What Tips Can Jackpot Capital Offer for Good Bankroll Management?

How to Manage Your Gaming Bankroll

Some people believe that managing a gaming bankroll is harder to do than managing other budgets we all have.  These people think that managing grocery shopping or restaurants, attending sporting events, buying books, and a myriad of other expenditures we all make is easier to do than managing a casino bankroll.

We strongly disagree!  The position of Jackpot Capital online casino is that a gaming budget is functionally no different than any other budget.  If a book at $30.00 is too high for you, you will either look for the book at used book stores, at the public library, or as a loan from a friend.  The same is true for everything we spend money on.

And online gaming is no different.

Is Gaming at a Land-based Casino Also the Same?

Here we say that it is harder to manage a budget at a land-based casino since the purpose of going to a land-based casino is to spend a lot of time gambling.  So, it is quite natural for the budget for gambling at a land-based casino will be a lot more fluid than at Jackpot Capital casino.

Jackpot Capital is always open. so gamers have no natural inclination to gamble beyond their means.

Having said that, we would like to present a few helpful tips for gamers to manage their bankrolls well.

Set a Realistic Budget for Gaming as You Would Set for Any Other Entertainment

The key here is the idea of a realistic budget.  If the cost of a concert ticket is too high for a concert per month, then a realistic budget for concerts might be every other month or twice a year.  The same applies to online casino gaming.  If $100 twice a week is too high, you could lower the budget to $50 twice a week.

Your gaming budget is realistic only when you compare it to other entertainments.  Online casino gaming should never supersede paying rent or the mortgage, any loans that are paid every month, food costs, car payments, and utility bills.  Online casino gaming is an entertainment and has to be part of your overall entertainment budget.

Being realistic about your casino gaming budget is the single most important aspect of overall responsible gaming,

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Why Do You Want to Play Online Casino Games?

This is such a simple question!  Why do you want to go the football game?  It’s a no brainer: we want to freeze, tailgate party, cheer or boo, and absorb the excitement of at the game live.  Some people play casino games to relax, some to challenge their minds at the games of skill, some to win a big jackpot.

We would say to the gamer who hopes to win a big jackpot that they have to carefully assess their gaming since very few gamers win big jackpots while millions of online casino gamers relax playing slots or Banana Jones regularly.  Millions of gamers enjoy struggling with complex decisions in blackjack or video poker.

A realistic gaming budget takes into account your reason to play.  Going for a progressive jackpot is a lot more expensive per spin than video poker is per hand.

Should Gamers Bank Their Wins?

This is a piece of advice we hear pretty often.  It means that you reduce your available bankroll by the size of your wins.  By doing so, you might reach your starting bankroll in wins and you will have effectively played for free!

There are two main drawbacks to this way of managing one’s bankroll even though, in general, we feel that this is very good advice.  The main drawback is that gaming in this manner will naturally shorten your gaming sessions.  As your winnings reduce your available gaming budget, you will find the time you have allotted to gaming shrink.

The second drawback is that by ending a gaming session when you have broken even you will guarantee that you will never actually have a winning session.  We know that in the games of skill, gamers have almost as many winning sessions as losing ones.  Even in slots, gamers often win in the end by betting with their winnings as long as there is still time left on the gaming time budget.

Never Throw Good Money After Bad

This is the single most important reason so many land-based casino gamblers go home with bigger than expected losses.  Setting a realistic monetary and time limit on every gaming session will go a long way to eliminate the curse of chasing losses and it is a lot easier to set these budgets when you play online than when a player plays at a land-based casino.

Never Drink Alcohol While Gaming

Land-based casinos push alcohol; we push abstinence until the gaming session is over!  Even a single beer will detract from your decision-making ability and will contribute to unnecessary losses.

There will be plenty of time to have a few drinks at the local watering hole with your friends!

Accept Online Casino Bonus Offers

Jackpot Capital offers many deposit bonuses.  We encourage gamers to accept these offers since you will be playing for a time with the casino’s own money.  If you are planning on making a deposit to your account, we advise you to wait for a good bonus offer.

In this way, you will have made the same deposit but you will get up to 100% or more free money as your bonus!  This advice also applies if you want to make a deposit today but there is no bonus offer available.  You could wait a day or two until we make another bonus offer or you can make a smaller deposit.

Think of a deposit bonus like a voucher for a sale price at the mall or at a restaurant, a free ticket to a game, frequent flyer miles, or any other way businesses give us a gift to get us to show up at the door.

Learn the Rules for Every Game You Choose to Play

Most gamers know that they need to know the rules for any variation of blackjack or video poker they want to play.  The same rule of thumb applies to slots!

Slots have a variance factor.  High variance means that there are relatively few winning spins and that each winning spin will be for a relatively high sum.  Low variance means the exact opposite: more winning spins and lower win amounts per win.

Play the Right Game for You

This is another piece of advice that we basically disagree with!  We feel that the big advantage of gaming online at Jackpot Capital is the ability to play 300+ games!  We advise gamers to sample every game.

We do, however, encourage gamers to know the return to player rates for every game and to follow the best strategy for the games of skill.  We also encourage everyone to compare the return to player rate with their gaming budget and to determine how much to play any single game as a function of these factors.

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