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How to Understand the Impact of Mobile Technology

Jackpot Capital is a leading mobile jackpot casino.  It no longer is possible for an online casino to rely on gamers sitting down to play at their desktop computer.  Every day, more and more gamers play on the Jackpot Capital online casino mobile platform.

Convenience Overwhelms the Markets

No one can say that a large screen is the same as a small screen for online gaming.  Graphics on large screen platforms are clear and sharp.  In the past, the graphics for smaller screens, such as on smartphones, lagged behind the graphics available for large screen gaming.  But this s no longer the case!

The fact is that the graphics for small screen gaming are better than ever!  But a screen that is over a foot wide will be easier on the eyes than a smaller screen.  The convenience of mobile casino gaming at Jackpot Capital casino and most other online casinos is so overwhelming that gamers usually play on our mobile platform even when they are at home!

There is simply nothing like getting comfortable on the sofa or in bed for a little mobile gaming!

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Mobile Technology Has Gone from Something Quirky to an Essential

Cellular phones have been around since about 1973.  Anyone who is old enough to remember what the first cellular phones were like—or has seen one in a museum of the old fashioned and the archaic (LOL)—knows that the first few generations of cellular phones were monstrosities that were not convenient at all.

In the “old days” circa 1973, a land line telephone and easy access to an outside line were essential amenities in any hotel that wished to number businesspeople among its regular clientele.  People flying in for a meeting would get to their hotel and then would need “some telephone time” even before showering and changing clothed from the harrowing flight of a few hours!

Today, everyone has a cellular phone and no one looks for “an outside line”.

Instead, we all look for and expect to have free Wi-Fi in our hotel rooms.

What is a Cellular Phone?

People who are too young to remember when we called those giant and cumbersome mounds of cellular communications “cellular phones”.  At that time in the development of cellular technology, no one had yet given up their land line telephone connection.

We were several generations removed from the people who were shocked and amazed by the newfangled “telephone” things!  By the 1970’s, telephones were so commonplace that the United States census recorded the percentage of households with at least one telephone and also households with more than one telephone!

In fact, by 1973 almost every household in the United States had one telephone and many had two or more telephones and all, or almost all of them, were landlines.

In other words, teenagers had their own landlines with their own telephone number!

The machine that was connected to a land line was called a telephone.  The monstrously inconvenient portable communications devices were called cellular phones.  Then, a few years down the road, they became known as cell phones.  A few more years and they became known as “cells” as in “I need to charge my cell”.

Another few years passed in the blink of an eye and the term “cell” became “my telephone” and by then many people had given up their land line.  And now we have finally come full circle: now we call our cell phone, simply our “phone”.

And a majority of kids in elementary school have a “phone” of their own that fits in their pocket and connects them to all of their “friends” even those friends they have never met!

Mobile Gaming Anywhere You Are

The great convenience of lightweight and immensely powerful mobile devices is that we can take a full library with us wherever we go.  How many times have you consulted an application that was made specifically for your mobile device?  We used to call these additional downloaded information sources applications.  Now we suffice with “apps”.

Many people have to upgrade their phone just so they can add more space for yet more apps.

People also upgrade their phones so they can play online casino games, other games, listen to hundreds of hours of great music, watch movies, send short messages, and “look up” any esoteric bit of information they might want to know.

So, online gaming is just one of by now thousands of things you can do with your phone!  Actually, this fits in well with our long-held belief that online casino gaming is one pastime among many.

We all need to calm down, relax, and relieve the tensions that may have built up during the day.  Gaming is one way to do so.  Everyone should have many ways to relax and unwind. 

This is one of the great benefits of mobile gaming: it is always available so you can play wherever you are or, later on when you’re home, you can curl up and play for a few minutes and then you can fold the laundry or go out for sushi or sit on the porch with a couple of tall ones!

Billions of People Already Have Mobile Devices

There is an ongoing boom in mobile device ownership.  There are families in which each kid has his or her own tablet that is set by their parents to allow easy access to a few “channels”.  Thus, the television that had to be shared and which led to inevitable competition between siblings each of whom wanted to watch a different show has been replaced by personal televisions of a sort.

As these kids grow up, they will want their own devices.  People of the twenty-first century want to network with as many people as possible.

In the future, we expect casino gaming, even at land based casinos, to be centered around mobile devices.  Of course, there will always be a roulette or craps table at land based casinos.  The buffet will always be well stocked and the free alcohol will flow. 

Gaming will include players from every corner of the globe.  Whereas now we have “friends” on social media, within a few short years we will have friends through our mobile network in many different formats one of which will be gaming..

Is it any wonder that even land based casinos are now offering their own in house mobile gaming platform!  People are so used to gaming on a mobile platform, that land based casinos are aware that they need to offer mobile to get some gamers just to come to the casino!

This is a trend that will continue so far into the future that we have no real idea as to what might replace it sometime way ahead of this moment in time!

Gaming is the Result of Massive Imaginative Thought

We really cannot tell what lies ahead in the world of online gaming.  We do know that more and more people will own very sophisticated mobile devices in the near future.  Today, there are still a couple of billion people who don’t own a mobile device, own a very old generation device, have inconsistent access to the internet, or live in places with no internet at all.

This will change in a very big way very soon!

First time online gamers will likely choose mobile gaming from the outset.  Online casinos will market their mobile platforms more than their desktop platform.

Jackpot Capital will continue to follow technological advances in mobile.  We want to be in the first wave of online casinos to adopt any and all new technologies for the comfort and convenience of our online casino gamers.

We invite you to join if you aren’t already a member.  Jackpot Capital offers over 300 great games.  While most gamers play slots primarily, we also offer a wide range of other games, promotions almost every day of the week, and simply a great gaming experience.

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