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Is Lucky Catch a Baseball Term?

Indeed not!

Lucky Catch is the new slot here at Jackpot Capital online casino.  Our exclusive game developer is Real Time Gaming or RTG for short.  RTG delivers a new game, almost always a slot, every month.  Gamers at Jackpot Capital casino look forward toward the end of the month to be among the first to play the new slot.  While ga,ers love to play our progressive jackpot games, most games and slots have other features that are equally as exciting as playing for a big progressive jackpot.

in Lucky Catch, the top win is 20,000x your bet!

New Slots Always Have Some Exciting Twist

The new slot from RTG always has some special elements that make it fun to play.  Gamers at an online jackpot casino have a big advantage over players at a land based casino in many ways and the availability of a new slot every month is one of those many online gaming advantages.

How Can I Get Lucky Playing Lucky Catch?

We always feel that games with a deep sea fishing theme are simply perfect for slots since you can reel in the catch on any of the five reels!  Lucky Catch has 25 fixed lines on its five reels.

What Role Does that Silly Looking Shark Play?

Since Lucky Catch is a game, it is okay that the shark is a toothy creature with a big friendly smile.  Needless to say, we advise that you don’t go looking for a shark like this in the deep blue sea!

The shark in Lucky Catch is the wild symbol that acts like every other wild symbol!  It substitutes for all the other symbols except the scatter and creates a lot of nice wins on many spins.

This wild symbol does have a wrinkle or two in mind!  It is a bursting wild.  Now, some gamers use the term exploding wild but we feel that bursting wild is more in line with a slot that is brimming with vibrant colors and happy little sea creatures.

When the bursting wild lands on your “reel”, it will burst open and turn neighboring symbols into wild symbols!  Imagine the wins that will produce!  Did you know that the oceans are still largely unexplored?  That means that in the future, both near and far, we will surely discover many creatures and other living and inanimate things in the ocean that we can only imagine today.

Lucky Catch gives us a big head start on the imagining thing!

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Meet the Interesting Creatures in Lucky Catch

Let’s face it: when a creative artist draws a fish or other sea creature for a fun slot, he or she takes some creative liberties.  Thus, we can’t exactly reveal the precise zoological name for every symbol in Lucky Catch!

Let’s say that we have big fish and small fish; we think we see jelly fish of a sort and an octopus but we are sure that Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea never saw sea creatures like these!

The sea creatures do have some discernible characteristics!  They are intensely colorful with yellows, greens, and purples dominant against the backdrop of the blue sea!

The jelly fish-like icons don’t have eyes (as far as we can tell!) but the fish that do have eyes have some of the best eyes in all of slotland!  These are big round eyes for the big creatures and small round eyes for the smaller fish.

RTG continues to amaze gamers with their amazing graphics and animation!  When you catch Lucky Catch on your mobile or desktop or laptop screen, you will feel lucky indeed!

Lucky Catch Features a Random Jackpot

The random jackpot can come along at any time during the regular game.  The biggest win in Lucky Catch is a very lucky catch of 20,000x your bet!

The Scatter Sends You to the Free Spins Bonus Round

  1. 1. 3 scatters award gamers with 10 free spins.
  2. 4 scatters award gamers with 15 free spins.
  3. 5 scatters get you 20 free spins.

You can also retrigger the free spins so you might play on and on with free spins.

Would You Like to Learn a Little about Sharks?

  1. Sharks are a major predator in the ocean.  Their predatory habits and large appetites actually are important elements in maintaining the ecological balance of the ocean!
  2. There are 400 different species of sharks!  Some sharks are first cousins while others are distant relatives and some are so different that they can’t be said to be related at all similar to how many people are homo sapiens but genetically so different as to be functionally unrelated to each other.
  3. The shrimpiest shark is “only” about three feet long (bigger than Shaquille O’Neal) while the biggest sharks are 40 feet long!  It’s a good thing that the oceans are thousands of miles long!
  4. Sharks will bite people, too.  While sharks eat other denizens of the deep, they do on occasion bite humans.  About 100 shark attacks are reported worldwide each year.  Those are very low odds!  Five people are killed each year by a shark.  Those are really low odds.  The chances of winning big in Lucky Catch are infinitely better!
  5. In the course of sport hunting or commercial fishing, humans kill tens of millions of sharks every year!  Maybe a scientist cabn develop a way to teach sharks how to avoid getting caught in fishing nets!

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