Can You Count All the Ways to Have Fun?

Everyone loves to have fun! Online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital is one of many ways to have fun. We would like to explore a few ways to have fun in conjunction with gaming at our top-level jackpot casino.

We said in conjunction with gaming at Jackpot Capital. That is because there are a million more ways to have fun while also gaming at our excellent online casino than there are to have fun while gambling at any land-based casino.

In other words, online casino gaming leads gamers to have a lot more fun than does gambling at a land-based casino!

What is Fun?

Fun is something that makes people laugh and feel good. We will not take the dark road that some people laugh at horrible things. We will stick with the overwhelmingly accepted and understood meaning of fun.

Start with Slots

Slots are the most played game in any casino. At an online casino such as Jackpot Capital, you can go from slot to slot, checking out how our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic, has created an idea for yet another slot.

How does the wild symbol work in this game? What is the bonus round like in that game?

Slots have themes. Some use dark shades to effect a mood and some use bright colors to effect a different mood. Some slots feature beautiful women while other slots feature hunky men.


We wrote a poem (entirely by accident) to describe great slots gaming:

One of the best ways to enjoy slots

And to draw out the most laughter and fun

Is to play with a friend,

A lover,

A partner,

Or a significant other.

We do not expect to hear from the Nobel Prize Committee for Poetry!

How Does Online Casino Gaming Work in Tandem with Other Fun Activities?

We can probably think of hundreds of fun activities that you can do when you take a break from gaming or close out a session.

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Let’s Try our Hand at Baking Cookies.

You’ve never baked cookies before, you say? Well, now is the best time to learn how to bake cookies.

How many different kinds of cookies are there? We don’t have an exact number but we suspect that the number is quite high. We suggest starting out with just one or two types of cookies.

This is similar to how we urge gamers to try out a new game (for them) in free-play mode. Free play allows gamers to try out a game at no risk. If you like the game, you can put some money on the outcomes going forward.

If you like that first batch of cookies, you can take them to work, to your family’s house, to a friend’s house, and so on. This will mean that people will hope that you bake more cookies going forward.

Next Time, Try out a Game of Skill

Blackjack and video poker are the primary games of skill at Jackpot Capital online casino since we pay 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 in video poker unlike a growing number of land-based casinos that now pay 6-5 for a blackjack and 8-5 in video poker.

Since the return to player rate in these games of skill at Jackpot Capital is about 99.5% and substantially less at a land-based casino that has reduced the payouts in blackjack and video poker, just knowing that the payouts in these games are the highest possible enhances the fun of playing.

How Long Should a Gaming Session Be?

We recommend short sessions since you can play every day if you wish to do so! A short session might be for 30 to 60 minutes.

Now, let’s see what other things you can do at home in short sessions! Even the most fun hobby or at-home activity loses its charm after a while. So, stop your gaming session after a while and do something else and stop that activity after a while and do something else again!

How Many Activities are there to do at Home?

Let’s make a list!

  1. We already spoke about baking cookies. You can alter the amount of oats in your oatmeal cookies! Triple oatmeal oatmeal cookies were the staple food a Chicago baseball vendor (I knew) brought to his other passion, movies!
  2. Put on some dancing music and dance.
  3. Sketch, draw, or paint. Just as we are not expecting to hear from the Nobel Prize people for our poem but we had fun writing it (totally by accident), so you can learn to sketch, draw, or paint!
  4. Declutter your house. We suggest doing this in short sessions. See how you can do a lot of fun activities IN CONJUNCTION with online casino gaming here at Jackpot Capital? Decluttering is a fun activity if you can take out things that have collected over the years.
  5. Read inspiring words. There is no shortage of long and short pieces of inspiring literature. You can listen to these words of wisdom as well! Really inspiring words will put you in a good mood. They might influence you to better living as well.
  6. Learn life hacks. The internet is chock full of free life hacks. A lot of them are impractical and a lot of them are super practical! The point is that you can learn to use one or two just as you learn to play one or two new games every day in free-play mode.
  7. Buy one or two “exotic” foods and find a recipe that incorporates them and follow the recipe and invite someone over to share the dish with you. Simply because we were recently in Slovenia, we recommend Slovenian Mushroom Soup.
  8. Try out a new cuisine. Maybe Slovenian food is less your cup of tea than Lebanese food. Or Mexican food. Or Mongolian food! There are as many cuisines as countries with many countries featuring many regional cuisines. Food fun awaits!
  9. Start a journal.
  10. Actually write a letter.
  11. Play a musical instrument.
  12. Learn the sewing arts.
  13. Make ice cream.

As you can see, there is really no end to the number of fun things you can do. When you play at Jackpot Capital online casino, you will most likely be at home. That means that in addition to the fun times you can have playing our hundreds of casino games, you can have a great time segueing from gaming to gambling, from spinning slots to spinning yarns.


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