in the player’s first three cards.

Let em Ride is a fun game as players have some decisions to make but the decisions are quite simple to see.  Players can win all three bets with a good hand or less if they take back one or two bets.

Now, let’s take a look at Baccarat.

Baccarat is Famous as the Game of the Rich and Famous

Actually, baccarat is simply one of many card games that gamers can enjoy either online or on land.

Baccarat rules are simple and the best strategy is even simpler. There is a player and a banker. Some casinos show off and call the banker 'banque'. Fun fact - as you might imagine, baccarat is a French game originally so the T is silent!

Bet before the Dealer (Bank or Banque) Deals the Cards

At a land-based casino, the dealer does all the "work" since all decisions are already forced by the rules. In online baccarat games, the software is the dealer so it handles the game from the deal to the declaration of the winner.

The player can bet either on him or herself, called the player bet, on the dealer or bank, called the dealer, bank, or banque bet, or for a tie. All statistical analyses have shown that to bet for a tie is a very poor bet as while it pays a high return, it loses far too often to be a good bet.

Yes, baccarat strategy allows players to bet against themselves and it turns out that that is also the best strategy in baccarat.

Dealer and Player Get Two Cards and then the Rules Dictate the Hand

We won't go into all of the minutiae of baccarat rules. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the rules and, actually, players don't make any decisions in baccarat except for the type of bet and the size of the bet!

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What Makes Baccarat Online Such a Fun Game?

There are two simple reasons.

First, since you are playing online, you have tremendous flexibility in the number, variety, and length of time you spend on any game. Second, the graphics and animation make it seem as if you are at a land-based casino but without all of the many hassles of actually being at a land-based casino.

If you wish to play free baccarat games in order to learn the rules of the game before betting real money, you can play in free play mode. This is yet another reason why an online casino is almost always a better gaming choice than a land-based casino.

What Other Unsung Games Does Jackpot Capital Casino Offer?

Actually, which are the un-unsung games at Jackpot Capital?  Slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, and keno are the most famous games we have on offer. We also have a sizable library of "other games". Let's have a peak.

Caribbean Poker Comes in Triplets!

There are three Caribbean Poker variations. The basic rules are the same but the specific rules are different. The three Caribbean Poker games also share a progressive jackpot.  Gamers qualify to win all or part of the jackpot by making a side bet. Gamers can win all of the progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush or part of the jackpot with lesser hands.

Playing Caribbean Poker

In each of the three Caribbean Poker games, the player will get two cards and the dealer will also get two cards. Now the player has to decide whether to fold or call. A call bet is a second bet that is double the first bet.

Here is the kicker: the dealer cannot win unless he qualifies with a minimum hand. If the player calls and the dealer qualifies, then either the player will win both bets or the dealer will win both bets. However, if the player calls and the dealer doesn't qualify, the second bet is a push and the player wins the first or ante bet.

The Best Decision in Caribbean Poker is Usually to Call

So, players in Caribbean Poke have a string incentive to call even if they have a poor hand because the dealer might not qualify and the player would then win the ante bet with a very poor hand!

Three Card Poker is Very Similar to Caribbean Poker

The big difference between three card poker and Caribbean Poker is that three card poker uses....three cards! A lot of gamers love Caribbean Poker and three card poker as diversions and as alternatives to their main go to games!

Jackpot Capital Casino Carries Two Excellent Specialty Games

These are called Fish Catch and Banana Jones. Fish Catch is a deep-sea shooting game in which gamers choose the fish they will try to shoot and the gun they will use. Fish Catch is designed to allow gamers to play alone or "against" other players.

You can play Fish Catch with gamers form the other side of the world!

Whoo Hoo, Whoo Hoo!

That is what Banana Jones will yell out when you reach the castle and save the Crystal Banana from her "captivity". Along the way, you will open chests that have various fruits inside. Your win is determined by the first fruit to come up three times.

It takes some luck to reach the castle. Banana Jones is designed to resemble the famous kids' game Chutes and Ladders. The chutes are snakes and the ladders are vines.

Jackpot Capital Casino Offers Great Promotions

Before we invite you to join Jackpot Capital, we would like to tell you about the many positive aspects of gaming with us.

  1. We have a sizable welcome bonus for new gamers.
  2. We run many promotions that also offer casino bonuses in money and free spins.
  3. We encourage gamers to maximize fun which also means adhering to the best principles of bankroll management.
  4. We have an excellent mobile gaming platform that operates on most mobile devices.
  5. Our customer service team is well-trained to help you resolve any issue or simply to answer any question.



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